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2019 CPS PI Meeting Poster Sessions


SESSION I: Thursday, November 21, 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
# Lead PI Name Poster Presenter Name Title Video Award #(s)
1 Behcet Acikmese   Optimization-Based Planning and Control for Assured Autonomy: Generalizing Insights From Autonomous Space Missions   1931744
2 Sue Ahn   Identifying, characterizing, and shaping multi-scale cyber-human interactions in mixed autonomous/conventional vehicle traffic   1739869
3 Reza Alam   Data-driven Re-configurable Swarm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Underwater Wireless Communication   1932595
4 Mahnoosh Alizadeh   Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems   1837125
5 Murat Arcak   Traffic Operating System for Smart Cities   1545116
6 Brenna Argall   Learning Control Sharing Strategies for Assistive Cyber-Physical Systems   15544741
7 Anish Arora   One Size Does Not Fit All: Mult-Scale, Cascaded RNNs for Radar Classification   1544753
8 Ou Bai   Sensor Network-based Lower-Limb Prosthesis Optimization and Control   1552163
9 Hamsa Balakrishnan   Recovery Algorithms for Dynamic Infrastructure Networks   1739505
10 Prabir Barooah   Distributed coordination of smart devices to mitigate intermittency of renewable generation for a smarter and sustainable power grid   1646229
11 Juan Bello Mark Cartwright A System for the Monitoring, Analysis, and Mitigation of Urban Noise Pollution   1544753
12 Calin Belta Noushin Mehdipour bioCPS for Engineering Living Cells 1446607
13 Jennifer Blain Christen Sule Ozev Machine Learning Enabled "Smart Nets" to Optimize Sustainable Fisheries Technologies 1837473
14 Marco Caccamo robustOr Dantsker Solar-Powered, Long-Endurance UAV for Real-time Onboard Data Processing 1646383
15 Alvaro Cardenas   Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical System   1929410, 1837517
16 Alvaro Cardenas   Practical Control Engineering Principles to Improve the Security and Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems   1931573
17 Christos Cassandras Yannis Paschalidis A Dynamic Optimization Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Environments   1645681
18 Animesh Chakravarthy   Towards Effective and Efficient Sensing Motion Co-Design for Swarming Cyber-Physical Systems   1936599
19 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Kaustav Chatterjee Robust Recovery of PMU Signals under Corruption: Approaches and Guarantees 1739206
20 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Coupled Cascading Failure in Energy CPS: Modeling, Prevention, and Restoration   1836827
21 Liang Cheng Liang Cheng Analysis, Identification and Mitigation of Delay Performance Bottlenecks of Network Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems   1646458
22 Dana Choi   Integrated Design of Sensing, Network, and Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems for Preventing Frost and Freeze Damage to Flowers and Buds of Fruit Trees   1836974
23 Girish Chowdhary   Agbots: Weeding a Field with a Team of Autonomous Robots 1739874
24 Christian Claudel   Augmented reality for control of reservation-based intersections with mixed autonomous flows   1739964
25 Surya Congress   Data Mining and Fusion between Unmanned Aerial Systems and Social Media Technologies to Improve Emergency Operations   1945703
26 Samuel Coogan   Certifiable reinforcement learning for cyber-physical systems   1836932, 1836819
27 Diane Cook Jana Doppa The Science of Activity-Predictive Cyber-Physical Systems   1543656
28 Isabel Cruz   Mapping and Querying Underground Infrastructure Systems   1646395
29 Clifford Dacso   A Platform for High-Resolution Data-Driven Mobile Sensing via Networked Drones   1703170
30 Sajal Das Shameek Bhattacharjee Securing Smart Grid by Understanding Communication Infrastructure Dependencies   1545037
31 Marco Duarte Marco F. Duarte PERCEPT-V: Image-Based Indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired 1645737
32 Helen Durand Helen Durand Enhancing Cybersecurity of Process Control Systems   1932026
33 Lily Elefteriadou Lily Elefteriadou Optimizing Signalized Intersections under Presence of Automated and Conventional Vehicles   1446813
34 Tulga Ersal Tulga Ersal Connected Testbeds for Connected Vehicles   1646019
35 Georgios Fainekos   Robustness Guided Testing and Verification for Cyber-Physical Systems   1350420
36 Nick Feamster   Detecting and Controlling Unwanted Data Flows in the Internet of Things   1739809
37 Lu Feng   Cognitive Trust in Human-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions   1755784
38 Massimo Franceschetti Massimo Franceschetti Communication and security in cyber-physical systems 1446891
39 Grace Gao   SLAM-based Integrity Monotoring for Multi-Sensors and Multi-Receivers   1750864
40 Hassan Ghasemzadeh Hassan Ghasemzadeh Mindful Active Learning 1932346
41 Mani Golparvar-Fard Mani Golparvar Autonomous Vision-based Construction Project Monitoring 1446765
42 Mani Golparvar-Fard Mani Golparvar Safe and Efficient Cyber-Physical Operation System for Construction Equipment   1544973
43 Manimaran Govindarasu   Cyber Attack-Defense Modeling, Risk and Contingency Analysis for the Power Grid using Game Theory 1739969
44 Emily Grubert   Dynamic Pricing for Optimal Design of Sustainable Transportation Systems   1931980
45 Nikhil Gupta Nikhil Gupta, Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos Frequency Domain Conversion of Computer Aided Design Files to Enable Encription, Authentication   1932264
46 Rajesh Gupta Sean Hamilton ROSELINE: Enabling Robust, Secure and Efficient Knowledge of Time Across the System Stack   1329766
47 Jin-Oh Hahn Ali Tivay Enabling "White-Box" Autonomy in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1748762
48 Christoffer Heckman Sriram Sankaranarayanan Verified Control of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles   1646556
49 Joao Hespanha   The Impact of QoT on Estimation and Control   1329650
50 Jesse Hoagg   Data-Driven Adaptive Real-Time (DART) Flow-Field Estimation Using Deployable UAVs   1932105
51 Roberto Horowitz   Traffic Operating System   1545116
52 Qiang Huang Qiang Huang Predict Shape Distortion of 3D Printed Products Through Engineering-Informed Machine Learning 1544917
53 David Irwin David Irwin Software-defined Solar Systems   1645952
54 Shubham Jain Shubham Jain Performance Monitoring Cyber-Physical System for Emerging Fitness Spaces   1932296
55 Yunyi Jia Longxiang Guo Bilateral Adaptation between Models for Human-Perceived Safety/Comfort and Autonomous Driving Controllers 1755771
56 Ramesh Johari   Information Design and Price Mechanisms in Platforms for Cyber-Physical Systems with Learning Agents   1931718,  1931696
57 Lav Khot   Localized, Geospatial Sensing of Canopy and Fruit Microclimate for Real-time Management of Sunburn in Apple   1837001
58 Ross Knepper   A Flexible Sampling-Based Approach to Integrated Task and Motion Planning   1646417
59 Ilya Kolmanovsky Ilya Kolmanovsky Maneuver and Data Optimization for High Confidence Testing of Future Automotive Cyber-physical Systems 1544844
60 Xenofon Koutsoukos Bradley Potteiger Integrated Data Space Randomization and Control Reconfiguration for Securing Cyber- Physical Systems 1739328
61 John Lach   Towards Dependable Self-Powered Things for the IoT   1646454
62 Edward Lee   Reconciling Safety with the Internet for Cyber-Physical Systems   1836601
63 Kirill Levchenko Stephen Checkoway Foundations of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems   1901728, 1646493
