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Visible to the public 


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Short Description

The Behavior Interaction Priority (BIP) framework, rooted in rigorous semantics, allows modeling heterogeneous component-based systems. We have developed DesignBIP; a design studio for the BIP framework. DesignBIP can be accessed via a web interface and allows specifying BIP models in a purely graphical way and generating the equivalent code. To facilitate scaling and reusability of BIP models, we have extended architecture diagrams, a graphical language for modeling architecture styles, to define parameterized BIP models. DesignBIP provides dedicated behavior and architecture model editors, architecture style and component type libraries, Java and XML code generation plugins, consistency checking mechanisms, integration with the JavaBIP-engine and visualization of its execution output.

Visible to the public 


BIP Design Studio 
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Publication: DesignBIP: A Design Studio for Modeling and Generating Systems with BIP

Contact: Anastasia Mavridou

 Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University), Joseph Sifakis (Verimag), Hoang-Dung Tran (Vanderbilt University), Venkataramana Nagarajan (Vanderbilt University)

 This research is supported by the National Science Foundation award #CNS-1521617.