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2019 CPS PI Meeting Lightning Talks
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Round 1: Thursday, November 21, 10:15 AM - 11:10 AM [Session 2]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Yannis Paschalidis A Dynamic Optimization Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Environments 1645681
2 Chenyang Lu Holistic Control and Management of Industrial Wireless Processes 1646579
3 Junjie Qin The Sharing Economy for Electricity Services in Connected Communities 1646612
4 Junmin Wang Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement 1645657
5 Kang Shin Secure Interactions with Internet of Things 1646130
6 Joseph Zambreno Track and Fallback: Intrusion Detection to Counteract Carjack Hacks with Fail-Operational Feedback 1646317
7 Shantanu Chakrabartty Internet of self-powered sensors - Towards a scalable long-term condition-based monitoring and maintenance of civil infrastructure 1646380
8 Or Dantsker Solar-powered, Long-endurance UAV for Real-time Onboard Data Processing 1646383
9 Atul Prakash Support for Security and Safety of Programmable IoT Systems 1646392
10 Isabel Cruz Mapping and Querying Underground Infrastructure Systems 1646395
11 John Lach Towards Dependable Self-Powered Things for the IoT 1646454
12 Dileep Kalathil Towards a Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Safe Operation of Distributed Energy Systems 1850206
13 Christian Claudel Augmented reality for control of reservation-based intersections with mixed autonomous-non autonomous flows 1739964
14 Lily Elefteriadou Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the Traffic Stream 1446813
15 Roberto Horowitz Traffic Operating System for Smart Cities 1545116
16 Lalitha Sankar A Verifiable Framework for Cyber- Physical Attacks and Countermeasures in a Resilient Electric Power Grid 1449080
17 Sue Ahn Identifying, Characterizing, and Shaping Multi-Scale Cyber-Human Interactions in Mixed Autonomous/Conventional Vehicle Traffic 1739869
18 Dana Choi Integrated Design of Sensing, Network, and Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems for Preventing Frost and Freeze Damage to Flowers and Buds of Fruit Trees 1836974
19 Lav Khot Localized, Geospatial Sensing of Canopy and Fruit Microclimate for Real-time Management of Sunburn in Apple 1837001
20 Jonathan Jaramillo Touch Sensitive Technologies for Improved Vineyard Management 1837367
21 Jingwen Zhang A scalable real-time sensing and decision-making system for field-level row-crop irrigation management 1837637
22 Simone Silvestri Integration of Social Behavioral Modeling for Smart Environments to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Smart Cities 1646021
23 Meeko Oishi Cognitive Autonomy for Human CPS: Turning Novices Into Experts 1836900
Round 2: Thursday, November 21, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM [Session 5]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Liang Cheng Analysis, Identification and Mitigation of Delay Performance Bottlenecks of Network Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems 1646458
2 Wenchao Li A Framework for Extensibility-Driven Design of Cyber-Physical Systems 1646497
3 Bruno Sinopoli Information Flow Analysis for Cyber-Physical System Security 1646526
4 Andreas Spanias Image Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility-Scale Solar Panel Monitoring 1646542
5 Sudeep Pasricha Enabling Smart Underground Mining with an Integrated Context-Aware Wireless Cyber-Physical Framework 1646562
6 Zhu Han DEUS: Distributed, Efficient, Ubiquitous and Secure Data Delivery Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 1646607
7 Lucy Dunne Toward Personal Microclimate: Sustainable Heating Through Smart Clothing 1646543
8 Siddhartha Sikdar CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Closed-loop Hybrid Exoskeleton utilizing Wearable Ultrasound Imaging Sensors for Measuring Fatigue 1646204
9 Marco Duarte Image-Based Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired Users 1645737
10 Zhaozheng Yin CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training and Operations Management 1646162
11 Hongning Wang CPS: TTP Option: Breakthrough: Collaborative Sensing: An Approach for Immediately Scalable Sensing in Buildings 1646501
12 Bob Iannucci TickTalk: Timing API for Federated Cyberphysical Systems 1646235
13 Edward Lee Reconciling Safety with the Internet for Cyber-Physical Systems 1836601
14 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Coupled cAscade Modeling, Prevention, and Recovery (CAMPR): When Graph Theory meets Trajectory Sensitivity 1836827
15 Samuel Coogan Certifiable reinforcement learning for cyber-physical systems 1836932
16 Jason Rife Software-State Observability in CPS 1836942
17 Rishee Jain Building Information, Inhabitant, Interaction and Intelligent Integrated Modeling (BI5M) 1836995
18 Marco Pavone Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems 1837135
19 Xiangnan Zhong A Self-Learning Intelligent Control Framework for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems 1850240
20 Alyosha Molnar Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems 1739671
21 Ryan Williams Multi-Scale Planning in Robot Teams for Persistent Monitoring and Intervention in Precision Grazing 1739716
22 Girish Chowdhary Robust Deep Learning and Decision making for Mechanical Weeding Agbots 1739874
23 Prabir Barooah Distributed Coordination of Smart Devices to Mitigate Intermittency of Renewable Generation for a Smarter and Sustainable Power Grid 1646229
24 Nick Feamster Detecting and Controlling Unwanted Data Flows in the Internet of Things 1739809
25 Sanjit Seshia VeHICaL: Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous Systems 1545126
