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2021 CPS PI Meeting Posters

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Energy - Thursday, June 3, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Venkataramana Ajjarapu CPS: Medium: Data-driven Causality Mapping, System Identification and Dynamics Characterization for Future Power Grid 1932458
2 Anuradha Annaswamy CPS: DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Secure Holonic control and Optimization for the Networked CPS (aDaptioN) 1932406, 1932574
3 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri CPS: Small: Fusion of Sensory Data and Expansivity of System Dynamics for Detection and Separation of Signature Anomaly in Energy CPS Wide-Area Monitoring and Control 1739206
4 Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri CPS: Medium: Coupled cAscade Modeling, Prevention, and Recovery (CAMPR): When Graph Theory meets Trajectory Sensitivity 1836827
5 Maggie Cheng CPS:Synergy:Collaborative Research: Real-time Data Analytics for Energy Cyber-Physical Systems 1854077
6 Sajal Das CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Securing Smart Grid by Understanding Communications Infrastructure Dependencies 1545037
7 Manimaran Govindarasu CPS: Medium: Cyber Attack-Defense Modeling, Risk and Contingency Analysis for the Power Grid using Game Theory 1739969
8 David Irwin CPS:Breakthrough:Software Defined Solar Systems 1645952
9 Rishee Jain CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Building Information, Inhabitant, Interaction and Intelligent Integrated Modeling (BI5M) 1836995
10 Dileep Kalathil CRII: CPS: Towards a Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Safe Operation of Distributed Energy Systems 1850206
11 Justin Koeln CRII: CPS: Hierarchical Control for Constrained Multi-timescale Energy Management 1849500
12 Xiang Li CRII: CPS: Data-Driven Cascading Failure Abstraction and Vulnerability Analysis in Cyber-Physical Systems 1948550
13 Jia Liu CPS: Medium: An AI-enabled Cyber-Physical-Biological System for Cardiac Organoid Maturation 2038603
14 Yilu Liu CPS: Small: Data-driven Real-time Data Authentication in Wide-Area Energy Infrastructure Sensor Networks 1931975
15 Steven Low CPS: TTP Option: Small: Adaptive Charging Network Research Portal 1932611
16 Nina Mahmoudian CAREER: Autonomous Underwater Power Distribution System for Continuous Operation 1921060
17 Ali Mehrizi-Sani CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: CYDER: CYbersecure Distribution systems with power Electronically interfaced Renewables 1837359, 1953213
18 Kameshwar Poolla CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: The Sharing Economy for Electricity Services in Connected Communities 1646612
19 Mohammad Rahman CRII: CPS: Noninvasive Security Analysis for Smart Grid Energy Management System 1929183
20 Arif Sarwat CAREER: Cyber Physical Solution for High Penetration Renewables in Smart Grid 1553494
21 Srirnivas Shakkotttai CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Empowering prosumers in electricity markets through market design and learning 2038416
22 Simone Silvestri CAREER: Energy Management for Smart Residential Environments through Human-in-the-loop Algorithm Design 1943035
23 Andreas Spanias CPS: Synergy: Image Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility-Scale Solar Panel Monitoring 1646542
24 Rayadurgam Srikant CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Demand Response & Workload Management for Data Centers with Increased Renewable Penetration 1739189, 1739344, 1739355
25 Jinyuan Stella Sun CPS: Medium: Secure Constrained Machine Learning for Critical Infrastructure CPS 2038922
26 Wenyuan Tang CPS: Small: Data-Driven Reinforcement Learning Control of Large CPS Networks using Multi-Stage Hierarchical Decompositions 1931932
27 Chee-Wooi Ten CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: An Actuarial Framework of Cyber Risk Management for Power Grids 1739422, 1739485
28 Meng Wang CPS:Medium:Collaborative Research: High-Fidelity High-Resolution and Secure Monitoring and Control of Future Grids: a synergy of AI, data science, and hardware security 1932196, 1932501
29 Wei Yu CAREER: Towards Secured and Efficient Energy-based Critical Infrastructure 1350145
30 Saman Zonouz CAREER: Trustworthy and Adaptive Intrusion Tolerance Capabilities in Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures 1453046
Transportation and Vehicles 1 - Thursday, June 3, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
31 Fatemeh Afghah CAREER: Toward Autonomous Decision Making and Coordination in Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' Operation in Dynamic Uncertain Remote Areas 2034218
32 Fatemeh Afghah CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Wildland Fire Observation, Management, and Evacuation using Intelligent Collaborative Flying and Ground Systems 2038589, 2039026
