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2018 CPS PI Meeting Poster Sessions


Session 1: Thursday, November 15, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Principal Investigator Poster Presenter Award Title Video Award No.
Nicholas Feamster Danny Huang Web-based Attacks to Discover and Control Local IoT Devices   1739809
Behcet Acikmese Behcet Acikmese Autonomy Protocols: From Human Behavioral Modeling to Correct-By-Construction, Scalable Control   1624328
Ramesh Govindan Ramesh Govindan Augmented Vehicular Reality   1330118
John Stankovic John A Stankovic Smart Wearables with Feedback Control   1646470
Philip Rack Walker Boldman Cyber-physical Digital Microfluidics based on Active Matrix Electrowetting Technology: Software-programmable High-density Pixel Arrays 1544686
Philip Brisk   Ionic Liquid and Amorphous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Interactions: Towards a New Programmable Neuromorphic Platform   1545097, 1544686
Philip Brisk Philip Brisk Secure Cyber-Physical DNA Manufacturing for Life Science Applications and Ultra-Long-Term Data Storage   1740052, 1739503
Paolo Bonato Stefano Sapienza Muscle Synergies as the Basis for the Control of a Hand Prosthesis   1544815
Ryan Williams Ryan K. Williams Multi-Scale Planning in Robot Teams for Persistent Monitoring and Intervention in Precision Grazing   2018-67007-28380
Junmin Wang Junmin Wang Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement   1645657
Liang Cheng Liang Cheng Analysis, Identification and Mitigation of Delay Performance Bottlenecks of Network Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems   1646458
Rose Faghih Rose Faghih Wearable-Machine Interface Architectures 1755780
Kyriakos Vamvoudakis Kyriakos Vamvoudakis Intermittent Learning Framework for Smart and Efficient Cyber-Physical Autonomy 1851588, 1750789
Marco Duarte Marco Duarte PERCEPT-V: Image-Based Indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired 1645737
Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Kaustav Chatterjee Corruption-Resilient Online Event Detection in Energy CPS: A Kernel PCA Approach 1739206
Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Kaveri Mahapatra Online Robust PCA for Malicious Attack-Resilient Wide Area Monitoring 1544621
Xuan Zhang Xuan 'Silvia' Zhang Modular Power Orchestration at the Meso-scale   1739643
Aranya Chakrabortty Aranya Chakrabortty FRESCO: Fast, Resilient, and Cost-Optimal Co-Designs for Wide-Area Control of Power Systems   1544871, 1544751, 1544742
Andre Platzer Andre Platzer Belief-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems   1446712
Andre Platzer Andre Platzer Sound Invariant Generation for Continuous and Hybrid Systems 1739629
Mahnoosh Alizadeh Mahnoosh Alizadeh Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems   1837125
Yaser Fallah Yaser P Fallah Multi-Resolution Model and Context Aware Information Networking for Cooperative Vehicle Efficiency and Safety Systems   1664968, 1453125
Stephane Lafortune Stephane Lafortune Development of Novel Architectures for Control and Diagnosis of Safety-Critical Complex Cyber-Physical System   1446298
Stephane Lafortune Stephane Lafortune Energy-Aware Formal Synthesis for Supervisory Control and Information Acquisition in Cyber-Physical Systems   1738103
Kang Shin   Secure interactions with Internet of Things   1646130
Manimaran Govindarasu Manimaran Govindarasu & Saurabh Bhattacharya Cyber Attack-Defense Modeling, Risk and Contingency Analysis for the Power Grid using Game Theory   1739969
Elizabeth Cherry Elizabeth Cherry Approaches for Control of Cardiac Electrical Dynamics   1446312
John Lach   Towards Dependable Self-Powered Things for the IoT   1646454
Susan Trolier-McKinstry Veronika Kovacova Towards Dependable Self-Powered Things for the IoT   1646399
