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1st Workshop on Security and
Privacy in Big Data

Recognizing Big Data security and privacy as an emerging area, this workshop intends to provide a venue for interested researchers and practitioners to get together and exchange ideas. The features of Big Data such as Veracity, Volume, Variety and dynamicity bring new challenges to security and privacy protection.

2015 Workshop on Big Data Analytics in CPS: Enabling the Move from IoT to Real-Time Control
The Big Data in Analytics in CPS workshop was held to explore challenges and opportunities in moving from IoT to real-time control and CPS. This workshop focused on the current state of big data real time analytics in CPS (in medical, transportation (automotive, aerospace, rail), energy and other fields), evaluated the promises and shortcomings, and evaluated what needs to be done to enable big data real-time analytics in closed-loop cyber-physical systems.

CDC 2014 Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Societal Scale Cyber-Physical Systems: Energy Systems
Researchers and industrial representatives discussed resilient societal scale cyber physical systems (CPS). Focus on one of the most rapidly modernizing CPS, the energy sector, and tools from a wide range of fields and areas - including automatic control, system identification, compressed sensing, privacy, security, and machine learning - to address potential new technologies for societal-scale CPS.

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IEEE Special Issues

IEEE Transactions on Big Data for Cyber-Physical Systems
This special issue will present the state-of-the-art research results on the topic of big data sensing, processing and storage for CPS, and stimulate a broad range of researchers to participate in the interdisciplinary CPS research in the future.

Big Data Analytics in Internet-of-Things And Cyber-Physical System
This Special Section in IEEE Access calls for high quality articles with up-to-date technology related to IOT and CPS and serves as a forum for researchers all over the world to discuss their research and recent advancements in the field. In particular, the Special Section will showcase the most recent progress and development in discovery and exploration from big data analytics in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical System.

National Science Foundation

NSF 36th WATCH: How can we enable privacy in an age of big data analytics?
This talk will provide some personal observations on privacy today and then outline some research areas where progress is needed to enable society to gain the benefits of analyzing large datasets without giving up more privacy than necessary.

NSF Dear Colleague Letter/Funding Opportunity
This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL), NSF/CISE is encouraging the submission of supplemental funding requests (of up to $15,000 each, covering travel, lodging and subsistence) to strengthen and expand collaborations between NSF- and JST-funded PIs in shared priority areas.

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