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See video Gazebo simulation to verify Ackermann steering model
See video How and why to use the Ackermann steering model
See video Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for CPS: The Open-Source TEXPLORE Code Release for Reinforcement Learning on Robots
See video Compositional System Modeling with Interfaces (COSMOI)
See video Multiple-Level Predictive Control of Mobile Cyber Physical Systems with Correlated Context
See video Resilient Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks
See video coRide: Data-driven Ridesharing Service for Large-Scale Vehicle Networks
See video A Novel Human Centric CPS to Improve Motor/Cognitive Assessment and Enable Adaptive Rehabilitation
See video Converting Multi-Axis Machine Tools into Subtractive 3D Printers by using Intelligent Discrete Geometry Data Structures
See video CAREER: Domain-Specific Modeling Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems
See video Bringing the Multicore Revolution to Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems
See video Dependable, Multi-Robot Cooperative Tasking in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments
See video EAGER: Aerial Communication Infrastructure for Smart Emergency Response
See video A Knowledge Representation and Information Fusion Framework for Decision Making in Complex Cyber-Physical Systems
See video Efficient Control Synthesis and Learning in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
See video SMARTER -Smart Manager for Adaptive and Real-Time decisions in building clustERs