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Xue, Baoze, Shen, Pubing, Wu, Bo, Wang, Xiaoting, Chen, Shuwen.  2019.  Research on Security Protection of Network Based on Address Layout Randomization from the Perspective of Attackers. 2019 IEEE 8th Joint International Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Conference (ITAIC). :1475–1478.
At present, the network architecture is based on the TCP/IP protocol and node communications are achieved by the IP address and identifier of the node. The IP address in the network remains basically unchanged, so it is more likely to be attacked by network intruder. To this end, it is important to make periodic dynamic hopping in a specific address space possible, so that an intruder fails to obtain the internal network address and grid topological structure in real time and to continue to perform infiltration by the building of a new address space layout randomization system on the basis of SDN from the perspective of an attacker.
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