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Nashville Metro and MTA

  • Steve Bland, Director, MTA
  • Dan Freudenberg- MTA
  • Erin Hafkenschiel, Mayor's Office- Director of Transportation and Sustainability
  • Mary Beth, Mayor's Office- Director of Transportation and Sustainability
  • Keith Durbin, CIO, Metro Nashville
  • Peter Westerholm, GNRC Policy Director and chair connected Nashville committee on mobility
  • Brad Freeze, TDOT
  • Bill Purcell- Metro Transit and Affordability Taskforce co-chair
  • Miranda Clements -TDM Program Manager, Metro Planning
  • Peter Bird- Metro Planning
  • Erik Cole (or Anne Havard or John Murphy) Metro Resiliency
  • Mark Sturtevant, Metro Public Works Director
  • Jeff Hammond, Public Works Traffic Engineer
  • ? Rich Riebling, Metro
  • ? Chamber representative


  • Sam Nadler, Lyft
  • Tim Netsch, Parks
  • Mark Pittman, Blyncsy
  • Monika Sturm, Multi-modal Mobility lead and CPS Principal Researcher, Siemens CT, Germany.
  • David Ory <> Sidewalk Labs


  • Mark Abkowitz, Professor and Director of Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Studies
  • Gautam Biswas, EECS/ISIS
  • Daniel Work, CEE/ISIS
  • Abhishek Dubey, EECS/ISIS
  • Craig Philip, CEE
  • Hiba Baroud, CEE
  • Eugene Vorobeychik, EECS/ISIS
  • Jonathan Gilligan Astronomy & Earth Sciences
  • Kara Parker, Vanderbilt Fellow
  • Jerom Theunissen, FutureVU student worker
  • Maren Wilder, FutureVU student worker
  • Keith Hargave, TSU

Vanderbilt Administration

  • Eric Kopstain, Vice Chancellor, Administration
  • Ashley Majewski, Program Coordinator, Administration
  • Leigh Shoup, Chief of Staff, Administration
  • Mike Perez (Chief Facilities Officer)
  • Keith Loiseau (University Architect)
  • Bob Grummon (Campus Planning & Construction Architect)
  • Andrea George (Director of SEMO)
  • Davis Strange, Law Enforcement Systems and Parking Services, Public Safety
  • August Washington, Associate Vice Chancellor, Public Safety
  • Jami Cox, VSG President