Calin Belta Noushin Mehdipour bioCPS for Engineering Living Cells 1446607
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Inigo Incer Romeo Decomposing Specifications Using the Quotient of Assume-Guarantee Contracts   1739816
Neda Masoud Neda Masoud Behaviorally Compatible, Energy Efficient, and Network-Aware Vehicle Platooning Using Connected Vehicle Technology   1837245
Jin-Oh Hahn Ali Tivay and Jin-Oh Hahn Enabling "White-Box" Autonomy in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems   1748762
Ravishankar Iyer Keywhan Chung Towards Resiliency in Cyber-Physical Systems for Robot-assisted Surgery   1545069
Ella Atkins   Cyber-Physical Communication for Cooperative Human-Robot Mobility   1739525
Lily Elefteriadou Lily Elefteriadou Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles   1446813
Xiaofeng Wang Naira Hovakimyan Against Coordinated Cyber and Physical Attacks: Unified Theories and Technologies 1739886, 1739732
Nasim Uddin Nasim Uddin Mobile Automated Rovers Fly-By (MARS-FLY) for Bridge Network Resiliency 1645863
Arman Sabbaghi Arman Sabbaghi Screening and Interpreting Inputs in Machine Learning of Additive Manufacturing Systems   1544841
Hitten Zaveri Hitten Zaveri Continuous Fault Tolerant Monitoring of the Brain in Epilepsy   1544986
Christos Cassandras   A Dynamic Optimization Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Environments   1645681
Fadel Adib Fadel Adib Scaling Cyber-Physical Systems to the Low-Power Internet of Things   1739723
Rishee Jain Rishee Jain Building Information, Inhabitant, Interaction and Intelligent Integrated Modeling (BI5M)   1836995, 1837022, 1837021
Steven Low Yujie Tang Time-Varying Optimization and Real-Time Optimal Power Flow   1739355
Kornel Ehmann Mojtaba Mozaffar An Integrated Simulation and Process Control Platform for Distributed Manufacturing Process Chains 1646592
Joao Hespanha Joao Hespanha The impact of QoT on Estimation and Control   1329650
Mark Rentschler Mark Rentschler Synthetic, Distributed Sensing, Soft and Modular Tissue (sTISSUE)   1739452
Panganamala Kumar Woo-Hyun Ko Holistic Control and Management of Industrial Wireless Processes   1646449
Junshan Zhang Xin Liu Zero-Delay Load Balancing Algorithms in Large-Scale Data Centers   1739344
Flavio Fenton Flavio H Fenton Supercomputer Fast Interactive Simulations of Complex Cardiac Dynamics in Tissue on Personal Computers and Phones   1446675
Liang Zhang Liang Zhang Resilient Control Systems with respect to Instrumentation Attacks: Theory and Testbed Verification   1723341
Kincho Law Seongwoon Jeong An IoT Platform for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring   1446330
Jonathan Sprinkle Matt Bunting Domain-specific Modeling Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems   1253334
Sudeep Pasricha Sudeep Pasricha Enabling Smart Underground Mining with an Integrated Context-Aware Wireless Cyber-Physical Framework   1646562
Luis Jaimes Luis Jaimes Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsourcing, Reaching Spatial and Temporal Coverage Under Budget Constraints 1739409
Panagiotis Tsiotras Panagiotis Tsiotras Adaptive Intelligence for Cyber-Physical Automotive Active Safety System Design and Evaluation 1544814
Robyn Lutz Robyn Lutz Safety-Aware Cyber-Molecular Systems 1545028
Georgios Fainekos   Collaborative Vehicular Systems   1446730
Georgios Fainekos Georgios Fainekos Robustness Guided Testing and Verification for Cyber-Physical Systems 1350420
Joseph Zambreno   Track and Fallback: Intrusion Detection to Counteract Carjack Hacks with Fail-Operational Feedback   1645987
Nora Ayanian   Novel Algorithmic Techniques for Drone Flight Planning on a Large Scale   1837779
Paulo Tabuada Paulo Tabuada A Science of CPS Robustness   1645824
Miao Pan Miao Pan DEUS: Distributed, Efficient, Ubiquitous and Secure Data Delivery Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 1646607, 1646548
Pierluigi Pisu Pierluigi Pisu Security of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems with Connected Vehicle Applications   1544910
Diane Cook Anurag Srivastava The Science of Activity-Predictive Cyber-Physical Systems (APCPS)   1543656
Benjamin Seibold   Control of vehicular traffic flow via low density autonomous vehicles   1446690
Xiaobo Tan Xiaobo Tan Tracking Fish Movement with a School of Gliding Robotic Fish   1446793
William Griswold Michael Hannigan MetaSense: Calibration of Personal Air Quality Sensors in the Field   1446912, 1446899
Wencen Wu Wencen Wu Towards Effective and Efficient Sensing-Motion Co-Design of Swarming Cyber-Physical System   1446461
Matthew Peet Matthew Peet A Convex Framework for Control of Interconnected Systems over Delayed Networks   1739990
Bala Natarajan Bala Natarajan Architecture for Future Distribution Systems Including Active Consumers with Rooftop Solar Generation   1544705
Petros Ioannou Petros Ioannou Cyber Physical Regional Freight Transportation System   1545130
Sam Coogan Sam Coogan Certifiable Reinforcement Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems   1836932, 1836819
Rahul Mangharam   Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1253842
Rahul Mangharam   Computer-aided Clinical Trials for Medical Devices - Robustness Evaluation   1446664
Subhashini Ganapathy Michelle Cheatham Intelligent Agent Incident Command System (ICS) Augmentation   1528550
Lillian Ratliff Lillian Ratliff Emerging Markets and Myopic Decision-Making in Multi-Modal Transportation Systems: Models and Validation   1656873
Patrick Tague Patrick Tague Multi-Sensory Event Detection for Cross-Platform Coordination and Verification 1645759
Kang G. Shin Liang He Adaptive Management of Large Energy Storage Systems for Vehicle Electrification   1446117
Kang G. Shin Liang He Imposing Recovery Period for Battery Health Monitoring, Prognosis, and Optimization   1739577
Michael Zink   Sensing as a Service - Architectures for Closed-Loop Sensor Network Virtualization   1350752
Ilya Kolmanovsky Ella Atkins Maneuver and Data Optimization for High Confidence Testing of Future Automotive Cyber-physical Systems 1544844
Linda Bushnell Linda Bushnell Certifiable, Attack-resilient Submodular Control Framework for Smart Grid Stability 1544173
Thidapat Chantem Pamela Murray-Tuite Semi-Automated Emergency Response System   1812524
Thidapat Chantem   Semi-Automated Emergency Response System   1658225
Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Kaustav Chatterjee Coupled Cascading Failure in Energy CPS: Modeling, Prevention, and Restoration 1836827
Adam Wierman Yujie Tang Optimal Placement of Energy Storage in Distribution Networks   1545096
Abhishek Dubey   Secure and Trustworthy Framework for Integrated Energy and Mobility in Smart Connected Communities   1818901
Anuradha Annaswamy   Hardening Network Infrastructures for Fast, Resilient, and Cost-Optimal Wide-Area Control of Power Systems   1544751
Anuradha Annaswamy Sudip Mazumder Transactive control of smart railway grid   1644877, 1644874
Scott Smolka   CyberCardia- Compositional, Approximate, and Quantitative Reasoning for Medical CPSs   1446832
Nina Mahmoudian   Autonomous Underwater Power Distribution System for Continuous Operation   1453886
Edgar Lobaton   Data Representation and Modeling for Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Modal Wearable Sensing Systems   1552828
Sandip Roy   Threat-Assessment Tools for Management-Coupled Cyber- and Physical- Infrastructures   1545104
James Anderson Nathan Otterness Doing More With Less: Cost-Effective Infrastructure for Automotive Vision Capabilities 1446631
James Anderson Ming Yang Real-Time Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles: Real Fast Isn't Good Enough 1837337
Donatello Materassi   Design of in-line controllers for continuously operating networks with structural uncertainty   1553504
Kirill Levchenko   Foundations of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems   1646493
Ahmet Cetin   Detecting Gas Vapor Leaks Through Uncalibrated Sensor Based CPS   1739396
Nirmalya Roy Nivathra Pathak Low-cost Continuous Virtual Energy Audits in Cyber-Physical Building Envelope   1544687
Pavithra Prabhakar   Robust Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems   1552668
Milutin Stanacevic   Charge-Recycling based Computing Paradigm for Wirelessly Powered Internet-of-Things   1646318
Yunyi Jia   Bilateral Adaptation between Models for Human-Perceived Safety/Comfort and Autonomous Driving Controllers   1755771
Soummya Kar   Secure Computing and Cross-Layer Anomaly Detection in the Internet of Things   1837607
Alex Orailoglu   Security and Data Reliability Measures for a Distributed, Noisy, and Potentially Adversarial Sensor Network   1739684
Sule Ozev   Constantly on the Lookout: Low-cost Sensor Enabled Explosive Detection to Protect High Density Environments   1739451
Jennifer Christen Sule Ozev Machine Learning Enabled "Smart Nets" to Optimize Sustainable Fisheries Technologies   1837473
Mani Golparvar-Fard   Autonomous Vision-based Construction Progress Monitoring and Activity Analysis for Building and Infrastructure Projects 1446765
Brenna Argall Deepak Gopinath Learning Control Sharing Strategies for Assistive Cyber-Physical Systems   1544741
Geir Dullerud   Privacy-preserving Network Congestion Control: Theory and Applications   1739966
Quanyan Zhu   A Meta-Game Theoretic Approach to Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Secure and Resilient Control System   1544782
Michael Hannigan   Calibration of Personal Air Quality Sensors in the Field - Coping with Noise   1446912
Lingfeng Wang   An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids   1739485
Ross Knepper   Coordinated Action Among Independent Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems   1646417
Massimo Franceschetti   Communication and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems 1446891
Nikos Papanikolopoulos Ted Morris Dynamic Methods of Traffic Control that Impact Quality of Life in Smart Cities   1544887
Sanjay Lall   Sufficient Statistics for Multi-Agent Systems   1544199
Raghvendra Cowlagi   Selective Listening - Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Data-Rich Environments   1646367
Richard Voyles   Closed-Loop Sustainable Precision Animal Agriculture   USDA
Nuno Martins   Designing semi-autonomous networks of miniature robots for inspection of bridges and other large infrustructures 1446785
Shreyas Sundaram   Towards Secure Large-Scale Networked Systems: Resilient Distributed Algorithms for Coordination under Cyber Attacks   1653648
Lalitha Sankar   A Verifiable Framework for Cyber-Physical Attacks and Countermeasures in a Resilient Electric Power Grid   1449080
Miriah Meyer   A Layered Framework of Sensors, Models, Land-Use Information and Citizens for Understanding Air Quality in Urban Environments   1646408
Dennice Gayme   Beyond Stability: Performance, Efficiency and Disturbance Management for Smart Infrastructure Systems   1544771
Sajal Das   Securing Smart Grid by Understanding Communications Infrastructure Dependencies   1545037
Sajal Das   Secure and Trustworthy Framework for Integrated Energy and Mobility in Smart Connected Communities   1818942
Bruno Sinopoli   Information Flow Analysis for Cyber-Physical System Security   1646526
Susmit Jha   Self-Improving Cyber-Physical Systems   1740079