33 M.-Reza Alam CPS:Small:Data-driven Re-configurable Swarm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Underwater Wireless Communication 1932595
34 Ella Atkins CPS: Small: Cyber-Physical Communication for Cooperative Human-Robot Mobility 1739525
35 Sean Brennan CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Automated Discovery of Data Validity for Safety-Critical Feedback Control in a Population of Connected Vehicles 1931927, 1935209, 1932138
36 Bo Cheng CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Towards optimal robot locomotion in fluids through physics-informed learning with distributed sensing 1931893, 1932130, 1931929
37 Mooi-Choo Chuah CPS: Small: Robust and Efficient Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles (REPAVE) 1931867
38 Jane Cleland-Huang CPS:Medium:Interactive Human-Drone Partnerships in Emergency Response Scenarios 1931962
39 Dongliang Duan CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Collective Intelligence for Proactive Autonomous Driving (CI-PAD) 1932139
40 Grace Gao CAREER: High Integrity Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles 2006162
41 Emily Grubert CPS: Medium: Dynamic Pricing for Optimal Design of Sustainable Transportation Systems 1931980
42 Qi Han CPS: Small: Intelligent Prediction of Traffic Conditions via Integrated Data-Driven Crowdsourcing and Learning 1932482
43 Jesse Hoagg CPS: Medium: Data-Driven Adaptive Real-Time (DART) Flow-Field Estimation Using Deployable UAVs 1932105
44 Petros Ioannou CPS: Medium Collaborative Research: Smart Freight Transport Using Behavioral Incentives 1932615
45 Navid Jafari RAPID: Collaborative Research: Data Mining and Fusion Between Unmanned Aerial Systems and Social Media Technologies to Improve Emergency Operations 1945703
46 Zak Kassas CAREER: Situational Awareness Strategies for Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Uncertain Environments 1929965
47 Ilya Kolmanovsky CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Mitigation strategies for enhancing performance while maintaining viability in cyber-physical systems 1931738, 1932530
48 Jorge Laval CPS: Medium: Emulating Emerging Autonomous Vehicle Technologies to Understand Their Impact on Urban Congestion 1932451
49 Shuai Li CRII: CPS: Modeling Subsurface Features and Connected Autonomous Vehicles as Cyber-Physical Systems for Reciprocal Mapping and Localization 1850008
50 Xiaopeng Li CPS: Small: Cyber-Physical Phases of Mixed Traffic with Modular & Autonomous Vehicles: Dynamics, Impacts and Management 1932452
51 Neda Masoud CPS: Small: Behaviorally Compatible, Energy Efficient, and Network-Aware Vehicle Platooning Using Connected Vehicle Technology 1837245
52 Javad Mohammadpour Velni CPS: DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Perceptive Stochastic Coordination in Mass Platoons of Automated Vehicles 1931981, 1932037
53 Hossein Pishro-Nik CPS: Small: Trajectory-Based Cyber-Physical Networks: Theoretical Foundation and a Practical Implementation 1932326
54 Sean Qian CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Optimal Ride Service For All: Users, Service Providers and Society 1931794, 1931827
55 Rajesh Rajamani CPS: Medium: Smart Tracking Systems for Safe and Smooth Interactions Between Scooters and Road Vehicles 2038403
56 Lui Sha CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Virtual Sully: Autopilot with Multilevel Adaptation for Handling Large Uncertainties 1932529, 1932288
57 Yasser Shoukry CPS: Medium: Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems 2013824
58 Junmin Wang CPS: Synergy: Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement 1901632
59 Desheng Zhang CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Improving Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Data-Driven Control Framework for Heterogeneous Mobile Cyber Physical Systems 1932223
60 Yahong Rosa Zheng CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: DEUS: Distributed, Efficient, Ubiquitous and Secure Data Delivery Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 1853257
Other CPS Applications 1 - Thursday, June 3, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
61 Behcet Acikmese CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Optimization-Based Planning and Control for Assured Autonomy: Generalizing Insights From Autonomous Space Missions 1931744
62 Chimay Anumba CPS/Synergy/Collaborative Research: Safe and Efficient Cyber-Physical Operation System for Construction Equipment 1729209
63 Kira Barton CPS: TTP Option: Frontiers: Collaborative Research: Software Defined Control for Smart Manufacturing Systems 1544678
64 Juan Bello CPS: Frontier: SONYC: A Cyber-Physical System for Monitoring, Analysis and Mitigation of Urban Noise Pollution 1544753
