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Visible to the public Robust Algorithms for Mobile Robots to Learn Human Preferred Movement in a Hallway


We propose a dual expert algorithm (DEA) to assist a mobile robot in learning a person's preference of moving direction when the human encounters the robot in a typical hallway. When in use in hospital and office environments, a mobile robot will routinely encounter people who are not its primary user. These people need to feel comfortable around the robot for its implementation to be a success.


Visible to the public Understanding Robustness of Battery Supported Cyber-Physical Systems

This research aims to introduce methods to analyze the robustness of battery supported cyber physical systems under co-designed control, scheduling, and battery management algorithms. Robustness refers to the ability to maintain system performance under perturbations. Robustness in controller design has been well defined and understood for a large class of feedback control systems, yet robustness of scheduling and battery management algorithms is relatively less understood.