64 Wenchao Li   A Framework for Extensibility-Driven Design of Cyber-Physical Systems   1834324
65 Mikael Lindvall Madeline Diep Invariant Extraction from Virtual Heart Models   1446583
66 Yilu Liu Shutang You Data-driven Real-time Data Authentication in Wide-Area Energy Infrastructure Sensor Networks 1931975
67 Edgar Lobaton Edgar Lobaton Data Representation and Modeling for Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Modal Wearable Sensing Systems   1552828
68 Chenyang Lu Chenyang Lu Holistic Control and Management of Industrial Wireless Processes 1646579
69 Robyn Lutz Robyn Lutz & Jack Lutz Safety-Aware Cyber-Molecular Systems 1545028
70 Sudip Mazumder Sudip Mazumder Transactive Control of Smart Railway Grid 1644877
71 Fei Miao Fei Miao Improving Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Data-Driven Control Framework for Heterogeneous Mobile CPS   1932250, 1932223
72 Urbashi Mitra Ashutosh Nayyar Network Optimization in Cyber-Physical Human Sensing Systems 1446901
73 Javad Mohammadpour Velni   Perceptive Stochastic Coordination in Mass Platoons of Automated Vehicles   1931981, 1932037
74 Meeko Oishi Meeko Oishi Cognitive Autonomy for Human CPS: From Novice to Expert   1836900, 1836952
75 Miao Pan Zhu Han DEUS: Distributed, Efficient, Ubiquitous and Secure Data Delivery Using AUVs 1646607
76 Sudeep Pasricha Sudeep Pasricha Enabling Smart Underground Mining with an Integrated Context-Aware Wireless CPS Framework   1646562, 1646576
77 Marco Pavone   Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems   1837135
78 Matthew Peet   A Convex Framework for Control of Interconnected Systems over Delayed Networks   1739990
79 Kirstin Peterson Jonathan Jaramillo Touch Sensitive Technologies for Improved Vineyard Management   1837367
80 Kirstin Peterson Alyosha Molnar Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems   1739671
81 André Platzer André Platzer Belief-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems 1446712
82 André Platzer André Platzer Sound Invariant Generation for Continuous and Hybrid Systems   1739629
83 Dario Pompili   Enabling Real-time Dynamic Control and Adaptation of Networked Robots in Resource-constrained and Uncertain Environments 1739315
84 Kameshwar Poolla Junjie Qin Sharing Mobile Storage for Demand Charge Reduction   1646612
85 Sean Qian Sean Qian Optimal Ride Service for All: Users, Service Providers, and Society   1931827
86 Qinru Qiu   Enabling Multimodal Sensing, Real-time Onboard Detection and Adaptive Control for Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems   1739748
87 Ruwen Qin Zhaozheng Yin Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training and Management   1646162
88 Prahalada Rao Samuel E. Gerdes Process Structure Quality Relationships of 3D Printed Tissue Engineering Scaffolds 1739696, 1739318
89 Shangping Ren Shangping Ren/Lui Sha An Executable Distributed Medical Best Practice Guidance (EMBG) System for End 1545002, 1842710
90 Mark Rentschler Nikolaus Correll Synthetic, Distributed Sensing, Soft and Modular Tissue (sTISSUE) 1739452
91 Hanz Richter   Human-in-the-loop real-time optimization of exercise trajectory and resistance   1544702
92 Jason Rife Jason Rife Detecting Semantic Bugs in Autopilot Software by Classifying Anomalous Variables 1836942
93 Kristin Rozier   Theoretical Foundations of the UAS in the NAS Problem (Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Air Space)   1552934
94 Emre Salman   AC Computing Methodology for RF-Powered IoT Devices 1646318
95 Sriram Sankaranarayanan Sriram Sankaranarayanan Learning and Verifying Conformant Data-Driven Models for Cyber-Physical Systems   1932189, 1932068
96 Nitin Sharma   Modeling and Switching Control of an Input Delayed Hybrid Exoskeleton for Lower-limb Function Restoration 1646009