Andreas Spanias   Image Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility-Scale Solar Panel Monitoring   1646542
Sujit Rokka Chhetri   Low-Cost, High-Throughput, Cyber-Physical Synthesis of Encrypted DNA   1739503
Lu Feng Lu Feng Cognitive Trust in Human-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions   1755784
Neil Johnson Pedro Manrique Understanding Ultrafast Instabilities in a Global Cyber-Physical System 1522693
Amit K. Roy Chowdhury Amit K. Roy Chowdhury Extracting Time-Critical Situational Awareness from Resource Constrained Networks   1544969
Christina Fragouli   Distorting the Adversary's View: a CPS Approach to Privacy and Security   1740047
Sanjit Seshia Jin Ge Learning and Teaching Task Specifications from Demonstrations   1545126
Sanjit Seshia Cynthia Sturton On Using Drivers' Eye Activity to Predict Drowsiness   1544924
Richard Murray Mark Ho VeHICaL: Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous Systems   1544714
Sertac Karaman   Practical Algorithms and Fundamental Limits for Complex Cyber-Physical Systems   1350685
Sertac Karaman Zhi-Hong Mao Design and Control of High-performance Provably-safe Autonomy-enabled Dynamic Transportation   1544413, 1544578 
Nikolaos Tsekos Aaron Becker MRI Powered & Guided Tetherless Effectors for Localized Therapeutic Interventions   1646566
Rajesh Gupta Dezhi Hong ROSELINE: Enabling Robust, Secure and Efficient Knowledge of Time Across the System Stack   1329766
Kristin Rozier Rohit Dureja Theoretical Foundations of the UAS in the NAS Problem (Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Air Space)   1664356
Murat Arcak Murat Arcak Efficient Traffic Management: A Formal Methods Approach   1446145
Roberto Horowitz Murat Arcak Traffic Operating System for Smart Cities   1545116
Alexandros Labrinidis   Building a Smart City Economy and Information Ecosystem to Motivate Pro-Social Transportation Behavior   1739413
Mohammad Al Faruque   Acoustic Side Channel Attacks on DNA Synthesizers   1739503
Siddhartha Sikdar   A Novel Biomechatronic Interface Based on Wearable Dynamic Imaging Sensors   1329829
Emre Salman   AC Computing Methodology for RF Powered IoT Devices 1646318
Siddhartha Sikdar   Closed-loop Hybrid Exoskeleton Utilizing Wearable Ultrasound Sensors for Measuring Fatigue   1646204
Umakishore Ramachandran   Elevating the Edge to be a Peer of the Cloud   1446801
Vijay Gupta   Congested Equilibria in Traffic Networks: Existence, Stability and Robustness   1544724
Thomas Kurfess   CNC Process Plan Simulation, Automation and Optimization   1646013
Yan Wan   Co-Design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networking in an Uncertain Airspace 1714519
Sanjit Seshia   Control Improvisation for Cyber-Physical Systems   1646208
Jin Ge   Control Improvisation in Vehicle Modeling and Control   1545126
Saman Zonouz   Cyber Physical Systems Security: Protecting Programmable Logic Controllers   1703782
Bashir I. Morshed   Events of Interest (EOI) Capture Using Novel Body-worn Fully-passive Wireless Sensors for S&CC 1637250
Samuel Z. Guyer   Improving Run-Time Bug Detection in Aviation Software Using Program Slicing   1836942
Kunal Mankodiya   Internet of Wearable E-Textiles for Telemedicine 1652538
Zak Kassas   Situational Awareness Strategies for Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Uncertain Environments 1751205
Zak Kassas   Towards Optimal Information Gathering in Unknown Stochastic Environments 1566240
Hongrui Jiang   Smart Flexible Camera Sheet- Ultra-thin Semantic-guided Cooperative Micro-camera Array 1329481
Janos Sztipanovits   Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization: Active Resources   1521617
Session 2: Friday, November 16, 1:00pm - 2:15pm
Principal Investigator Poster Presenter Award Title   Award No.
