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The CPS Summit: Action Plan is now available:
This report is a call to launch a synergistic research campaign between the United States and Europe for solving cross-cutting scientific challenges of cyber-physical systems, needed to ensure safe, secure, and dependable delivery and operation of a new generation of digital technology and platforms with enormous
economic and societal impact.

Mission Statement

Sound Science & Technology for Enigneering Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems

CPS are a core enabling technology for securing economic leadership in embedded systems and ICT, having an enormous social and economic importance, and making decisive contributions to societal challenges.

  • The December 2010 report of the US PCAST calls for continued investment in CPS research because of its scientific and technological importance as well as its potential impact on grand challenges in a number of sectors critical to security and competitiveness, including aerospace, automotive, chemical production, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, materials, logistics, and transportations.
  • Likewise, Acatech identified CPS in 2012 as the core enabling technology for securing economic leadership in embedded systems/ICT with enormous social and economic importance with decisive contributions to societal challenges such as the aging population, climate change, health, safety, the switch to renewable energy, megacities, limited resources, sustainability, globalization, and mobility.

The EU and the US face common challenges to push forward the limits of the science and technology for engineering trustworthy CPS, creating a favorable environment for strategic and pre-competitive collaboration.

CPS Summit is an ambitious 18-month coordinated support action, funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 programme under topic ICT-01-2014, with the goal of facilitating and creating an enduring and sustainable collaboration campaign on CPS research and development between Europe and the US.

In the Spotlight

Thanks to all the participants of the CPS Summit workshop, co-located with CPS Week in Seattle, for your contributions on establishing a more coordinated and sustainable EU-US cooperation on CPS research and development. We are in the process of compiling the notes and extracting minutes; please, stay tuned...

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Snapshots from CPS Summit (at CPS Week 2015) in Seattle, WA

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