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Visible to the public Design and development of a cybernetic exoskeleton for hand-wrist rehabilitation through integration of human passive properties


Robotic devices are excellent candidates for delivering repetitive and intensive practice that can restore functional use of the upper limbs, even years after a stroke. Rehabilitation of the wrist and hand in particular are critical for recovery of function, since hands are the primary interface with the world.


Visible to the public Now Do Voters Notice Review Screen Anomalies?

Mike Byrne is a Professor of Psychology and Computer Science at Rice University. His primary research areas are concerned with usability of technological systems and mathematical/computational models of human cognition and performance with a strong interest in understanding human error. This includes basic scientific work on theories of human cognition and performance as well as applied usability testing efforts, particularly in the area of voting. His research has been funded by NASA, the Office of Naval Research, NIST, and the NSF. Mike received a B.S.