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Visible to the public Mutually Stabilized Correction in Physical Demonstration


The goals of this project include the development of real-time control for human-machine co-control of highly dynamic and potentially dangerous systems. The work focuses on formalizing the automated assessment of trust, primarily focusing on the degree to which a computer should trust a human operator. We are focusing on two experimental tasks: a) a crane operation task, where control in automation settings requires a highly skilled operator, and b) rehabilitation and training tasks.


Visible to the public CPS: Small: Generation of Natural Movement for a Multiple Degrees-of-Freedom Robot Driven by Stochastic Cellular Actuators

The objective of this research is to understand mechanisms for generating natural movements of skeletal mechanisms driven by stochastically-controlled, biologically-inspired actuators. The approach is to verify the hypothesis that the variability associated with high redundancy and the stochastic nature of the actuation is key to generating natural movements.

Visible to the public Efficiently Searchable Symmetric Encryption

Large-scale data management systems rely more and more on cloud storage, where the need for efficient search capabilities clashes with the need for data privacy. Searchable encryption is a tool for supporting queries to en- crypted databases which provides various levels of efficiency, functionality, and security.