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UAV Testbed for the CPS and Robotics Community: We are developing a cloud-enabled testbed for UAV education and research. Supported by the NSF CPS Virtual Organization’s Active Resources initiative, the testbed includes standardized UAV hardware and an end-to-end simulation stack built upon open source technologies. The testbed facilitated a pilot student UAV challenge held at the TIMPA airfield in Arizona on October 3-4, 2016, where four student teams from Vanderbilt University, University of Arizona, UCLA, and UPenn demonstrated with varying degrees of autonomy, the deployment and retrieval of a mosquito trap. This task was motivated by Microsoft Research’s Project Premonition, which also funded the hardware for the participating teams. See related presentations below:

NSF 2018 CPS Challenge mini documentary

NSF 2017 CPS Challenge summary video

NSF CPS-VO student UAV challenge 2016 summary video

    Penn AiR (winning team) participation summary video

   Summary slides from NSF CPS PI meeting 2017

   OpenUAV simulation environment with six UAVs

   Example of TensorFlow object detection (default object classes), and OpenCV general contours

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