Visible to the public 2016 CPS Community Forum (at CPS Week 2016)

2016 CPS Community Forum

Room: Dachfoyer

The Hofburg Vienna/Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Background and Program:

The emerging new technology platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet (II) and the Industrie 4.0 have created tremendous momentum for developing new types of cyber-physical systems of unparalleled complexity. Areas such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, connected vehicles are not only complex, open systems that need to perform well, but also need to be safe, secure and dependable. Competitive pressures and existing societal needs drive the industrial development and deployment of new CPS applications ever faster - resulting a rapid increase of the gap between the available science and technology foundations and the actual requirements in creating new generations of CPS. The urgency of further accelerating progress in fundamental research in full cooperation with industry is real and represent significant challenge. New research initiatives, standardization efforts, consortia and international collaboration forums reflect this need.

The CPS Community Forum is a community organized event that provides an open environment for all CPS Week participants to learn about and engage in discussion on current and future government initiatives and growing innovative community collaborations impacting the CPS Program.

Topics to be covered at this years' Forum include:

  • An overview of the NSF CPS program and its emerging impact in computer science and engineering. Summary of the current status of the CPS initiatives in the US and the plans for the future
  • An overview of the US-EU CPS Summit - Proposed framework for Transatlantic Collaboration
  • Smart Anything Everywhere: The CPS Community Initiative of the EC

  • An overview of the CPS Virtual Organization 2.0

  • CPS Student Competitions


The forum is open to all CPS Week 2016 attendees.


David Corman (NSF)
Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt)