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The winning paper is Evaluating Fuzz Testing by George Klees, Andrew Ruef, Benji Cooper, Shiyi Wei, and Michael Hicks. This paper was presented at ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS '18) in Toronto. The research team investigated the evaluation process of fuzz testing tools. Fuzz testing...
By Betsy Stein NSA/CSS Communications Officer FORT MEADE, MD, Sept. 20, 2019 -- Are you a U.S. undergraduate or graduate student interested in attempting to crack a cyber-challenge similar to those that regularly threaten national security? Then sign up for the 2019 NSA Codebreaker Challenge! The annual Codebreaker...
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The National Security Agency is currently taking applications for internships in the summer 2020 for its Summer Program in Science of Security. Applications are being accepted until October 15, 2019. The National Security Agency (NSA) Science of Security (SoS) & Privacy Lablets Summer Internship Program is for...
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  • Abstract: Abstract--The past ten years has seen increasing calls to make security research more "scientific". On the surface, most agree that this is desirable, given universal recognition of "science" as a positive force. However, we find that there is little clarity on what "scientific" means in the... more
  • Abstract: The use of technology is increasing nowadays. On the other hand, most governments and legal offices still do not use technology to implement simple things such as signing a document because they still rely on face-to-face to ensure the authenticity of the signatory. Several challenges may come... more
  • Abstract: Data's security being important aspect of the today's internet is gaining more importance day by day. With the increase in online data exchange, transactions and payments; secure payment and secure data transfers have become an area of concern. Cryptography makes the data transmission... more
  • Abstract: Users of online services such as messaging, code hosting and collaborative document editing expect the services to uphold the integrity of their data. Despite providers' best efforts, data corruption still occurs, but at present service integrity violations are excluded from SLAs. For... more
  • Abstract: Fog computing has emerged due to the problem that it becomes difficult to store every data to the cloud system as the number of Internet of Things increases. In this fog computing, a vast amount of data generated from the Internet of Things is transmitted to the cloud system located at a remote... more