65 Jennifer Blain Christen CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Machine learning enabled "smart nets" to optimize sustainable fisheries technologies 1837473
66 Ahmet Cetin Chemical Sensor Data Processing Using Machine Learning: DCT-based Neural Network & Robust Kernel PCA 1739396
67 Subhadeep Chakraborty CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Active Shooter Tracking & Evacuation Routing for Survival (ASTERS) 1932033, 1932505
68 Yu Ding CPS: Medium: Real-Time Learning and Control of Stochastic Nanostructure Growth Processes Through in situ Dynamic Imaging 2038625
69 Helen Durand CPS:Small:Enhancing Cybersecurity of Chemical Process Control Systems 1932026
70 Ayan Dutta CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: RUI: Towards Efficient and Secure Agricultural Information Collection Using a Multi-Robot System 1931767, 1932300
71 Chen Feng CPS: Medium: Accurate and Efficient Collective Additive Manufacturing by Mobile Robots 1932187
72 Qi Han CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Enabling Smart Underground Mining with an Integrated Context-Aware Wireless Cyber-Physical Framework 1646576
73 Malte Jung CPS: Synergy: Coordinated Action Among Independent Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems 1646417
74 Ming Leu CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Physical Sensing, Modeling, and Control with Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing Workforce Training and Operations Management 1646162
75 Philip Levis CPS: Medium: Secure Smart Machining 1931750
76 Shuai Li CPS: Medium: Bio-socially Adaptive Control of Robotics-Augmented Building-Human Systems for Infection Prevention by Cybernation of Pathogen Transmission 2038967
77 Miriah Meyer CPS: Synergy: A Layered Framework of Sensors, Models, Land-Use Information and Citizens for Understanding Air Quality in Urban Environments 1646408
78 Bashir Morshed CPS: Small: Inkjet Printed Flexible Electronic CPS with Context-aware Events of Interest Detection 1932281
79 Srinivasa Narasimhan CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Discovering and Resolving Anomalies in Smart Cities 2038612
80 Chinedum Okwudire CPS: Small: Mitigating Uncertainties in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) as a Cloud Service using Data-Driven Transfer Learning 1931950
81 Sule Ozev CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Constantly on the Lookout: Low-Cost Sensor Enabled Explosive Detection to Protect High Density Environments 1739390, 1739451
82 Karen Panetta RAPID: A Smart and Mobile Sensor Fusion Framework for Earthquake Hazard Reduction, Situational Assessment, and Relief Efforts 1942053
83 Janos Sztipanovits Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization: Active Resources 1521617
84 Hamed Tabkhi CPS: Small: Worker-in-the-loop real time safety system for short-duration highway workzones 1932524
85 Nasim Uddin CPS: Breakthrough: Mobile Automated Rovers Fly-By (MARS-FLY) for Bridge Network Resiliency 1645863
86 Haofei Yu CPS: Medium: A Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable Air Quality Monitoring System for Smart and Connected Communities 1931871
87 Saman Zonouz CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Additive Manufacturing with Untrusted Controllers 1739259
88 Saman Zonouz CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Srch3D: Efficient 3D Model Search via Online Manufacturing-specific Object Recognition and Automated Deep Learning-Based Design Classification 1931977, 1932146
Health and Biosciences - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
89 Mohammad Al Faruque CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Collaborative Research: Low-Cost, High-Throughput, Cyber-Physical Synthesis of Encrypted DNA 1739503
90 James Anderson CPS: Medium: GOALI: Real-Time Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles: Real Fast Isn't Good Enough 1837337
91 Brenna Argall CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Learning control sharing strategies for assistive cyber-physical systems 1544741
92 Calin Belta CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: BioCPS for Engineering Living Cells 1446607
93 Paul Bogdan CAREER: Embracing Complexity: A Fractal Calculus Approach to the Modeling and Optimization of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1453860
94 An Do CPS: TTP Option: Frontier: Collaborative Research: A Bi-Directional Brain-Computer Interface for Restoration of Walking and Lower Extremity Sensation after Spinal Cord Injury 1646275
95 Marco Duarte CPS: Synergy: Image-Based Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired Users 1645737
96 Lucy Dunne CPS: Breakthrough: Toward Personal Microclimate: Sustainable Heating Through Smart Clothing 1646543
97 Rose Faghih CRII: CPS: Wearable-Machine Interface Architectures 1755780
98 Rose Faghih CAREER: MINDWATCH: Multimodal Intelligent Noninvasive brain state Decoder for Wearable AdapTive Closed-loop arcHitectures 1942585
99 Ali Gurbuz CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: RF Sensing for Sign Language Driven Smart Environments 1931861, 1932547
100 Jin-Oh Hahn CAREER: Enabling "White-Box" Autonomy in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1748762
101 Shubham Jain CPS: Small: Performance Monitoring Cyber-Physical System for Emerging Fitness Spaces 2110193
102 Kang Kim CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Closed-loop Hybrid Exoskeleton utilizing Wearable Ultrasound Imaging Sensors for Measuring Fatigue 1646009, 1646204
103 Zhenyu Kong CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Bio-Manufacturing 1739318
104 Julien Leclerc CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Wireless Magnetic Millibot Blood Clot Removal and Navigation in 3-D Printed Patient-Specific Phantoms using Echocardiography 1931884, 1932572
105 Edgar Lobaton CAREER: Data Representation and Modeling for Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Modal Wearable Sensing Systems 1552828
106 Robyn Lutz CPS:Synergy: Safety-Aware Cyber-Molecular Systems 1545028
107 Rahul Mangharam CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: Compositional, Approximate, and Quantitative Reasoning for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems 1446664, 2028677, 1446675
108 Kunal Mankodiya CAREER: CPS: Internet of Wearable E-Textiles for Telemedicine 1652538
109 Carlos Mastrangelo CPS: Medium: Deep Integration of Thin Flexible Autonomous Microsystems for Vision Correction 1932602
110 Kirstin Petersen CPS: Medium: Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems 1739671
111 Prahalada Rao CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Enabled Online Quality Assurance for Scalable Additive Bio-Manufacturing 1739696
112 Roger Quinn CPS: Medium: Integrated control of biological and mechanical power for standing balance and gait stability after paralysis 1739800
113 Sivakumar Raghupathy CPS: Small: Multi-Human Assisted Learning for Multi-Agent Systems using Intrinsically Generated Event-Related EEG Potentials 1837369
114 Shangping Ren CPS:TTP Option:Synergy: Collaborative Research: An Executable Distributed Medical Best Practice Guidance (EMBG) System for End-to-End Emergency Care from Rural to Regional Center 1545002, 1842710
115 Mark Rentschler CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Synthetic, Distributed Sensing, Soft and Modular Tissue (sTISSUE) 1739452
116 Sarah Sun CAREER: System-on-Cloth: A Cloud Manufacturing Framework for Embroidered Wearable Electronics 1751454
117 Stefanie Tellex CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Closing the Teleoperation Gap: Integrating Scene and Network Understanding for Dexterous Control of Remote Robots 2038897
118 Jingang Yi CPS: Small: Real-Time Machine Learning-based Control of Human Cyber-Physical Balance Systems 1932370
119 Michael Zavlanos CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Human-on-the-Loop Control for Smart Ultrasound Imaging 1837499
120 Daphney-Stavroula Zois CAREER: Towards Optimized Operation of Cost-Constrained Complex Cyber-Physical-Human Systems 1942330
Verification and IoT - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
121 Aaron Ames CPS: Medium: Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems: From Validation & Verification to Test & Evaluation 1932091
122 James Anderson CPS: Medium: GOALI: Enabling Scalable Real-Time Certification for AI-Oriented Safety-Critical Systems 2038855
123 Paul Bogdan CPS: Small: Uncertainty-aware Framework for Specifying, Designing and Verifying Cyber-Physical Systems 1932620
124 Sam Coogan CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Certifiable reinforcement learning for cyber-physical systems 1836819
125 Harpreet Dhillon CPS: Small: Statistical Performance Analysis and Resource Management for Cyber-Physical Internet of Things Systems 1739642
126 Parasara Duggirala CPS: Small: Numerical and Symbolic Techniques for Verification and Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems 1935724
127 Georgios Fainekos CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Learning and Verifying Conformant Data-Driven Models for Cyber-Physical Systems 1932068, 1932189
128 Georgios Fainekos CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Spatio-Temporal Logics for Analyzing and Querying Perception Systems 2038666, 2039087
129 Nicholas Feamster CPS: Medium: Detecting and Controlling Unwanted Data Flows in the Internet of Things 1953740
130 Lu Feng CAREER: Formal Methods for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems 1942836
131 Josiah Hester CPS: Medium: Batteryless Sensors Enabling Smart Green Infrastructure 2038853
132 Luis Jaimes CPS: Small: RUI: Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsourcing, Reaching Spatial and Temporal Coverage Under Budget Constraints 1739409
133 Susmit Jha CPS: Small: Self-Improving Cyber-Physical Systems 1740079
134 Yier Jin CPS: Medium: Security Certification of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems 1818500
135 Soummya Kar CPS: Medium: Secure Computing and Cross-Layer Anomaly Detection in the Internet of Things 1837607
136 Hadas Kress Gazit CPS:Small: Syntax-Guided Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems 1837506
137 Robert LiKamWa CPS: Small: Real-time spatial audio on the Internet of Things 1932377
138 Pierluigi Nuzzo CAREER: High-Assurance Design of Learning-Enabled Cyber-Physical Systems with Deep Contracts 1846524
139 George Pappas CPS: Medium: Rethinking Communication and Control for Low-Latency, High Reliability loT Devices 1837253
140 Hossein Pishro-Nik CPS: Medium: A Unified Framework for IoT Privacy 1739462
141 Andre Platzer CPS: Small: Sound Invariant Generation for Continuous and Hybrid Systems 1739629
142 Pavithra Prabhakar CAREER: Robust Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems 1552668
143 Atul Prakash CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Support for Security and Safety of Programmable IoT Systems 1646392
144 Chen Qian CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: A Secure Communication Framework with Verifiable Authenticity for Immutable Services in Industrial IoT Systems 1932447
145 Kristin Rozier CPS: Medium: Resource-Aware Hierarchical Runtime Verification for Mixed-Abstraction-Level Systems of Systems 2038903
146 Emre Salman CPS: Breakthrough: Charge-Recycling based Computing Paradigm for Wirelessly Powered Internet-of-Things 1646318
147 Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli CPS: Medium: Quantitative Contract-Based Synthesis and Verification for CPS Security 1739816
148 Kang Shin CPS: Breakthrough: Secure Interactions with Internet of Things 1646130
149 Yasser Shoukry CAREER: Decision Procedures for High-Assurance, AI-Controlled, Cyber-Physical Systems 2002405
150 Ufuk Topcu CAREER: Provably Correct Shared Control for Human-Embedded Autonomous Systems 1652113
151 Dong Wang CAREER: Towards Reliable and Optimized Data-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems using Human-Centric Sensing 1845639
152 Ryan Williams CPS: Medium: Computation-Aware Autonomy for Timely and Resilient Multi-Agent Systems 1932074
153 Majid Zamani CPS: Medium: Correct-by-Construction Controller Synthesis using Gaussian Process Transfer Learning 2039062
Systems, Signals, Control - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
154 Francesco Borrelli CPS:Medium:Collaborative Research: Safe Learning in Co-robots--Theory, Experiments and Education 1931853
155 Philip Brisk Real-time sorting of microtransponders for high-throughput DNA synthesis 1740052
156 Alvaro Cardenas CAREER: Practical Control Engineering Principles to Improve the Security and Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems 1931573
157 Andrew Clark CAREER: Synthesis and Control of Cyber-Resilient CPS 1941670
158 Christina Fragouli CPS: Medium: Distorting the adversary's view: a CPS approach to privacy and security 1740047
159 Vanessa Frias-Martinez CAREER: Data-driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making 1750102
160 Stephanie Gil CAREER: Multi-Agent Decision Making and Optimization using Communication as a Sensor 1845225, 2114773
161 Vijay Gupta CPS:Small:Collaborative Research: Incentivizing Desirable User Behavior in a Class of CPS 1739295
162 Naira Hovakimyan CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Against Coordinated Cyber and Physical Attacks: Unified Theory and Technologies 1739732
163 Zak Kassas CRII: CPS: Towards Optimal Information Gathering in Unknown Stochastic Environments 1929571
164 Xenofon Koutsoukos CPS: Small: Integrated Reconfigurable Control and Moving Target Defense for Secure Cyber-Physical Systems 1739328
165 Stephane Lafortune CPS: Small: Energy-Aware Formal Synthesis for Supervisory Control and Information Acquisition in Cyber-Physical Systems 1738103
166 Sanjay Lall CPS: Breakthrough: Sufficient Statistics for Multi-Agent Systems 1544199
167 Donatello Materassi CAREER: Design of in-line controllers for continuously operating networks with structural uncertainty 2000302
168 Nikolai Matni CPS: Medium: Robust Learning for Perception-Based Autonomous Systems 2038873
169 Sayan Mitra CPS:SMALL: Privacy-preserving Network Congestion Control: Theory and Applications 1739966
170 Todd Murphey CPS: Medium: Information based Control of Cyber-Physical Systems operating in uncertain environments 1837515
171 Meeko Oishi CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: Cognitive Autonomy for Human CPS: Turning Novices into Experts 1836900
