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2021 CPS PI Meeting Virtual Conference Venue

The 2021 CPS PI Meeting will be hosted on the and virtual platforms. Please note: you must register for the meeting to gain access to both spaces:


Hopin is a web-based virtual event platform with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. For the best user experience, Hopin recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can also access Hopin via the Hopin mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play). We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the platform introduction video located below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the online conference?
A: Prior to the conference, registrants will receive an email invitation with a link to access the virtual conference. Click the Accept Registration button to enter the Hopin platform. We encourage you to do this prior to the start of the meeting. Attendees who have never accessed Hopin before may be required to complete a two-step authentication in order to access the event.

Q: Where do I go once in the Hopin event?
A: All programmed sessions (except the poster sessions and networking) will take place under the Plenary & Breakouts tab. Once in the tab, you can click into the session room that you'd like to attend. The majority of the program will take place in Plenary Room. Additional breakout rooms will appear during their designated times in the schedule.

Q: Will I be able to share my audio and video?
A: If you are not an invited speaker, you will not share your audio and video during the plenary sessions unless you are invited on-screen during the Q&A portion of a session. Please note: on-screen Q&A will not be available in every session. You will be able to share your audio and video during some of the breakout sessions.

Q: Where do I go within Hopin if I need assistance?
A: You can visit the Help Desk, which is accessible from the left navigation bar. The Help Desk will always be staffed by a member of the Organizing Committee. You can also send a direct message to Alexis Rodriguez.

Q: What’s the difference between the Event and Session chat?
A: The event chat is for conference-wide discussions. It’s accessible on every page of the platform. The session chat is for discussions in a specific session room. Questions for speakers can be typed in the session Q&A.

Q: What happens when I @ mention someone in the public event chat channels?
A: Users can type the @ symbol and a few characters of an attendee’s first name to highlight that person’s name and profile within the chat stream. The mentioned attendee does not receive a notification.

Q: What happens when I send an attendee a direct message?
A: Attendees can message each other through direct messages. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo and send the message. A red notification on the paper airplane icon (top right) will let them know they have a new message.

Q: What happens when I invite another attendee to a video call?
A: The attendee will receive a direct message letting them know that you’ve invited them to a video call. You will both receive a link to a private session room within Hopin. The room will allow up to five people to share their webcam, therefore you may share the link with up to three other people.

Gather FAQ

Q: How do I access the space?
A: The Gather space will be accessible via Hopin. You must be registered for the meeting in order to access the space.

Q: What technology do I need?
A: Gather recommends using Chrome or Firefox to access the space. An internet connection that allows you to participate in a Google Meet or Zoom call should be sufficient for Gather. To chat with other attendees, you will need a desktop/laptop with a mic and camera.

Q: Do I have to download something to run Gather?
A: No. Gather runs in your browser.

Q: What is the difference between "Nearby" chat and "Everyone" chat?
A: Messages in "Nearby" go to the people you are currently video chatting with, whereas messages to "Everyone" go to all the people in your map.

Q: Can I private message someone?
A: Yes! You can find them in the participant list and click their name. This will bring up the option to locate (for video based communication) or chat with the person (for text based communication).

Q: I have someone specific I want to connect with, how can I find them?
A: Once you find their name in the participant list, you can click on them and select “locate." A line will appear from your location to theirs. Once you arrive, you can select “stop locating” on the left side of the screen.

Q: How many people can be in one conversation at once?
A: Gather supports unlimited audio streams, and 9 video streams at once (though you can scroll through them to see others around you).

Q: How will poster sessions happen?
A: Poster presenters will navigate their avatar to their virtual poster booth and stay there during their assigned poster session in order to present to those who visit the booth. There will be signage posted to assist with navigating the space. Posters will be uploaded into Gather by the meeting organizers. Exemplars of the space will be posted in the upcoming weeks.