Walid Saad   Statistical Performance Analysis and Resource Management for Cyber-Physical Internet of Things Systems   1739642
Walid Saad   Towards Secure Networked Cyber-Physical Systems: A Theoretic Framework with Bounded Ration   1446621
Arif Sarwat   Towards Secure Networked Cyber-Physical Systems: A Theoretic Framework with Bounded Rationality   1446570
Arif Sarwat   Cyber Physical Solution for High Penetration Renewables in Smart Grid   1553494
Ou Bai Roozbeh Atri Sensor Network-Based Lower-Limb Prosthetic Optimization and Control   1552163
Ding-Yu Fei   Sensor Network-based Lower-Limb Prosthesis Optimization and Control   1552163
Hamsa Balakrishnan   Recovery Algorithms for Dynamic Infrastructure Networks   1739505
Margaret Martonosi Kelly Shaw Towards Secure, Privacy-Preserving, Verifiable Cyberphysical Systems   1739674, 1739701
Zhaozheng Yin Ming Leu Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training and Operations Management 1646162
Ricardo Sanfelice Berk Altin Computationally Aware Cyber-Physical Systems 1544396
Conor Walsh   Human-Machine Interaction with Mobility Enhancing Soft Exosuits   1446464
Zhen Qian Zhen Qian Matching Parking Supply to Travel Demand towards Sustainability   1544826, 1544835, 1545043
Saman Zonouz   Trustworthy and Adaptive Intrusion Tolerance Capabilities in Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures   1453046
Rajesh Kavasseri   WARP: Wide Area assisted Resilient Protection   1544621
Cagdas Onal   Nested Control of Assistive Robots through Human Intent Inference   1544636
Taskin Padir   Nested Control of Assistive Robots through Human Intent Inference   1544895
Bob Iannucci Bob Iannucci TickTalk: Timing API for Federated Cyber-physical Systems   1646235, 1645578
Wei Zhang   Hierarchical Control for Large-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems   1552838
Todd Murphey   Information based Control of Cyber-Physical Systems operating in uncertain environments   1837515
Umit Ozguner   Collaborative Vehicular Systems   1446735
Atul Prakash   Support for Security and Safety of Programmable IoT Systems   1646392
Minghui Zhu   Towards Provably Correct Distributed Attack-Resilient Control of Unmanned-Vehicle-Operator Networks   1505664
Peng Wei   Towards an Intelligent Low-Altitude UAS Traffic Management System   1565979
Qi Zhu   Securing the Timing of Cyber-Physical Systems   1646641
Qi Zhu   A Framework for Extensibility-Driven Design of Cyber-Physical Systems   1834324
Jie "Jayne" Wu   Cost-Effective Mastitis Control and Biosecurity for Sustainable Dairy Farming   2017-67007-26150
Arturo Bretas   Distributed Coordination of Smart Devices to Mitigate Intermittency of Renewable Generation for a Smarter and Sustainable Power Grid   1646229
Qinru Qiu   Enabling Multimodal Sensing, Real-time Onboard Detection and Adaptive Control for Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems   1739748
Bir Bhanu   Distributed Sensing, Learning and Control in Dynamic Environments   1330110
Jiong Tang Yu Ding Cybernizing Mechanical Structures Through Integrated Sensor-structure Fabrication   1544707
Patricio Vela   Learning to Walk - Optimal Gait Synthesis and Online Learning for Terrain-Aware Legged Locomotion   1544857
Mehdi Khandani   Designing Semi-autonomous Networks of Miniature Robots for Inspection of Bridges and Other Large Infrastructures   1446434
Denise Lach Denise Lach Connecting Communities Through Data, Visualizations, and Decisions 1637334
George Pappas Konstantinos Gatsis Rethinking Communication and Control for Low-Latency, High Reliability loT Devices   1837253
Dario Pompili Francisco Diez Enabling Real-time Dynamic Control and Adaptation of Networked Robots in Resource-constrained and Uncertain Environments   1739315
Shantanu Chakrabartty Kenji Aono Internet of Self-powered Sensors - Towards a Scalable Long-term Condition-based Monitoring and Maintenance of Civil Infrastructure   1646380, 1645783, 1646420
Zhenyu Kong   Cyber-Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Bio-Manufacturing   1739318, 1739696
Christoffer Heckman   Synergy: Verified Control of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles   1646556