172 Necmiye Ozay CAREER: A Compositional Approach to Modular Cyber-Physical Control System Design 1553873
173 Necmiye Ozay CPS: Small: Scalable and safe control synthesis for systems with symmetries 1837680
174 Necmiye Ozay CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Modeling and Preview-Based Control for Cyber-Physical System Safety 1931982, 1932066, 1932254
175 Miroslav Pajic CAREER: Foundations for Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems 1652544
176 Matthew Peet CPS: Small: A Convex Framework for Control of Interconnected Systems over Delayed Networks 1739990
177 Dario Pompili CPS: Medium: Enabling Real-time Dynamic Control and Adaptation of Networked Robots in Resource-constrained and Uncertain Environments 1739315
178 Jorge Poveda CRII: CPS: High-Performance Adaptive Hybrid Feedback Algorithms for Real-Time Optimization and Learning in Networked Transportation Systems 1947613
179 Lillian Ratliff CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Information Design and Price Mechanisms in Platforms for Cyber-Physical Systems with Learning Agents 1931696
180 Lillian Ratliff CAREER: Co-Design of Information and Incentives in Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems 1844729, 1931696
181 Amit Roy-Chowdhury CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Extracting Time-Critical Situational Awareness from Resource Constrained Networks 1544969
182 Ricardo Sanfelice CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Constraint Aware Planning and Control for Cyber-Physical Systems 2038432, 2039054
183 Soumik Sarkar CAREER: Robustifying Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems 1845969
184 S. Shankar Sastry CPS: Frontiers: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Resilient CybEr-Physical Systems (FORCES) 1239166
185 Shreyas Sundaram CAREER: Towards Secure Large-Scale Networked Systems: Resilient Distributed Algorithms for Coordination in Networks under Cyber Attacks 1653648
186 Mario Sznaier CPS:Medium: Safe Learning-Enabled Cyberphysical Systems 2038493
187 Ufuk Topcu CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Cyberphysical Systems 1646522, 1645648, 1646121, 1645832, 1645964
188 Kyriakos Vamvoudakis CAREER: Towards an Intermittent Learning Framework for Smart and Efficient Cyber-Physical Autonomy 1851588
189 Sze Zheng Yong CAREER: Towards Non-Conservative Learning-Aided Robustness for Cyber-Physical Safety and Security 1943545
190 Michael Zavlanos CPS: Small: Distributed Learning for Control of Cyber-Physical Systems 1932011
191 Xiangnan Zhong CRII: CPS: A Self-Learning Intelligent Control Framework for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems 1947418
192 Quanyan Zhu CPS: Breakthrough: A Meta-Game Theoretic Approach to Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Secure and Resilient Control Systems 1544782
Embedded Systems and Networking - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
193 Gedare Bloom CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Track and Fallback: Intrusion Detection to Counteract Carjack Hacks with Fail-Operational Feedback 2011620
194 Philip Brisk CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research:Cyber-physical digital microfluidics based on active matrix electrowetting technology: software-programmable high-density pixel arrays 1545097
195 Alvaro Cardenas CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems 1837517, 1929410
196 Samarjit Chakraborty CPS: Medium: GOALI: Design Automation for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems 2038960
197 Tam Chantem CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Timeliness vs. Trustworthiness: Balancing Predictability and Security in Time-Sensitive CPS Design 2038726, 2038609, 2038995, 2038727
198 Stephen Checkoway CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems 1901728
199 Liang Cheng CPS: Breakthrough: Analysis, Identification and Mitigation of Delay Performance Bottlenecks of Network Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems 1646458
200 Sertac Karaman CPS: Medium: LEAR-CPS: Low-Energy computing for Autonomous mobile Robotic CPS via Co-Design of Algorithms and Integrated Circuits 1837212
201 Edward Lee CPS: Small: Reconciling Safety with the Internet for Cyber-Physical Systems 1836601
202 Xue Lin CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: SecureNN: Design of Secured Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks 1932351
203 Chenyang Lu CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Holistic Control and Management of Industrial Wireless Processes 1646579
204 Bruce McMillin CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Collaborative Research: Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components 1837352, 1837472
205 Jason Rife CPS: Small: Software-State Observability in CPS 1836942
