Visible to the public NSA Science of Security Research Initiative

Current NSA Science of Security Efforts:

NSA Science of Security Research Lablets - Established to stimulate basic research to create scientific underpinnings for security; advocate for scientific rigor in security research create and broaden a Science of Security community and culture; identify "Hard Problems" in security that require science as a community focus and measurement of progress. - Learn More

SecUrity and REsilience for cyber-physical systems  (SURE) Project - Funded to develop foundations and tools for designing, building, and assuring cyber-physical systems (CPS) that can maintain essential system properties in the presence of adversaries. The technology base of SURE will provide CPS designers and operators with models, methods, and tools that can be integrated with an end-to-end model-based design flow and tool chain.Learn More

Science of Security Virtual Organization - Established to provide a focal point for security science related work, and collaborative environment the community can use to further advance security science. - Learn More

The Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition - An annual award that highlights papers which display scientific rigor in the multi disciplined area of security research - Learn More

Annual Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) - An annual event held to bring together leaders from government, industry, and the academic community met to discuss new and ongoing programs in security science. Learn More

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) -  The NSA Research Award at ISEF recognizes outstanding scientific accomplishment in cybersecurity. Criteria of selction include impact and generalization of results, novel aspects of project, quality of science communication and reflective of scientific principles. - Learn More