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Visible to the public Driver-in-the-Loop Cyber-Transportation Systems


This project has two closely related objectives. The first is to design and evaluate new Cyber Transportation System (CTS) architectures, protocols and applications for improved traffic safety and traffic operations. The second is to design and develop an integrated traffic-driving-networking simulator. The project takes a multi-disciplinary approach that combines cyber technologies, transportation engineering and human factors.


Visible to the public Addressing Design and Human Factors Challenges in Cyber-Transportation Systems

Given the critical importance of due consideration of human factors in the design of new applications of Cyber-Transportation Systems (CTS), this position paper argues for the need for developing integrated human-in-the-loop Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) facility. The paper then presents a proposed Integrated Traffic-Driving-Networking simulator which the authors are beginning to develop. This is followed by a brief description of a longer-term vision for an integrated testing facility for CTS under extreme events.