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Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: Thermal-Aware Management of Cyber-Physical Systems


Processors in cyber-physical systems are increasingly being used in applications where they must operate in harsh ambient conditions and a computational workload which can lead to high chip temperatures. Examples include cars, robots, aircraft and spacecraft. High operating temperatures accelerate the aging of the chips, thus increasing transient and permanent failure rates. Current ways to deal with this mostly turn off the processor core or drastically slow it down when some part of it is seen to exceed a given temperature threshold.


Visible to the public Collaborative Research: Abstraction of Cyber-Physical Interplays and Its Application to CPS Design

This project seeks to develop a systematic approach to facilitate the efficient codesign of both the control (physical) and computer (cyber) sides of a cyber-physical system (CPS). Designing a CPS requires substantial inter-disciplinary activity.