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Visible to the public Aerospace, Engineering, and Mechanics - Robustness Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems

Peter Seiler's research is in the area of control systems with applications to aerospace systems. Modern flight control systems are typically designed using a model of the aircraft dynamics. One aspect of Seiler's research is to develop tools to analyze the effect of model uncertainty and nonlinearities on system performance. He is currently applying modern control design and analysis tools to make wind energy more cost-effective. Advanced control algorithms can increase the power capture and reduced structural loads on large, industrial scale wind turbines.


Visible to the public Embedded Fault Detection for Low-Cost, Safety-Critical Systems


Fault tolerance is vital to ensuring the integrity and availability of safety critical systems. Current solutions are based almost exclusively on physical redundancy at all levels of the design. The use of physical redundancy, however, dramatically increases system size, complexity, weight, and power consumption.