Organize Online Meetings

Online Meetings

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The Portal supports interaction with web meetings.

Web meetings provide an area for presenters to chat with, talk to, and share slides or their computer desktop with interested participants. This interaction allows the host to answer questions from the participants as well as ask questions of them. Meetings (as other items) in the Portal have descriptive information to help others to find them.

Optional: You will need to have Flash installed and enabled to share your video camera or your microphone, and Java Runtime1 is required in order to share your desktop.


1.  There is a handy "Do I have Java?" link available at, which will test whether your Java Runtime Environment is correctly installed.  

Who Are We?

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The Cyber Physical Systems Virtual Organization (CPS-VO) is a broad community of interest for CPS researchers and developers. The CPS-VO includes institutions from academy and industry, and people who work on a wide range of related disciplines with different approaches, methods, tools and experimental platforms. These entities are all interconnected and evolve driven by a shared goal, to advance our knowledge in the science and engineering of CPS.