97 Nitin Sharma   Ultra-fast Strain Imaging for Real Time Quantitative Muscle Function Assessment   1646009
98 Kelly Shaw   Towards Secure, Privacy-Preserving, Verifiable Cyberphysical Systems   1739701
99 Kang Shin Liang He Adaptive Management of Large Energy Storage Systems for Vehicle Electrification   1446117
100 Kang Shin Liang He Secure Interactions with Internet of Things - Detecting Misplaced RFID Tags   1646130
101 Kang Shin Liang He Imposing Recovery Period for Battery Health Monitoring, Prognosis, and Optimization   1739577
102 Siddhartha Sikdar Joseph Majdi Closed-loop Hybrid Exoskeleton Utilizing Wearable Ultrasound Sensors for Measuring Fatigue   1646204
103 Bruno Sinopoli   Multi-Objective Mitigation Strategies for Viability and Performance of Cyber-Physical Systems   1931738
104 Bruno Sinopoli   Information Flow Analysis for Cyber-Physical System Security   1646526
105 Simone Silvestri   Integration of Social Behavioral Modeling for Smart Environments To Improve Energy Efficiency of Smart Cities   2017-67008-26145
106 Andreas Spanias   Image Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility-Scale Solar Panel Monitoring   1646542
107 Jonathan Sprinkle Matt Bunting Domain-Specific Modeling Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems   1253334
108 Mani Srivistava   ROSELINE: Enabling Robust, Secure and Efficient Knowledge of Time Across the System Stack   1329755
109 Shreyas Sundaram Shreyas Sundaram Towards Secure Large-Scale Networked Systems: Resilient Distributed Algorithms for Coordination in Networks   1653648
110 Hamed Tabkhivayghan   Worker-in-the-loop real-time safety system for short-duration highway workzones   1932524
111 Chee-Wooi Ten Chee-Wooi Ten An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids   1739422, 1739485
112 Hal Tharp Nathalie Risso Computationally Aware Cyber Physical Systems 1544395
113 Ufuk Topcu   Data-Driven Cyberphysical Systems   1646522
114 Ufuk Topcu   Provably Correct Shared Control for Human-Embedded Autonomous Systems   1652113
115 Susan Trolier-McKinstry   Towards Dependable Self-Powered Things for the IoT   1646399
116 Panagiotis Tsiotras Panagiotis Tsiotras Adaptive Intelligence for Cyber-Physical Automotive Active Safety System Design and Evaluation 1544814
117 Ramachandran Umakishore Zhuangdi Xu Space - Time Vehicle Tracking at the Edge of the Network 1446801
118 Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis Towards an Intermittent Learning Framework for Smart and Efficient Cyber-Physical Autonomy 1851588
119 Nalini Venkatasubramanian   AquaSCALE: Exploring the Resilience of Community Water Systems   1528995
120 Hongning Wang Hongning Wang Active Collaborative Sensing for Energy Breakdown   1646501
121 Junmin Wang Junmin Wang Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement 1645657
122 Jules White Carlos Olea Towards a Framework for Comprehensive Counterfeit Detection of Additively Manufactured Parts Through Unclonable Functions   1931931
123 Ryan Williams   Computation-Aware Autonomy for Timely and Resilient Multi-Agent Systems   1932074
124 Ryan Williams   Multi-Scale Planning in Robot Teams for Persistent Monitoring and Intervention in Precision Grazing   NIFA 2018-67007-28380
125 Jingang Yi   Real-Time Machine Learning-based Control of Human Cyber-Physical Balance Systems   1932370
126 Haofei Yu   A Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable Air Quality Monitoring System with Low-cost Sensors for Smart and Connected Communities   1931871
127 Junshan Zhang Junshan Zhang Demand Response and Workload Management for Data Centers with Increased Renewable Penetration   1739344, 1739189, 1739355
128 Xiangnan Zhong Xiangnan Zhong A Self-Learning Intelligent Control Framework for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems   1947418
129 Quanyan Zhu Juntao Chen, Muhammad Junaid Farooq A Meta-Game Theoretic Approach to Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Secure and Resilient Control Systems   1544782


SESSION II: Friday, November 22, 3:00 PM - 4:30PM
# Lead PI Name Poster Presenter Name Title Videos Award #(s)
1 Fadel Adib   Scaling Cyber-Physical Systems to the Low-Power Internet of Things   1739723
2 Venkataramana Ajjarapu Venkataramana Ajjarapu Data-driven Causality Mapping, System Identification and Dynamics Characterization for Future Power Grid 1932458
3 James Anderson Nathan Otterness Real-Time Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles: Real Fast Isn't Good Enough 1837337
4 Ella Atkins Ella Atkins, Hossein Rastgoftar Cyber-Physical Communication for Cooperative Human-Robot Mobility   1739525
5 Atul Prakash   Support for Security and Safety of Programmable IoT Systems 1646392, 1646305
6 Kira Barton   Flexible control reconfiguration of manufacturing systems to enhance system throughput and increase overall system efficiency   1544678
7 Paul Bogdan   Embracing Complexity: A Fractal Calculus Approach to the Modeling and Optimization of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems   1453860
8 Francesco Borrelli Koushil Sreenath Safe Learning in Co-robots--Theory, Experiments and Education   1931853
9 Sean Brennan Sean Brennan Automated Discovery of Data Validity for Safety-Critical Feedback Control in a Population of Connected Vehicles   1931927, 1932509, 1932138
10 Philip Brisk Philip Brisk Ionic Liquid and Amorphous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Interactions: Towards a New Programmable Neuromorphic Platform 1545097, 1544686
11 Philip Brisk Philip Brisk Acoustic Side Channel Attacks on DNA Synthesizers   1740052, 1739503
12 Philip Brisk   Development of a High-Throughput DNA Synthesizers: Predicting Motion of p-Chio Microtransponders in Fluid Flow 1739503
13 Subhadeep Chakraborty   Active Shooter Tracking and Evacuation Routing for Survival (ASTERS)   1932505
14 Aranya Chakrabortty   Data-Driven Reinforcement Learning Control of Large CPS Networks using Multi-Stage Hierarchical Decompositions   1931932
15 Maggie Cheng   Real-Time Data Analytics for Energy Cyber-Physical Systems   1854077
16 Elizabeth Cherry Elizabeth Cherry Controllability of Cardiac Alternans   1446312
17 Mooi Choo Chuah   Robust Efficient Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles   1931867
18 Andrew Clark   Secure-by-Design Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems 1656981
19 Jane Cleland-Huang Jane Cleland-Huang Interactive Human-Drone Partnerships for Emergency Response 1931962
20 Raghvendra Cowlagi   Selective Listening: Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Data-Rich Environments 1646367
21 Jyo Deshmukh   Uncertainty-aware Framework for Specifying, Designing and Verifying Cyber-Physical Systems   1932620
22 Harpreet Dhillon   Statistical Performance Analysis and Resource Management for Cyber-Physical Internet of Things Systems   1739642
23 Abhishek Dubey   STEAM: Secure and Trustworthy Framework for Integrated Energy and Mobility in Smart and Connected Communities   1818901
24 Kornel Ehmann Jian Cao An Integrated Simulation and Process Control Platform for Distributed Manufacturing Process Chains   1646592
25 Deniz Erdogmus   Nested Control of Assistive Robots through Human Intent Inference   1544895
26 Rose Faghih Rose T. Faghih Wearable-Machine Interface Architectures 1755780
27 Yaser Fallah   Multi-Resolution Model and Context Aware Information Networking for Cooperative Vehicle Efficiency and Safety Systems   1664968
28 Yaser Fallah   Perceptive Stochastic Coordination in Mass Platoons of Automated Vehicles   1932037
