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2019 Competition: Off the Grid

Here are links to information that could be helpful during the 2019 Music City BEST competition seasion:

General Information

Kick Off Presentations

  • Morning Presentations
    • Music CIty BEST General Information
    • Detailed Game and Rules
  • Afternoon Workshops
    • TBD

Current Game Information

Upcoming BRI Training

1) Intro to Simulink Webinars (April)

In April, MathWorks will be delivering 2 recorded live webinars demonstrating how to use MATLAB and Simulink to program the VEX Cortex microcontroller. The webinar will also present resources available to BEST teams, such as the robot autonomy and Simulink summer workshops, curriculum, video tutorials, educational tools and technical support. Registration for workshops is open.

Webinars will be held April 4th and 16th. Participants can register for the Simulink Webinars here: Cost is FREE.

2) BEST Robotics Teacher and Mentor Workshop (July)

In Texas, the BEST of Texas Robotics group is hosting a "BEST Robotics Teacher and Mentor Workshop". Registration is now open for teachers and mentors. The workshop is open to anyone 18 years of age or older (no minors).

There are 2 sessions in July available, with openings in both. The University of Texas at Dallas has graciously allowed us to host this workshop on their campus in Richardson, Texas. Housing options are available at $250. Tuition is $1000.

For details, please visit

3) Simulink Summer Workshop (June-Aug, 2 days)

Delivered June-Aug, this 2-day, 6 hours/day workshop will teach students, teachers, and mentors proficiency with MATLAB/Simulink. The workshop will include instruction using 3D virtual world, arduino robots and BEST-centric robots (including use of new IR sensor).

Participant registration starts in April. BEST looking to accommodate up to 12 locations. TBD on locations and registration information and costs.

4) MATHWORKS Robot Autonomy Webinar (Aug-Sep, 2hrs)

This live webinar, which will be recorded and archived for re-play anytime, is in development and will be offered 2 times in Aug/Sept. The webinar will be key and will focus on autonomous robot programming using VEX Cortex and the BEST IR sensor.

Registration is slated to open in April.


  • Autonomous programming overview
  • Temporal (time-based)
  • Dead reckoning (using BEST IR sensor as an encoder)
  • Line following


  • Teach students about autonomous programming options
  • Teach students how to write code (or Simulink models) to use the new BEST IR sensor with VEX Cortex
  • If you have questions or need support regarding MathWorks events or products contact

5) NEW Electronics Workshop

Plans are in the works for a new electronic workshop at the hub level. Details and plans will be communicated when available.

The purpose is to introduce the new IR Sensor Kit, teach electrical soldering and to assemble and test IR sensors for the Hubs' teams. Electrical design content specific to the IR sensor released this year includes:

  • Introduction to Soldering (including practice time)
  • Introduction to BEST IR Sensor (how it works, how it can be used)
  • BEST IR sensor assembly (by students)
  • Testing the sensor operation (no software required)

Kit Information

  • Kit Usage Guide
  • Consumable Checklist
  • Returnable Checklist
  • Consumables and Returnables (xlsm)
  • Large Motor Specs
  • Team Custom Part Guide
  • Machine Compliance Sheets

VEX & Software Information

Awards Score Sheets

  • Engineering Notebook
  • Founders Award
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Most Robust Design Award
  • Spirit and Sportsmanship Award
  • Team Exhibit and Interviews

Award and Judging

  • Award and Judging Logistics
  • Notebook Submission Link - due by 4 pm on TBD
  • Team Brag Sheet - due by 8 am on TBD
  • Team Website (for judging) - due by 4 pm on TBD
  • BEST National Registry Information - due by TBD
  • Team Demographics Form - due by 4 pm on TBD
  • Teacher Nomination Form - due by 4 pm on TBD
  • Mentor Nomination Form - due by 4 pm on TBD

Past Competition Information