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  1. What is the BIP Design Studio?
  2. BIP Design Studio Features
  3. What is Behavior-Interaction-Priority (BIP)?

What is the BIP Design Studio?

DesignBIP is a web-based, collaborative, modeling and execution environment for building concurrent systems using the BIP component framework. DesignBIP allows specifying BIP interaction and behavior models in a graphical way and generating the equivalent code. DesignBIP provides model repositories, design guidance services, code generators and integration with the BIP tool-set.

BIP Design Studio Features

  • Collaborative, automatically versioned web-based development

  • Dedicated BIP model editors

  • Fully integrated Java code development

  • Fully integrated BIP runtime and execution visualization

  • Model repositories for architecture styles

What is Behavior-Interaction-Priority (BIP)?

BIP is a framework for the component-based design and analysis of software systems. It has been successfully used for modeling and analysis of a variety of case studies and applications, such as performance evaluation, modeling and analysis of TinyOS-based wireless sensor network applications, construction and verification of a robotic system. In the latter, the code generated by the tool-chain along with the BIP engine is used as a controller for the robot. The BIP framework also offers validation techniques for checking essential safety properties.