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Help us with Judging Spirit & Sportsmanship at the 2018 Music City BEST

At Music City BEST, we realize that many of our teams carry out acts of sportsmanship throughout the six weeks program and even throughout the year. Those of us in the hub who are judging the teams often are not aware of these many acts of sportsmanship. This is where we need you. We need your help in judging Spirit and Sportsmanship. We want your team to get the credit it deserves.

Teachers and Mentors - We need you to do a little bragging on your team. While it may seem counter-intuitive to ask you to brag on your team's acts of sportsmanship, we need this information, and we believe this is an effective way to collect it. Therefore, please take a few minutes to tell us about the acts of sportsmanship your team has carried out. There is no specified format, and you can continue on the back if needed. Just tell us like it is, and please submit this information no later than 12 pm on November 1st.

Note: Submissions are shared with the hub personnel and sponsors (when appropriate) to promote the benefits of this program.