Participant Guidance

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Please submit the following materials using the form below:

Teacher Statement of Agreement Form - Vanderbilt's policy regarding Non-Vanderbilt Interns and Observers can be found here: After reading the policy, you will fill out your name on page 1 of this form. On page 2, you will again fill out your name, along with their signature and the date underneath the "Student" section. This is a generic form Vanderbilt uses for all non-Vanderbilt interns/observers.
W-9 Form - In order to receive the stipend, we must receive a copy of your W-9. Please submit a signed W-9 without your SSN. You can then call Gerilynn Pearce at 615-343-4871 to provide your SSN. If you are not requesting a stipend you do not need to submit this form.
Emergency Contact Form - In case of an emergency, we will use this form to contact each teacher's emergency contact. This will also give us information regarding any medical conditions.
Audio-Video Release Form - We will be taking pictures/videos of activities throughout the summer camp. This release form allows us to share these. Each teacher must complete this form.
Consent to Participate Form - As part of this camp, we are conducting research on learning computer programming with special emphasis on cybersecurity and robots. Please sign and submit this form. DoD participants do not need to complete this form.

All of the forms are available for download using the Download Forms button to the right.

Please print, sign, and scan the documents before submitting. Digital signatures are not accepted.

Please note: the deadline for submission is May 3rd!

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