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For Instructors

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Considering addressing the challenge as the topic of a one-semester CPS course? Or maybe as a project in a senior robotics or software engineering class?

Course Structure:


Use the CPS-VO’s OpenUAV active resource to design and evaluate autonomous missions involving recovery in a two UAV team. For instance, in a leader follower configuration, the follower will have to determine that the leader has crashed, and recover it. During this phase, team will start building or retro-fitting one quadrotor aircraft that will be used for the outdoor challenge. This phase is ideal for concurrent indoor tests.


Teams will begin outdoor experiments with their quadrotor aircraft, and after thorough evaluation by organizers in early April, culminate in top six top teams participating in a fun outdoor challenge in May 2018 at the TIMPA airfield in Arizona!


Homework Suggestions

Below is a list of areas for assignments catering to student skills and interests.

  • Component-based software (message passing, distributed deployment, using ROS)
  • Model-based design (state modeling, sequence modeling)
  • Software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop verification and validation
  • Vision-based control
  • Sensor sweeping and multi- vehicle coordination for search and rescue missions
  • Vehicle: design and build as part of the course

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