Experience Reports

Experience Reports 2020

Title Authors Attachments
Analysis of Real-Time Control Systems using First-Order Continuization Maximilian Gaukler -
Evaluating Optimization Solvers and Robust Semantics for Simulation-Based Falsification Johan Liden Eddeland, Sajed Miremadi and Knut Akesson -

Experience Reports 2017

Title Authors Attachments
Direct Verification of Linear Systems with over 10000 Dimensions Stanley Bak and Parasara Sridhar Duggirala -
Modeling the Wind Turbine Benchmark with PWA Hybrid Automata Nikolaos Kekatos, Marcelo Forets and Goran Frehse attachment

Testbed for Model-based Verification of Cyber-physical Production Systems

Christof Budnik, Sebastian Eckl and Marco Gario -
Formal Verification of a Multi-Basal Insulin Infusion Control Model Xin Chen, Souradeep Dutta and Sriram Sankaranarayanan attachment

Experience Reports 2015

Title Authors Attachments
Experience Report: Verifying Properties of an Electro-Mechanical Braking System Thomas Strathmann and Jens Oehlerking attachment
Industrial Examples of Formal Specifications for Test Case Generation Hendrik Roehm, Rainer Gmehlich, Thomas Heinz, Jens Oehlerking, Matthias Woehrle -
Optimizing Safe Control of a Networked Platoon of Trucks Using Reachability Ibtissem Ben Makhlouf and Stefan Kowalewski -
Piecewise-Affine Approximations for a Powertrain Control Verification Benchmark Jyotirmoy V. Deshmukh, Hisahiro Ito, Xiaoqing Jin, James Kapinski, Ken Butts, Juergen Gerhard, Behzad Samadi, Kevin Walker, Yuzhen Xie attachment

Experience Reports 2014

Title Authors Attachments
Computing Probability Distributions Over a Hybrid State
Space: Case Study and Practical Limitations
Alessandro Pinto, George A. Mathew -
Verifying a PI Controller using SoapBox and Stabhyli Willem Hagemann and Eike Mohlmann and Astrid Rakow -
Using S-TaLiRo on Industrial Size Automotive
Bardh Hoxha, Houssam Abbas, Georgios Fainekos -