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CPS-Ed 2013 Submissions are Closed

Submission deadline has passed and all authors have been notified of acceptance.

CPS-Ed 2013 Submission Topics:

Authors may submit previously unpublished position papers and case studies. Accepted papers will be published as part of the CPSWeek conference proceedings, and authors of selected papers will have the opportunity to present their paper at the workshop. The workshop is intended to be a forum for exchanging views and developing a systematic approach to CPS education.

Acceptance is based on review by the Planning Committee. Submissions must address one or more of the example outcomes proposed in the Call for Participation, or define and justify different outcomes. Possible topics along these lines include:

1)      A contribution to a set of canonical CPS projects. A canonical CPS project would include modeling, design, analysis, and implementation, with a clear application space or domain expertise. Include a project description and a tutorial or primer for an instructor who wishes to reuse the project. Projects should be replicable. A project is a means to an end: why does your project serve one of the CPS education outcomes?

2)      Ideas towards building a library of reusable and adaptable laboratory modules from many domains. Criteria of what the CPS community needs from canonical CPS projects. What is good enough to put into a library? How should such a library be managed? How do we encourage projects that cross domain boundaries?

3)      Examples of cross-domain collaboration in the development of a CPS, and lessons learned that speak to one of the CPS education outcomes.

4)      Examples of curriculum that contribute to better (more sound) CPS engineering.

5)      A position on CPS education outcomes. Do you agree with our proposed outcomes? Do you have evidence as to why one outcome is important, such as a case study (including counterexamples)?

6)      Domain experts who discuss how they benefit from CPS Education Outcomes or where they feel there are knowledge gaps in CPS engineers today.

7)      Continuing education in CPS.

8)      Public education on the nature and potential of CPS.

9)      Community needs for educational tools, testbeds, benchmarks, tutorials, or textbooks.

Submissions should be between 2 and 4 pages in length and should follow the IEEE template for conference proceedings[i].

CPS-Ed 2013 Submission Dates

Submission Deadline: February 8th February 15th, 2013
Acceptance Notification: February 28th, 2013
Camera-Ready Submission Due: March 8th, 2013