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2016 Fall Science of Security Quarterly Meeting

The 2016 Fall Science of Security Quarterly Meeting will be hosted at NSA on Wednesday, November 2 and November 3, 2016. The meeting will be held at the Emerson 5 auditorium on the NSA Emerson Campus.

You must have a visitor badge to attend this meeting. Please see your registration confirmation for instructions.

Meeting Agenda

Time Topic Briefer Location
Day 1: November 2nd, 2016
0730 - 0900 Arrival and Security Processing

Emerson 3, Lobby / Cafe

0900 - 0915 Welcome and Introductions Dr. Deborah Frincke (NSA, Director of Research)

Emerson 5, Auditorium

0915 - 0945 Science of Security: Introduction and Overview Adam Tagert (NSA, Science of Security)
0945 - 1000 Break
1000 - 1200 Science of Security Hard Problem Progress

Panel - Lablet PIs
1000 - 1200 Lablet Business Managers Meeting 1 Emerson 3 Cafe CFR
1200 - 1330 Lunch with Posters Emerson 3 Cafe
1330 - 1530

Recognition Ceremony - Best Scientific Paper Competition

Hosted by NSA Research Director

Emerson 5, Auditorium

1530 - 1600 Reception
Day 2: November 3rd, 2016
0800 - 0900 Arrival and Security Processing Emerson 3 Lobby / Cafe
0900 - 0905 Day 2 Welcome Stephanie Askins-Yannacci
(NSA Science of Security Program Manager)
0905 - 0935 Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office - Hard Problems Dr. Maurice McKinney - UCDSMO Emerson 5, Auditorium
0935 - 1130

NSA Hard Problems -
The Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences

NSA Briefers Emerson 5, Auditorium
0900 - 1100 Private Meeting: Lablet Business Managers POC: Tim Thimmesch Emerson 3 - R6 Large CFR
1130 - 1245

Lunch with Posters

Private Lablet PI Meeting

Emerson 3 Cafe

Emerson 3 Cafe CFR

1245 - 1300 Move to Emerson 5

Emerson 5, Auditorium

1300 - 1315 VO Updated

Katie Dey / Chris vanBuskirk (Vanderbilt University)

1315 - 1345 NCSU Lablet Overview NCSU Lablet PI - Dr. Laurie Williams
1345 - 1400 Break
1400 - 1430 UIUC Lablet Overview UIUC Lablet PI - Dr. David Nicol
1430 - 1500 UMD Lablet Overview UMD Lablet PI
1500 - 1515 Break
1515 - 1545 CMU Lablet Overview CMU Lablet PI - Dr. William Scherlis
1545 Wrap-Up and Closing Stephanie Askins-Yannacci (NSA)
SURE Program Review: November 4th, 2016
0800 - 0830 Arrival and Security Processing Emerson 3
0830 - 1200 Program Review

Emerson 5, Auditorium

Presentation and Poster Submissions

If you have presentation ideas please contact us at .

Submit your presentations and posters by 31 October 2016.

Presentations: See Agenda for Links

Posters: Link to Qtrly Posters

Hotel Accommodations

The following hotels are in close proximity to the Emerson Complex:

Homewood Suite by Hilton Columbia/Laurel
7531 Montpelier Rd, Laurel, MD 20723
(240) 360-2725

SpringHill Suites Columbia
7055 Minstrel Way, Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 290-7896

Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia/South MD
7045 Minstrel Way, Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 381-3001

Visitors to the Emerson Complex

The Emerson complex is a developing corporate park. Visitor Badges are required for access to all Emerson buildings - please register to receive information on obtaining a visitor badge. The visitor processing building is Emerson 3 located at:

9161 Sterling Drive
Laurel, Maryland 20723

Map of Emerson Complex

The quarterly meeting will be held at Emerson 5 located at 9111 Sterling Drive, Laurel, Maryland. Once you receive your badge you may walk (2 min) or drive/park at Emerson 5. Leaving Emerson 3, Emerson 5 will be the first building on your right.

*** Due to limited visitor parking we will be shuttling all Quarterly Attendees to Emerson 3 for visitor processing on 2-4 November.

Please follow signs to Emerson 8 to park. A blue passenger van with "SoS Quarterly Parking" in the windows will pick you up and bring to you to Emerson 3. The shuttle will run until 8:50am. In the event you arrive after 8:50am proceed directly to Emerson 3. Please see the Map of Emerson Complex.

**Please remember to leave all prohibited items in your cars and be sure to bring photo identification with you.**

Directions to Emerson Visitor Processing

From the North:

  • Take I-95 South
  • Take Exit 35A MD 216 East towards Laurel
  • Take Stephens Road Exit
  • Turn left onto Sterling Drive
  • Emerson 3 is at the very end of Sterling Drive (there is construction along Sterling Dr.)
  • Proceed to the Gatehouse for further instruction

The Security Process

Please arrive AT LEAST 45 minutes prior to the meeting to allow time for security processing. At the gatehouse you will be asked to present a picture is (drivers license*/passport) for identification. The police officer will direct you to a parking area to park your vehicle.

Once inside, all visitors must check in at the front security desk. The security at the NSA visitor control center is similar to that of airport security. You will need to present your picture ID again. If you have not been to NSA in the past 12 months you will need to be fingerprinted.

*Please note Driver licenses or state-issued identification cards must be from a state/territory compliant with the REAL ID Act of 2005. The following states/territories are NON-COMPLIANT: Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, and Washington. Non-compliant DLs or IDs will NOT be accepted; an alternate photo ID will be necessary.

Prohibited Items

You will not be allowed to bring any electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, smart watches, Bluetooth devices, etc.) past the turnstiles. You may choose to leave those devices in your car or lockers are available in the Emerson 3 Cyber Cafe (where you received your visitor badge). Our Cyber Cafe is an unclassified space that has wifi connectivity if you choose to arrive early and relax before the meeting you may do so here. Please note: the wifi is provided by the building owners.

Other prohibited items include:

Firearms and/or Ammunition
Explosives, Incendiary Substances, Radioactive Materials, Flammable Liquids, Solids, Gases or other Hazardous Materials
Other Hazardous Items
Personally-owned Pages that can transmit
Personally-owned Test, Measurement and Diagnostic equipment
Personally-owned Two-way Radio Transmitters (CB, Ham, etc.)
Personally-owned Photographic and Recording Equipment (audio, video, optical) and associated Information Storage Media