Lightning Talks

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2018 CPS PI Meeting Lightning Talks
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Round 1: Thursday, November 15, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM [Session 2]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Behcet Acikmese Autonomy Protocols: From Human Behavioral Modeling to Correct-by-Construction Scaleable Control 1619729
2 Manimaran Govindarasu Cyber Attack-Defense Modeling, Risk and Contingency Analysis for the Power Grid using Game Theory 1739969
3 Mithat Kisacikoglu Internet-Inspired Autonomous EV Charging 1755996
4 Vijay Gupta Incentivizing Desirable User Behavior in a Class of CPS 1739295
5 Aaron Becker MRI Powered & Guided Tetherless Effectors for Localized Therapeutic Interventions 1646566
6 Sudip Mazumder Transactive Control of Smart Railway Grid 1644874
7 Philip Brisk Low-Cost, High-Throughput, Cyber-Physical Synthesis of Encrypted DNA 1740052
8 Margaret Martonosi Towards Secure, Privacy-Preserving, Verifiable Cyberphysical Systems 1739674
9 Luis Jaimes Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsourcing, Reaching Spatial and Temporal Coverage Under Budget Constraints 1739409
10 Stephane Lafortune Energy-Aware Formal Synthesis for Supervisory Control and Information Acquisition in Cyber-Physical Systems 1738103
11 Tulga Ersal Connected Testbeds for Connected Vehicles 1646019
12 Sanjit Seshia Control Improvisation for Cyber-Physical Systems 1646208
13 Qi Zhu Securing the Timing of Cyber-Physical Systems 1646641
14 Kristin Rozier Theoretical Foundations of the UAS in the NAS Problem (Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Air Space) 1664356
15 Rose Faghih Wearable-Machine Interface Architectures 1755780
16 Vanessa Frias-Martinez Data-driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making 1750102
17 Kirstin Petersen Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems 1739671
18 Saman Aliari Zonouz Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Additive Manufacturing with Untrusted Controllers 1739467
19 Zhenyu Kong Cyber-Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Bio-Manufacturing 1739318
20 Radha Poovendran Smart and Connected Communities - Visioning Workshop 1624193
21 Yan Wan Co-Design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networks in an Uncertain Airspace 1714519
Round 2: Thursday, November 15, 1:45 PM - 2:25 PM [Session 5]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Jin-Oh Hahn Enabling "White-Box" Autonomy in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1748762
2 Ye (Sarah) Sun System-on-Cloth: A Cloud Manufacturing Framework for Embroidered Wearable Electronics 1751454
3 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Fusion of Sensory Data and Expansivity of System Dynamics for Detection and Separation of Signature Anomaly in Energy CPS Wide-Area Monitoring and Control 1739206
4 Prashant Shenoy Software Defined Solar Systems 1645952
5 Qinru Qiu Enabling Multimodal Sensing, Real-time Onboard Detection and Adaptive Control for Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems 1739748
6 Alexandros Labrinidis Building a Smart City Economy and Information Ecosystem to Motivate Pro-Social Transportation Behavior 1739413
7 Christoffer Heckman Verified Control of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles 1646556
8 Junmin Wang Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement 1645657
9 Andre Platzer Sound Invariant Generation for Continuous and Hybrid Systems 1739629
10 Paulo Tabuada A science of CPS robustness 1645824
11 Kang Shin Imposing Recovery Period for Battery Health Monitoring, Prognosis, and Optimization 1739577
12 Xenofon Koutsoukos Integrated Reconfigurable Control and Moving Target Defense for Secure Cyber-Physical Systems 1739328
13 Grace Gao High Integrity Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles 1750864
14 Vanessa Frias-Martinez Crowdsourcing Urban Bicycle Level of Service Measures 1636915
15 Ross Knepper Coordinated Action Among Independent Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems 1646417
16 Parasara Duggirala Symbolic and Numerical Techniques for Verification and Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems 1739936
17 Kornel Ehmann An Integrated Simulation and Process Control Platform for Distributed Manufacturing Process Chains 1646592
18 Kunal Mankodiya Internet of Wearable E-Textiles for Telemedicine 1652538
19 Hossein Pishro-Nik A Unified Framework for IoT Privacy 1739462
20 Sule Ozev Constantly on the Lookout: Low-cost Sensor Enabled Explosive Detection to Protect High Density Environments 1739451
21 Yaser Fallah Multi-Resolution Model and Context Aware Information Networking for Cooperative Vehicle Efficiency and Safety Systems 1664968
