• Abstract: Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems provides current and future researchers, developers and practitioners with the latest thinking on the emerging interdisciplinary field of Transportation Cyber Physical Systems (TCPS). The book focuses on enhancing efficiency, reducing environmental stress, and... more
  • Abstract: This book presents an in-depth overview of recent work related to the safety, security, and privacy of cyber-physical systems (CPSs). It brings together contributions from leading researchers in networked control systems and closely related fields to discuss overarching aspects of safety, security... more
  • Abstract: A graduate-level textbook that presents a unified mathematical framework for modeling and analyzing cyber-physical systems, with a strong focus on verification.

    Verification aims to establish whether a system meets a set of requirements. For such cyber-physical systems as driverless cars,... more
  • Abstract: Offers a unique perspective to gain the skills needed for learning, applying, and developing a wide range of scientific, engineering, and social knowledge that are key to engineering future systems

    Introduces key concepts from different areas in an efficient manner. The disciplines considered... more
  • Abstract: more
  • Abstract: Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) combine cyber capabilities, such as computation or communication, with physical capabilities, such as motion or other physical processes. Cars, aircraft, and robots are prime examples, because they move physically in space in a way that is determined by discrete... more
  • Abstract: As systems continue to evolve they rely less on human decision-making and more on computational intelligence. This trend in conjunction with the available technologies for providing advanced sensing, measurement, process control, and communication lead towards the new field of the CyberPhysical... more
  • Abstract: Cyber Physical Systems: Architectures, Protocols and Applications helps you understand the basic principles and key supporting standards of CPS. It analyzes different CPS applications from the bottom up, extracting the common characters that form a vertical structure. It presents mobile sensing... more
  • Abstract: In cyber-physical systems (CPS), sensors and embedded systems are networked together to monitor and manage a range of physical processes through a continuous feedback system. This allows distributed computing using wireless devices. Cyber-Physical Systems--A Computational Perspective examines... more
  • Abstract: Cyber-Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice provides state-of-the-art research results and reports on emerging trends related to the science, technology, and engineering of CPS, including system architecture, development, modeling, simulation, security, privacy, trust, and energy efficiency. It... more