Workshops Solicitation

Workshops Solicitation

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Part of the 2023 NSF FRR/NRI Principal Investigators' Meeting includes time for mini-workshop events. These are activities intended to be proposed by researchers within the robotics community. The mini-workshops have 1.5 - 2 hours of time budgeted per day, with most mini-workshops being expected to be a single day. In order to propose a mini-workshop please fill out this form with the following details:

1. Title and organizers*
2. Short (max 200 word) descripton of the topic
3. Any relevant details on format (e.g., panels, discussions, etc.)
4. Supporting resources needed, especially if the format is innovative
5. Preference for date: May 2nd (2 hrs), or May 3rd (1.5 hrs), or both
6. Other input/considerations you wish to provide

*proposers need not be PIs in the FRR/NRI programs

As the venue will have many robotics PIs, Co-PIs, and active US-based researchers, we are interested in ways the mini-workshop will make use of this audience (as distinct, albeit only slightly, from workshops are standard technical conference venues).

The mini-workshops will be examined for novelty, scope, topic relevance to the US-based robotics community at large, diversity/inclusion, and logistic feasibility. Our intention, in making allocation choices, is to identify overlaps and/or shared themes, to manage redundancy/competition for attendees, as the number of rooms is limited. People desiring initial feedback on tentative topic ideas are encouraged to contact the technical co-chairs by email.

Contact emails:
Deadline for submissions: March 27th
Decision deadline: April 3rd

URL for form: