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1st RIIF Workshop
Towards Standards for Specifying and Modelling the
Reliability of Complex Electronic Systems

Grenoble, France, March 22nd, 2013
in conjunction with DATE 2013 (March 18-22nd, 2013)


Complex silicon devices are increasingly controlling critical systems where safety and reliability are key concerns. Silicon technology is subject to numerous failure modes which can be broadly classified into soft- error effects (e.g. due primarily natural radiation, EMI, ESD) and life-time effects (e.g. electro-migration, NBTI, HCI). It is necessary to consider all of these failure modes and how they propagate through the system and produce user-visible effects. There are no consistent tools or methodologies to address this problem. Current ad-hoc approaches fail to cope with the diversity of technology failure modes, increased design sizes, increased level of integration in semiconductors, smaller transistor sizes, higher frequencies, low power and the complex relationships between consumers and suppliers of electronic components. RIIF (Reliability Information Interchange Format), is an initiative to develop a standard modelling language for specifying the failure mechanisms in silicon devices and systems built using these devices. The workshop will bring together reliability experts from the compute, automotive and aviation sectors to describe the challenges in effective reliability modelling and to take the initial steps towards establishing the requirements for RIIF as a unified reliability modelling language for next system generations.

Workshop Program

8h30 = Session 1 - Introduction to the RIIF Initiative
Adrian Evans (iROC Technologies, FR)

8h50 = Session 2 - Processor Reliability

Improving Server Reliability - A Front-
-End Design Perspective
Burcin Aktan (Intel, USA)

Reliability Availability Serviceability (RAS) of IBM POWER & Mainframe (z) Servers
Michael Mueller (IBM, DE)

Reliability Modeling Challenges An IP Provider's Perspective
Peter Harrod (ARM, UK)

10h30 Coffee Break

11h00 = Session 3 - Reliability in Automotive Applications

Reliability Modeling for Automotive Semiconductors
Goran Jerke (Bosch, DE)

Using RIIF to Model a Complex Automotive System
Viacheslav Izosimov (Semcon, SE)

Robustness Metrics for Automotive Power Microelectronics
Thomas Nirmaier (Infineon, DE)

12h00 = Lunch Break

13h00 = Session 4 - Modeling and Dependability From Component

From Component Reliability to System Dependability: A Modeling and Assessment Perspective

Jean Arlat (LAAS/CNRS, FR)

13h25 = Session 5 - Panel Discussion : Can RIIF Address The Reliability Modeling Gap?

David Appello (ST, FR)
Jean Arlat (LAAS/CNRS, FR)
Michael Mueller (IBM, DE)
Michael Nicolaidis (TIMA Laboratory, FR)
Goran Jerke (Bosch, DE)

14h25 = Session 6 - Poster Session / Coffee Break
(Titles Forthcoming)

14h45 = Session 7 - Reliability Analysis and Optimization

Towards Near Zero Cost of Fault Tolerance for Reliable Low Power Designs
Saquib Khursheed (University of Southampton, UK)

-Level Reliability Modeling for MPSoCs
Thidapat Chantem (Utah State University, USA)

15h20 = Session 8 Next Steps for RIIF

IEEE Standardization, Case Studies, Working Protocols

15h50 = Closing Remarks
Oliver Bringmann (FZI, DE)

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Workshop Organizers
Adrian Evans, iROC Technologies (FR)
Oliver Bringmann, FZI (SE)

Event Details
Grenoble, France