Gelli Ravikumar   High-Fidelity, Scalable, Open-Access Cyber Security Testbed for Accelerating Smart Grid Innovations and Deployment   1446831
Chee-Wooi Ten   An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids   1739422
Shangping Ren   An Executable Distributed Medical Best Practice Guidance (EMBG) System for End   1545008
Andrew Clark   Secure-by-Design Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems   1656981
Saman Zonouz Sriharsha Etigowni Crystal (ball): I Look at Physics and Predict Control Flow   1446471
Eric Feron   Safe and Secure Open-Access Multi-Robot Systems   1544332
Matthew Travers   Geometric Self-Propelled Articulated Micro-Scale Devices   1739308
George Kantor   Adaptive Data Collection for Rapid Evaluation of New Plant Varieties   DOA-2017-67007-26152
Carolyn Beck   Modeling and Maximizing Power for Wind Turbine Arrays   1544953
Sertac Karaman   Low-Energy computing for Autonomous mobile Robotic CPS via Co-Design of Algorithms and Integrated Circuits   1837212
Soumik Sarkar   A Multi-scale Data Assimilation Framework for Layered Sensing and Hierarchical Control of Disease Spread in Field   USDA-2017-67007-26151
John Hatcliff John Hatcliff Architecturally-Integrated Hazard Analyses for Medical Application Platforms   1565544
Chenyang Lu   Holistic Control and Management of Industrial Wireless Processes 1646579
Jules White   Cyber-Physical System Security for Advanced Manufacturing   1446304
Deniz Erdogmus   Nested Control of Assistive Robots through Human Intent Inference   1544895
Ajay Sharda   Development of a sUAS Crop Sensing and Computational Suite for Precision Irrigation   USDA-2017-67007-26153
Dorsa Sadigh   Influencing Human Robot Teams   1544199
Edward Lee Edward Lee A Mathematical Theory of Cyber-Physical Systems   1446619
Edward Lee Edward Lee Reconciling Safety with the Internet for Cyber-Physical Systems   1836601
Lucy Dunne   Toward Personal Microclimate: Sustainable Heating Through Smart Clothing   1646543
Nalini Venkatasubramanian   Exploring Resilience in SmartCity Water Infrastructures   1528995
Nalini Venkatasubramanian   Safe Community Awareness and Alerting   1450768
Sharad Mehrotra Nalini Venkatasubramanian Extracting time-critical situational awareness from resource constrained networks   1545071
Loukas Lazos   Domain-Specific Modeling Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems   1253334
Timothy Bretl   Autonomous Vision-based Construction Progress Monitoring   1446765
Timothy Bretl Mani Golparvar-Fard Safe and Efficient Cyber-Physical Operation System for Construction Equipment   1544999
Zhihai He   Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control for Large-Scale Wastewater Reuse and Algal Biomass Production   1544794
Zhihai He   Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training and Operations Management   1646065
Roger Quinn Roger Quinn, Mark Nandor Integrated control of biological and mechanical power for standing balance and gait stability after paralysis   1739800
Pavan Turaga   Image Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility-Scale Solar Panel Monitoring   1646542
Erik Fredericks   Minimizing the Oracle Problem for Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems   1657061
Marco Pavone   Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems   1837135
Mikael Lindvall   Model-based Specification Reconstruction   1446583
Hanz Richter   Cyber-Enabled Repetitive Motions in Rehabilitation   1544702
Daniel Work   Phantom Traffic Jams from Adaptive Cruise Controlled Vehicles   1446702, 1446690, 1445715, 1446435
Ness Schroff Qian Chen Cognitive Green Building: A Holistic Cyber-Physical Analytic Paradigm for Energy Sustainability   1446582
Kirstin Petersen   Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems   1739671
Kamin Whitehouse Cody Fleming Safety-Critical Wireless Mobile Systems   1739333
Saman Zonouz Yi Han

Contactless Control Flow Monitoring via Electromagnetic Emanations

Murti Salapaka   Learning from Cells to Create Transportation Infrastructure at the Micron Scale   1544721
Nitin Sharma   Quantitative Assessment of Change in Muscle Contractility Due to Fatigue During NMES- An Ultrasound Imaging Approach   1646009
