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Visible to the public Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing


We are focused on theoretical work exploring how ideas successful in cloud computing can help CPS at scale. We have two products. One is the "Virtual Vehicle" and the other the "BigActor Model." The first is a mobile counterpart of the virtual machine. There is a tension between the openness of systems, unavoidable in any system at scale, and performance guarantees.


Visible to the public Verifiable Active Safety for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems with Humans in the Loop

A recent trend in the automotive industry is the rapid inclusion of electronics, computers and controls that focus entirely on improved functionality and overall system robustness. This makes the automotive sector one of the richest targets for emerging innovations in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) [1]. While this trend has affected all of the vehicle areas, there is a particular interest in active safety that effectively complements passive safety. Passive safety is focused on the structural integrity of the vehicle.


Visible to the public Active Safety Control in Automotive Cyber‐Physical Systems

The objective of this research is to study the formal design and verification of advanced vehicle dynamics control systems. The approach is to consider the vehicle-driver-road system as a cyber-physical system (CPS) by focusing on three critical components: (i) the tire-road interaction; (ii) the driver-vehicle interaction; and (iii) the controller design and validation.