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WebGME HFSM Walkthrough

This video walks through the use of WebGME-HFSM ( which is publicly hosted at to create and edit Hierarchical Finite State Machines (HFSMs) using WebGME ( The HFSMs folow the UML specification and support in-browser simulation as well as generation of c++ executable code. The HFSM modeling language can be used as a library within other WebGME projects, and is currently being used by WebGME-ROSMOD ( and hosted at

Creating a HFSM from scratch and Simulating it

This video walks through creating a HFSM from scratch using the HFSM Visualizer and then shows how to simulate it within the browser.

Short ROSMOD Walkthrough

Brief tour through ROSMOD's publicly available server at, using the "Introduction to ROSMOD" sample.

Creating a ROSMOD Project from Scratch

This video covers the creation of a ROSMOD model (software, systems, deployment, experiment) and executing the resultant code on the system. This uses - see that site and its README/Wiki for more information!