Visible to the public CPS Architectures

The mission of this online community of CPS architectures is to share research results on using cyber-physical system architectures to support design, analysis and verification of complex cyber-physical systems using heterogeneous modeling formalisms.


Visible to the public  Workshop on Control of Cyber-Physical Systems
Mar 20, 2013 8:00 am - Mar 21, 2013 7:30 pm EDT

This targeted workshop on the Control of Cyber-Physical Systems, held at The Johns Hopkins University, consists of a set of invited sessions, focusing on:
* Theory of Cyber-Physical Systems
* Cybertrust and Cybersecurity
* Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems

The workshop program is avilable at:

Registration is free and open to all. If you plan on attending, please register at:


Visible to the public Using Parameters in Architectural Views to Support Heterogeneous Design and Verification Akshay

Abstract--Current methods for designing cyber-physical systems lack a unifying framework due to the heterogeneous nature of the constituent models and their respective analysis and verification tools. There is a need for a formal representation of the relationships between the different models. Our approach is to


Visible to the public Logics of dynamical systems


Visible to the public Formal verification of distributed aircraft controllers


Visible to the public Towards Formal Verification of Freeway Traffic Control

Towards Formal Verification of Freeway Traffic Control


Visible to the public Safe Intersections At the Crossing of Hybrid Systems and Verification

Safe Intersections: At the Crossing of Hybrid Systems and Verification


Visible to the public Distributed Theorem Proving for Distributed Hybrid Systems.pdf

Distributed Theorem Proving for Distributed Hybrid Systems