Round 3, Thursday, November 15, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM [Session 7]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Denise Lach Connecting Communities Through Data, Visualizations, and Decisions 1637334
2 Kyriakos G Vamvoudakis Intermittent Learning Framework for Smart and Efficient Cyber-Physical Autonomy 1750789
3 Geir Dullerud Privacy-preserving Network Congestion Control: Theory and Applications 1739966
4 Nasim Uddin Mobile Automated Rovers Fly-By (MARS-FLY) for Bridge Network Resiliency 1645863
5 Ella Atkins Cyber-Physical Communication for Cooperative Human-Robot Mobility 1739525
6 Prabir Barooah Distributed Coordination of Smart Devices to Mitigate Intermittency of Renewable Generation for a Smarter and Sustainable Power Grid 1646229
7 Matthew Travers Geometric Self-Propelled Articulated Micro-Scale Devices 1739308
8 John Stankovic Smart Wearables With Feedback Control 1646470
9 Liang Zhang Resilient Control Systems with Respect to Instrumentation Attacks: Theory and Testbed Verification 1723341
10 Susmit Jha Self-Improving Cyber-Physical Systems 1740079
11 Yunyi Jia Bilateral Adaptation between Models for Human-Perceived Safety/Comfort and Autonomous Driving Controllers 1755771
12 Lu Feng Cognitive Trust in Human-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions 1755784
13 Thomas Kurfess CNC Process Plan Simulation, Automation and Optimization 1646013
14 Fadel Adib Scaling Cyber-Physical Systems to the Low-Power Internet of Things 1739723
15 Emre Salman Charge-Recycling based Computing Paradigm for Wirelessly Powered Internet-of-Things 1646318
16 Christina Fragouli Distorting the Adversary's View: a CPS Approach to Privacy and Security 1740047
17 Matthew Peet A Convex Framework for Control of Interconnected Systems over Delayed Networks 1739990
18 Ufuk Topcu Provably Correct Shared Control for Human-embedded Autonomous Systems 1652113
19 Miroslav Pajic Foundations for Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems 1652544
20 Xiaofeng Wang Against Coordinated Cyber and Physical Attacks: Unified Theory and Technologies 1739886
21 Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Quantitative Contract-Based Synthesis and Verification for CPS Security 1739816
22 Dario Pompili Enabling Real-time Dynamic Control and Adaptation of Networked Robots in Resource-constrained and Uncertain Environments 1739315
23 Cameron (Kamin) Whitehouse Safety-Critical Wireless Mobile Systems 1739333
24 Jules White Cyber-Physical Approaches to Advanced Manufacturing Security 1446304
Round 4: Friday, November 16, 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM [Session 12]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Chee-Wooi Ten An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids 1739422
2 Xuan Zhang Modular Power Orchestration at the Meso-scale 1739643
3 Roger Quinn Integrated Control of Biological and Mechanical Power for Standing Balance and Gait Stability After Paralysis 1739800
4 Junshan Zhang Demand Response & Workload Management for Data Centers with Increased Renewable Penetration 1739344
5 Kang Shin Secure Interactions with Internet of Things 1646130
6 Lalitha Sankar A Verifiable Framework for Cyber-Physical Attacks and Countermeasures in a Resilient Electric Power Grid 1449080
7 Mark Rentschler Synthetic, Distributed Sensing, Soft and Modular Tissue (sTISSUE) 1739452
8 Mani Govindarasu High-Fidelity, Scalable, Open-Access Cyber Security Testbed for Accelerating Smart Grid Innovations and Deployments 1446831
9 Zak Kassas Situational Awareness Strategies for Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Uncertain Environments 1751205
10 Hamsa Balakrishnan Recovery Algorithms for Dynamic Infrastructure Networks 1739505
11 Raghvendra Cowlagi Selective Listening Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Data-Rich Environments 1646367
12 Shreyas Sundaram Towards Secure Large-Scale Networked Systems: Resilient Distributed Algorithms for Coordination in Networks Under Cyber Attacks 1653648
13 Andrew Clark Secure-by-Design Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems 1656981
14 Yier Jin Security Certification of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems 1818500
15 Calin Belta BioCPS for Engineering Living Cells 1446607
16 Ufuk Topcu Data-Driven Cyberphysical Systems 1646522
17 Cynthia Sturton VeHICaL: Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous Systems 1545126
18 Scott Smolka Compositional, Approximate, and Quantitative Reasoning for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1446832
19 Kira Barton Software Defined Control for Smart Manufacturing Systems 1544678
20 Payam Heydari A Bi-Directional Brain-Computer Interface for Restoration of Walking and Lower Extremity Sensation after Spinal Cord Injury 1646275