206 Henning Schulzrinne CPS: Small: Naming, Twinning and Observing - Towards Scalable, Reliable and Resilient CPS 1932418
207 Kang Shin CPS:Small: Imposing Recovery Period for Battery Health Monitoring, Prognosis, and Optimization 1739577
208 Aviral Shrivastava CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: TickTalk: Timing API for Federated Cyberphysical Systems 1645578, 1646235
209 Jonathan Sprinkle CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Computationally Aware Cyber-Physical Systems 1544395
210 Matthew Travers CPS: Small: Geometric Self-Propelled Articulated Micro-Scale Devices 1739308
211 Roberto Tron CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Multiagent Physical Cognition and Control Synthesis Against Cyber Attacks 1931997, 1932162
212 Nektarios Tsoutsos CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Frequency Domain Conversion of Computer Aided Design Files to Enable Encryption, Authentication and Feature Search Function 1931916, 1932264
213 Esin Tureci CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Towards Secure, Privacy-Preserving, Verifiable Cyberphysical Systems 1739674
214 Selcuk Uluagac CAREER: Securing Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems 1453647
215 Jules White CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Physical System Integrity and Security with Impedance Signatures 1931931
216 Hassan Zadeh CPS: Small: Human-in-the-Loop Learning of Complex Events in Uncontrolled Environments 1932346
217 Xuan Silvia Zhang CPS: Medium: Modular Power Orchestration at the Meso-scale 1739643
218 Qi Zhu CAREER: SOlSTICe: Software Synthesis with Timing Contracts for Cyber-Physical Systems 1834701
219 Qi Zhu CPS: Synergy: Securing the Timing of Cyber-Physical Systems 1839511
Transportation and Vehicles 2 - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
220 Soyoung Ahn CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Identifying, Characterizing, and Shaping Multi-Scale Cyber-Human Interactions in Mixed Autonomous/Conventional Vehicle Traffic 1739869
221 Mahnoosh Alizadeh CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Models and System-Level Coordination Algorithms for Power-in-the-Loop Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems 1837125, 1837135
222 Hamsa Balakrishnan CPS: Small: Recovery Algorithms for Dynamic Infrastructure Networks 1739505
223 Alexandre Bayen CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Collaborative Research: Smoothing Traffic via Energy-efficient Autonomous Driving (STEAD) 1837210, 1837244
224 Christos Cassandras CPS: Breakthrough: A Dynamic Optimization Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Environments 1645681
225 Shantanu Chakrabartty CPS:TTP Option: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Internet of Self-powered Sensors - Towards a Scalable Long-term Condition-based Monitoring and Maintenance of Civil Infrastructure 1646380
226 Tam Chantem CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Semi-Automated Emergency Response System 1658225, 1812524
227 Christian Claudel CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Synergy: Augmented reality for control of reservation-based intersections with mixed autonomous-non autonomous flows 1739964, 1739085
228 Raghvendra Cowlagi CPS: Breakthrough: Selective Listening - Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Data-Rich Environments 1646367
229 Lily-Ageliki Elefteriadou CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the Traffic Stream 1446813
230 Tulga Ersal CPS: Synergy: Connected Testbeds for Connected Vehicles 1646019
231 Yaser Fallah CAREER: Multi-Resolution Model and Context Aware Information Networking for Cooperative Vehicle Efficiency and Safety Systems 1664968
232 Lu Feng CRII: CPS: Cognitive Trust in Human-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions 1755784
233 Roberto Horowitz CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: Traffic Operating System for Smart Cities 1545116
234 Yunyi Jia CRII: CPS: Bilateral Adaptation Between Models for Human-Perceived Safety/Comfort and Autonomous Driving Controllers 1755771
235 Mithat Kisacikoglu CRII: CPS: Internet-Inspired Autonomous Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging 1755996
236 Sven Koenig CPS: Small: Novel Algorithmic Techniques for Drone Flight Planning on a Large Scale 1837779
237 Alexandros Labrinidis CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Building a Smart City Economy and Information Ecosystem to Motivate Pro-Social Transportation Behavior 1739413
238 Wenjing Lou CPS: Medium: S2Guard: Building Security and Safety in Autonomous Vehicles via Multi-Layer Protection 1837519
239 Sudip Mazumder CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Transactive Control of Smart Railway Grid 1644874
