Abstracts (in Order of Program)

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Bruce Krogh (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Developing International CPS Research Collaborations: Opportunities and Challenges

Ed Griffor (National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA)
Necessity and Benefits of an International Approach to CPS: A Transportation Perspective

Tho Nguyen (University of Virginia, USA)
Challenges and Opportunities for International CPS: Parallels Drawn from the CPS for Rural America Research and Education Agenda

Roger Chamberlain and Chris Gill (Washington University in St. Louis, USA)
Abstractions for Cyber-Physical Systems Development: An International Opportunity

Richard Voyles (Purdue University, USA)
International Food Sustainability

John Hatcliff (Kansas State University, USA)
MedCPS-OExP- Open Experimental Platforms for International Collaboration on Integrated Medical Devices and Systems

Naira Hovakimyan (University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, USA)
CPS in the World: 21st Century Challenges

Bernhard Schick (University of Applied Science, Kempten, Germany)
Model-Based Development Methods for Automated CPS: What Can We Learn from Each Other

Akshay Rajhans (Mathworks, USA)
A Vision for Application-Focused International Collaboration Networks in CPS

Philip Asare (Bucknell University, USA)
Going Global with CPS - The Importance of Situational Awareness and a Human Touch

Igor Linkov (U.S. Army Engineer R&D Center / Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Human Factors for International CPS - The Role of Risk, Resilience, and Networks

Krishna Kant (Temple University USA)
Exploiting International Experiences in Situational Awareness of Evolving Smart Infrastructures

Wei Zhao (American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)
The Need for a Global Academic CPS Discipline