Yasser Shoukry   Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems   1837589
Sukumar Brahma   WARP: Wide Area assisted Resilient Protection   1544645
Paul Bogdan   Embracing Complexity: A Fractal Calculus Approach to the Modeling and Optimization of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems   1453860
Vijay Gupta   Incentivizing Desirable User Behavior in a Class of CPS   1739295
Sibin Mohan   A System-level Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing Systems Using Software Defined Control [SDC]   1544901
Kira Barton   Software Defined Control for Smart Manufacturing Systems   1544678
Prashant Shenoy   Software Defined Solar Systems   1645952
Ali Mehrizi-Sani   CYDER: CYbersecure Distribution systems with power Electronically interfaced Renewables   1837700, 1837359
Jonathan Kimball Bruce McMillin Secure Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems   1505610, 1505633
Bruce McMillin Bruce McMillin Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components   1837472
Amir Houmansadr   A Unified Framework for IoT Privacy   1739462
Lei Ying   Demand Response & Workload Management for Data Centers with Increased Renewable Penetration   1739344
Marco Caccamo   Solar-powered, Long-endurance UAV for Real-time Onboard Data Processing   1646383
Sule Ozev Chengmo Yang Low-Cost Sensor Enabled Explosive Detection to Protect High Density Environments   1739390
Alvaro Cardenas Jairo Giraldo Trujillo Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems   1837627
Alvaro Cardenas Jairo Giraldo Trujillo Practical Control Engineering Principles to Improve the Security and Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems   1553683
Miroslav Pajic   Foundations for Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems   1652544
Yier Jin Raj Gautam Dutta Security Certification of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems 1818500
Mithat Kisacikoglu   Internet-Inspired Autonomous Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging   1755996
Ye Sun   System-on-Cloth: A Cloud Manufacturing Framework for Embroidered Wearable Electronics 1751454
Yu Ding   Cybernizing Mechanical Structures through Integrated Sensor-Structure Fabrication   1545038
Ramesh Johari   Learning with Abandonment   1544548
Husheng Li   An Entropy Framework for Communications and Dynamics Interdependency in Cyber Physical Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation   1543830
Baosen Zhang   Learning Customer Preferences and Voltage Regulation   1544160
Radha Poovendran Radha Poovendran Smart and Connected Communities - Visioning Workshop 1624193
Urbashi Mitra   Network Optimization in Cyber Physical Human Sensing Systems   1446901
Michael Zavlanos   Human-on-the-Loop Control for Smart Ultrasound Imaging   1837499
Vanessa Frias-Martinez   Crowdsourcing Urban Bicycle Level of Service Measures   1636915
Vanessa Frias-Martinez   Data-driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making   1750102
Murtuza Jadliwala Murtuza Jadliwala A Cloud-assisted Framework For Improving Pedestrian Safety in Urban Communities using Crowd-sourced Mobile and Wearable Device Data   1829066, 1637290
Qiang Huang   Apply Deep Learning to Powder Bed Fusion Process Physics in 3D Printing for Smart Calibration and Control   1544917
Jerome Lynch   Corridor-based Monitoring of Highway Bridge Health Condition and Truck Loads using a Cyber-Physical System Framework   1446521
Wei Yu   Case Study of Building Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems   1350145
Simone Silvestri Simone Silvestri Integration of Social Behavioral Modeling for Smart Environments to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Smart Cities   2017-67008-26145
Tulga Ersal Tulga Ersal Connected Testbeds for Connected Vehicles 1646019
Srinivasa Narahimhan Robert Tamburo Anytime Visual Scene Understanding for Heterogeneous and Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems   1446601
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Mario Szanier Data-Driven Cyberphysical Systems   1645964
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