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Contracts for System Design
Albert Benveniste, Benoit Caillaud, Dejan Nickovic, Roberto Passerone, Jean-Baptiste Raclet, Philipp Reinkemeier, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Werner Damm, Thomas A. Henzinger, and Kim G. Larsen
Contract-based design has been proposed as an "orthogonal" approach that complements system design methodologies proposed so far to cope with the complexity of system design.

2016 U.S.-German Workshop on the Internet of Things (IoT) / Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) - Final Report
Developing the new foundations is hard because it requires bringing together competencies from different disciplines such as the information systems domain and engineering disciplines. Combining the specific strengths in the US and in Europe – in particular in Germany – in order to provide comprehensive research results appears to be a promising approach for ccelerating research progress in this highly important area. 

2016 CPS International Summit Report
​A call to launch a synergistic research campaign between the United States and Europe for solving cross-cutting scientific challenges of cyber-physical systems, needed to ensure safe, secure, and dependable delivery and operation of a new generation of digital technology and platforms with enormous economic and societal impact.

Recommendations for Implementing the Strategic Initiative: INDUSTRIE 4.0 - Coming soon!