29 Chen Feng Chen Feng Accurate and Efficient Collective Additive Manufacturing by Mobile Robots   1932187
30 Flavio Fenton Abouzar Kaboudian Shattering the Supercomputer Barrier of Computationally Expensive Problems by Personal Computers: a WebGL 2.0 Approach   1446675
31 Christina Fragouli Suhas Diggavi Distorting an Adversary's View in Cyber-Physical Systems   1740047
32 Erik Fredericks   Minimizing the Oracle Problem for Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems   1657061
33 Vanessa Frias-Martinez Vanessa Frias-Martinez Data-Driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making 1750102
34 Dennice Gayme   Beyond Stability: Performance as Efficiency and Disturbance Management in Smart Networked Systems   1544771
35 Stephanie Gil   Multi-Agent Decision Making and Optimization using Communication as a Sensor 1845225
36 Sevgi Gurbuz Sevgi Zubeyde Gurbuz RF Sensing for Sign Language Driven Smart Environments   1932547, 1931861
37 Song Han Song Han A Secure Communication Framework with Verifiable Authenticity for Immutable Services in Industrial IoT Systems   1932480
38 Naira Hovakimyan Naira Hovakimyan Against Coordinated Cyber and Physical Attacks: Unified Theory and Technologies   1739732
39 Bob Iannucci   TickTalk: Timing API for Federated Cyberphysical Systems   1646235
40 Petros Ioannou Petros Ioannou Smart Freight Transportation with Behavioral Incentives 1932615
41 Petros Ioannou Petros Ioannou Cyber Physical Regional Freight Transportation System 1545130
42 Luis Jaimes   Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsourcing, Reaching Spatial and Temporal Coverage Under Budget Constraints 1739409
43 Susmit Jha Susmit Jha Self-Improving Cyber Physical System: Attribution-Based Confidence (ABC) for Deep Learning Models 1740079
44 Yier Jin   Security Certification of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems   1818500
45 Neil Johnson Neil Johnson Understanding Ultrafast Instabilities ina Global Cyber-Physical System   1522693
46 Sertac Karaman   Fundamental Limits and Practical Algorithms for Complex Cyber-Physical Systems   1350685
47 Sertac Karaman   LEAR-CPS: Low-Energy computing for Autonomous mobile Robotic CPS via Co-Design of Algorithms and Integrated Circuits   1837212
48 Mithat Kisacikoglu Mithat Kisacikoglu Internet-Inspired Autonomous Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging 1755996
49 Justin Koeln Justin Koeln Hierarchical Control for Constrained Multi-timescale Energy Management   1849500
50 Zhenyu Kong Zhenyu Kong Cyber Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Biomanufacturing (Bio-AM)   1739318
51 Thomas Kurfess Christopher Saldana CNC Process Plan Simulation, Automation and Optimization 1646013
52 Stephane Lafortune Stephane Lafortune Energy-Aware Formal Synthesis for Supervisory Control and Information Acquisition in Cyber-Physical Systems   1738103
53 Phil Levis Dawson Engler Secure Smart Machining   1931750
54 Shuai Li Shuai Li Modeling Subsurface Features and Connected Autonomous Vehicles as Cyber-Physical Systems for Reciprocal Mapping and Localization   1850008
55 Xiaopeng Li   Cyber-Physical Phases of Mixed Traffic with Modular & Autonomous Vehicles: Dynamics, Impacts and Management   1932452
56 Robert LiKamWa   Real-time spatial audio on the Internet of Things   1932377
57 Xue Lin Xue Lin and Qi Chen SecureNN: Design of Secured Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks 1932351, 1932464
58 Steven Low   Adaptive Charging Network Research Portal   1932611
59 Rahul Mangharam   Computer-aided Clinical Trials for Medical Divises: Robustness Evaluation   1446664, 1253842
60 Manel Martínez-Ramón   Smart and Connected Firefighting System Design   1637092