Round 3: Friday, November 22, 9:30 AM - 10:20 AM [Session 10]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Sertac Karaman Low-Energy computing for Autonomous mobile Robotic CPS via Co-Design of Algorithms and Integrated Circuits 1837212
2 Alexandre Bayen Smoothing Traffic via Energy-efficient Autonomous Driving (STEAD) 1837244
3 Yafeng Yin Behaviorally Compatible, Energy Efficient, and Network-Aware Vehicle Platooning Using Connected Vehicle Technology 1837245
4 George Pappas Rethinking Communication and Control for Low-Latency, High Reliability loT Devices 1837253
5 James Anderson GOALI: Real-Time Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles: Real Fast Isn't Good Enough 1837337
6 Raghupathy Sivakumar Multi-Human Assisted Learning for Multi-Agent Systems using Intrinsically Generated Event-Related EEG Potentials 1837369
7 Gabriel Parmer Edge-Cloud Support for Predictable, Global Situational-Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles 1837382
8 Bruce McMillin Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components 1837472
9 Sule Ozev Machine Learning Enabled "Smart Nets" to Optimize Sustainable Fisheries Technologies 1837473
10 Michael Zavlanos Human-on-the-Loop Control for Smart Ultrasound Imaging 1837499
11 Thais Campos Syntax-Guided Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems 1837506
12 Todd Murphey Information-based Control of Cyber-Physical Systems Operating in Uncertain Environments 1837515
13 Ning Zhang S2Guard: Building Security and Safety in Autonomous Vehicles via Multi-layer Protection 1837519
14 Yasser Shoukry Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems 1837589
15 Soummya Kar Secure Computing and Cross-Layer Anomaly Detection in the Internet of Things 1837607
16 Alvaro Cardenas Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems 1837627
17 Johanna Mathieu Scalable and Safe Control Synthesis for Systems with Symmetries 1837680
18 Ali Mehrizi-Sani CYDER: CYbersecure Distribution systems with power Electronically interfaced Renewables 1837700
19 Justin Koeln Hierarchical Control for Constrained Multi-timescale Energy Management 1849500
20 Shuai Li Modeling Subsurface Features and Connected Autonomous Vehicles as Cyber-Physical Systems for Reciprocal Mapping and Localization 1850008
21 Jayne Wu Cost-Effective Mastitis Control and Biosecurity for Sustainable Dairy Farming 1646067
22 Ajay Sharda Canopy Sensing and Computational Systems for Real-Time Control and Feedback of Irrigation Technology 1646346
23 Marin Kobilarov Adaptive Water Quality Sampling with Autonomous Vehicles with Applications to Nitrate Deposition 1646500
24 Soumik Sarkar A multi-scale data assimilation framework for layered sensing and hierarchical control of disease spread in field crops 1646523
Round 4: Friday, November 22, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM [Session 13]
# Presenter Award Title Award #
1 Paul Bogdan Embracing Complexity: A Fractal Calculus Approach to the Modeling and Optimization of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1453860
2 Saurabh Amin Resilient Design of Networked Infrastructure Systems: Models, Validation, and Synthesis 1453126
3 Saman Aliari Zonouz Trustworthy and Adaptive Intrusion Tolerance Capabilities in Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures 1453046
4 Nina Mahmoudian Autonomous Underwater Power Distribution System for Continuous Operation 1921060
5 Arif Sarwat Cyber Physical Solution for High Penetration Renewables in Smart Grid 1553494
6 Donatello Materassi Design of in-line controllers for continuously operating networks with structural uncertainty 1553504
7 Miroslav Pajic Foundations for Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems 1652544
8 Zak Kassas Situational Awareness Strategies for Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Uncertain Environments 1751205
9 Vanessa Frias-Martinez Data-driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making 1750102
10 Stephanie Gil Multi-Agent Decision Making and Optimization using Communication as a Sensor 1845225
11 Lillian Ratliff Co-Design of Information and Incentives in Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems 1844729
12 Soumik Sarkar Robustifying Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems 1845969
13 Pierluigi Nuzzo High-Assurance Design of Learning-Enabled Cyber-Physical Systems with Deep Contracts 1846524
14 Yasser Shoukry Decision Procedures for High-Assurance, AI-controlled, Cyber-Physical Systems 1845194
15 Dong Wang Towards Reliable and Optimized Data-driven Cyber-Physical Systems using Human-centric Sensing 1845639
16 Pavithra Prabhakar Robust Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems 1854318
17 Qi Zhu SOlSTICe: Software Synthesis with Timing Contracts for Cyber-Physical Systems 1947738
18 Shreyas Sundaram Closed Loop Sustainable Precision Animal Agriculture 1739890
19 Nuwan Wijewardane High Resolution 3D Soil Mapping System 1739985
20 Kapil Dandekar Sensing, Processing, and Actuation of Biomedical Smart Textiles for Deep Venous Thrombosis Prevention 1544906
21 Joseph Bentsman Autonomous Attainment of Tissue-Centricity in Electrosurgery through Data-Driven Persistently Evolving Thermogeometric Adaptivity 1932099
22 Chris Siviy Human-machine Interaction with Mobility Enhancing Soft Exosuits 1446464
23 Carlos Mastrangelo Deep Integration of Thin Flexible Autonomous Microsystems for Vision Correction 1932602
24 Patrick Tague Multi-Sensory Event Detection for Cross-Platform Coordination and Verification 1645759
25 Manoj Karkee SMART IRRIGATION - Big Data approach for accurate water stress detection and precision irrigation in fruit crops 1739184