Pre-Meeting Registration

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The webform below MUST be collected from each traveler no later than April 26th.

If you have questions about anything, please contact Regan Williams

Travel Insurance Information
Please provide details on the best way(s) to contact you while traveling to Taipei. If something comes up during your travel, please let the following organizers know via email: Verna Chen - Regan Williams - Jonathan Sprinkle - jonathan.sprinkle@Vanderbilt.Edu
Detailed Flight Itinerary

We absolutely NEED a fully detailed flight itinerary for each travelers' start-to-finish travel to and from Taipei, Taiwan.

  • The attachment MUST include for arrival in Taipei the arrival airport, terminal, flight carrier names, flight numbers, arrival date, arrival time.
  • The attachment MUST include for departure from Taipei the departure airport, terminal, flight carrier names, flight numbers, departure date, departure time.
Presentation Information
Additional Information
If any, NSF project(s) you have participated in or are currently participating in (project content, current status, future planning). Feel free to link to the NSF listing(s).
A field trip and/or some visits to some interesting Taipei sites are being arranged for May 20th. Please indicate your availability and interest in participating in social activities for May 20th.