61 Neda Masoud Neda Masoud, Yafeng Yin Behaviorally Compatible, Energy Efficient, and Network-Aware Vehicle Platooning Using Connected Vehicle Technology 1837245
62 Carlos Mastrangelo C. H. Mastrangelo Integration of Thin Flexible Autonomous Microsystems for Vision Correction   1932602
63 Donatello Materassi   Design of in-line controllers for continuously operating networks with structural uncertainty   1553504
64 Bruce McMillin Bruce McMillin Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components   1837472
65 Ali Mehrizi-Sani   CYDER: Cybersecure Distribution systems with power Electronically interfaced Renewables   1837700
66 Ali Mehrizi-Sani Jenny Appiah-Kubi Multi-Agent Intrusion Detection for Distribution Systems   1837359, 1837700
67 Sayan Mitra Sayan Mitra Privacy-preserving Network Congestion Control   1739966
68 Bashir Morshed   Inkjet Printed Flexible Electronic CPS with Context-aware Events of Interest Detection   1932281
69 Richard M. Murray   Towards Assume-Guarantee Profiles for Autonomous Vehicles   1545126
70 Todd Murphey   Information-Based Control of Cyber-Physical Systems Operating in Uncertain Environments   1837515
71 Srinivas Narasimhan Robert Tamburo Anytime Visual Scene Understanding for Heterogenous and Distributed CPS   1446601
72 Pierluigi Nuzzo   High-Assurance Design of Learning-Enabled Cyber-Physical Systems with Deep Contracts   1846524
73 Chinedum Okwudire   Mitigating Uncertainties in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) as a Cloud Service using Data-Driven Transfer Learning   1931950
74 Alex Orailoglu   Hunting Sybils in Participatory Mobile Consensus-Based Networks   1739684
75 Necmiye Ozay Johanna Mathieu Scalable and Safe Control Synthesis for Systems with Symmetries 1837680
76 Necmiye Ozay Dimitra Panagou, Samet Oymak, Sze Zheng Yong Data-driven modeling and preview-based control for cyber-physical system safety   1931982, 1932066, 1932254
77 Sule Ozev Sule Ozev Low-Cost Sensor Enabled Explosive Detection to Protect High Density Environments 1739451
78 Umit Ozguner   Collaborative Vehicular Systems   1446735
79 Nikos Papanikolopoulos Ted Morris Dynamic Methods of Traffic Control that Impact Quality of Life in Smart Cities   1544887
80 George Pappas   Rethinking Communication and Control for Low-Latency, High-Reliability loT Devices   1837253
81 Gabriel Parmer Gabriel Parmer Edge-Cloud Support for Predictable, Global, Situational-Awareness and Control for Autonomous Vehicles   1837382
82 Hossein Pishro-Nik   A Unified Framework for IoT Privacy 1739462
83 Hossein Pishro-Nik   Trajectory-Based Cyber-Physical Networks: Theoretical Foundationand a Practical Implementation   1932326
84 Pierluigi Pisu   Security of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems with Connected Vehicles Applications   1544910
85 Pavithra Prabhakar   Robust Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems   1552668
86 Anund Puppala   Data Mining and Fusion between Unmanned Aerial Systems and Social Media Technologies to Improve Emergency Operations   1945703, 1945787
87 Roger Quinn Roger Quinn, Mark Nandor, Sandra Hnat Integrated Control of Biological and Mechanical Power for Standing Balance and Gait Stability after Paralysis 1739800
88 Lillian Ratliff   Co-Design of Information and Incentives in Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems   1844729
89 Mark Rentschler Nikolaus Correll Synthetic, Distributed Sensing, Soft and Modular Tissue (sTISSUE)   1739452
90 Anthony Rowe   ROSELINE: Enabling Robust, Secure and Efficient Knowledge of Time Across the System Stack   1329644
91 Arman Sabbaghi Arman Sabbaghi AMapi: An Application Programming Interface for Additive Manufacturing Systems   1544841
92 Soumik Sarkar Koushik Nagasubramanian A multi-scale data assimilation framework for layered sensing and hierarchical control of disease spread in field crops 1646523
