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Visible to the public System Science of SecUrity and REsilience for Cyber-Physical Systems (SURE)


The project on the System Science of SecUrity and REsilience for cyber-physical systems (SURE) will develop foundations and tools for designing, building, and assuring cyber-physical systems (CPS) that can maintain essential system properties in the presence of adversaries. The technology base of SURE will provide CPS designers and operators with models, methods, and tools that can be integrated with an end-to-end model-based design flow and tool chain.


Visible to the public Distributed Sampling Rate Adaptation for Networked Control Systems

Authors: Jia Bai, Emeka P. Eyisi, Yuan Xue and Xenofon D. Koutsoukos Appeared in: The First International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Networking Systems (CPNS) in conjunction with INFOCOM, Shanghai, China, April 15 2011, pp. 6. Abstract: Building networked control systems is a promising direction that promotes the evolution of the traditional control systems. The ability of using different sampling rates in control systems provides the flexibility for adapting their resource needs based on the dynamic networking environment.