240 Fei Miao CAREER: Distributionally Robust Learning, Control, and Benefits Analysis of Information Sharing for Connected Autonomous Vehicle 2047354
241 Richard Murray Rules of the Road: Formal Guarantees for Autonomous Vehicles with Behavioral Contract Design 1545126
242 Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Dynamic Methods of Traffic Control that Impact Quality of Life in Smart Cities 1544887
243 Gabriel Parmer CPS: Medium: Edge-Cloud Support for Predictable, Global Situational-Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles 1837382
244 Qinru Qiu CPS: Medium: Enabling Multimodal Sensing, Real-time Onboard Detection and Adaptive Control for Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems 1739748
245 Lillian Ratliff CRII: CPS: Emerging Markets and Myopic Decision-Making in Multi-Modal Transportation Systems: Modeling and Validation 1656873
246 Kristin Rozier CAREER: Theoretical Foundations of the UAS in the NAS Problem (Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Air Space) 1664356
247 Sanjit Seshia CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: VeHICaL: Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous Systems 1544714
248 Panagiotis Tsiotras CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Adaptive Intelligence for Cyber-Physical Automotive Active Safety - System Design and Evaluation 1544814
249 Yan Wan CAREER: Co-Design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networks in an Uncertain Airspace 1714519
Other CPS Applications 2 - Friday, June 4, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
250 Joseph Bentsman CPS: Autonomous Attainment of Tissue-Centricity in Electrosurgery through Data-Driven Persistently Evolving Thermogeometric Adaptivity 1932099
251 Dana Choi CPS: Medium: Integrated Design of Sensing, Network, and Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems for Preventing Frost and Freeze Damage to Flowers and Buds of Fruit Trees 1836974
252 Girish Chowdhary CPS:Medium: Robust Deep Learning and Decision making for Mechanical Weeding Agbots USDA 2018-67007-28379
253 Michael Daniele CPS:Medium:Multimodal Sensing for Early Detection and Real-Time Correction of Water Stress and Nutritional Needs in Plants 1739611
254 Joseph Davidson CPS: Small: Learning to Pick Fruit Using Closed Loop Control and In hand Sensors 1932205
255 Liang Dong CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Field-scale, single plant-resolution agricultural management using coupled molecular and macro sensing and multi-scale data fusion and modeling 1932554
256 Yufeng Ge Collaborative Research: high resolution 3D soil mapping system USDA 2018-67007-28529
257 Hartmut Geyer CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: User and Environment Interactive Planning and Control of Artificial Lower Limbs for Resilient Locomotion 1932427
258 Kaiyu Guan CPS: Medium: A scalable real-time sensing and decision-making system for field-level row-crop irrigation management 1837637
259 George Kantor CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Using Computer Vision to Improve Data Input for Precision Thinning Models in Apples 1932498
260 Manoj Karkee CPS: Medium: SMART IRRIGATION - Big Data approach for accurate water stress detection and precision irrigation in fruit crops 1739184
261 Lav Khot CPS: Small: Localized, Geospatial Sensing of Canopy and Fruit Microclimate for Real-time Management of Sunburn in Apple 1837001
262 George Lan CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Robust and Intelligent Optimization of Controlled-environment Agriculture System for Food Productivity and Nutritional Security 1931919
263 Insup Lee CPS: Medium: AutoWean: Foundations of Autonomous Medical CPS for Mechanical Ventilation Weaning 1932225
264 Kirstin Petersen CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Touch Sensitive Technologies for Improved Vineyard Management 1837367
265 Soumik Sarkar CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: COALESCE: COntext Aware LEarning for Sustainable CybEr-agricultural systems 1954556
266 Nadia Shakoor CPS: TTP Option: Medium: DATAg: FieldDock: An Integrated Smart Farm Platform for Real-Time Agronomic Optimization and Accelerated Crop Breeding 1932569
267 Richard Voyles Collaborative Research: Closed Loop Sustainable Precision Animal Agriculture USDA 2018-67007-28439
268 Conor Walsh CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Robotic Apparel to Enable Low Force Haptic Cueing for Improving Parkinson's Gait 1837267
269 Robin White Greener Pastures: A Pasture Sanitation Cyber-Physical System for Environmental Enhancement and Animal Monitoring 2038663
270 Ryan Williams CPS: Medium: Multi-Scale Planning in Robot Teams for Persistent Monitoring and Intervention in Precision Grazing USDA 2018-67007-28380
271 Karl Zelik CPS:Medium: Cyber-physically assistive clothing to reduce societal incidence of low back pain 1837735