93 Soumik Sarkar Yasaman Esfandiari Robustifying Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems 1845969
94 Arif Sarwat Arif I Sarwat Cyber Physical Solution for High Penetration Renewables in Smart Grid 1553494
95 Sanjit Seshia   Control Improvisation for Cyber-Physical Systems 1646208, 1545126
96 Sanjit Seshia   Learning and Teaching Task Specifications from Demonstrations   1545126
97 Sanjit Seshia   Counterexample-Guided Synthesis of Perception Models and Control   1545126
98 Lui Sha Lui Sha Virtual Sully: Autopilot with Multi-Level Adaptation for Handling Large Uncertainties 1932529
99 Yasser Shoukry   Decision Procedures for High-Assurance, AI-Controlled, Cyber-Physical Systems   1845194
100 Yasser Shoukry   Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems   1837589
101 Raghupathy Sivakumar Raghupathy Sivakumar Multi-Human Assisted Learning for Multi-Agent Systems Using Intrinsically Generated Event-Related EEG Potentials   1837369
102 John Stankovic John Stankovic Smart Wearables with Feedback Control   1646470
103 Cynthia Sturton   Finding Safety-Critical Causes of Mode Confusion Using Model Checking   1545126
104 Mario Sznaier Mario Sznaier Data-Driven CPS: Provably correct control in data rich/labels scarce scenarios   1646121
105 Jiong Tang   Cybernizing Mechanical Structures Through Integrated Sensor-Structue Fabrication   1544707, 1545038, 1544595
106 Lang Tong Lang Tong High-Fidelity High-Resolution and Secure Monitoring and Control of Future Grids: a synergy of AI, data science, and security   1932501
107 Matthew Travers   Geometric Self Propelled Articulated Micro-Scale Devices 1739308
108 Roberto Tron Roberto Tron Multiagent Physical Cognition and Control Synthesis Against Cyber Attacks   1932162, 1931997
109 Nasim Uddin Nasim Uddin Mobile Automated Rovers Fly-by (MARS-Fly) for Bridge Network Resiliency 1645863
110 A. Selcuk Uluagac Amit Kumar Sikder Securing Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems 1453647
111 Richard Voyles   Closed-Loop Sustainable Precision Animal Agriculture   USDA 2018-67007-28439
112 Conor Walsh Christopher Siviy Human - Machine Interaction with Mobility Enhancing Soft Exosuits   1446464
113 Yan Wan Yan Wan Co-Design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networking in an Uncertain Airspace 1714826
114 Dong Wang Daniel Zhang Towards Reliable and Optimized Data-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems using Human-Centric Sensing 1845639
115 Jayne Wu Jayne Wu Cost-effective Mastitis Control and Biosecurity for Sustainable Dairy Farming   1646067
116 Liuqing Yang   Collective Intelligence for Proactive Autonomous Driving (CI-PAD)   1932413
117 Wei Yu Wei Yu Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems: the Good and Bad Uses   1350145
118 Hitten Zaveri Hitten Zaveri Continuous Fault Tolerant Monitoring of the Brain in Epilepsy   1544986
119 Michael Zavlanos Reza Khodayi-mehr Human-on-the-Loop Control for Smart Ultrasound Imaging   1837499
120 Michael Zavlanos   Distributed Learning for Control of Cyber-Physical Systems   1932011
121 Desheng Zhang Desheng Zhang Improving Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Data-Driven Control Framework for Heterogeneous Mobile CPS   1932223, 1932250
122 Xuan Zhang Christopher Gill Modular Power Orchestration at the Meso-scale   1739643
123 Qi Zhu   SOlSTICe: Software Synthesis with Timing Contracts for Cyber-Physical Systems   1834701
124 Qi Zhu   Securing the Timing of Cyber-Physical Systems   1839511
125 Michael Zink Ishita Dasgupta Sensing as a Service - Architectures for Optimizing Hydrological Model in the Cloud   1350752
126 Saman Zonouz Raj Gautam Dutta Trusted Integrity Verifier for Additive Manufacturing Systems   1739467