Program Agenda

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September 22-24, 2020

The virtual symposium will feature invited talks, refereed papers and posters. The program will begin in the morning on Tuesday, September 22 and will conclude on the afternoon of Thursday, September 24.

The conference is three days this year instead of the usual two. This allows for shorter days to help combat screen fatigue and also accommodate time zone differences. The conference schedule will adhere to the Central Daylight Timezone (CDT). The Hopin virtual conference platform will be used to host the conference. The conference is free to attend but you must register.

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Symposium Timezone: Central Daylight Time (CDT) PRINT-FRIENDLY VERSION

Tuedsay | Wednesday | Thursday

1000 - 1015 CDT Opening Remarks & Best Paper Announcement
Symposium Chairs:
Perry Alexander, The University of Kansas
Baek-Young Choi, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Drew Davidson, The University of Kansas

NSA Opening Remarks
1015 - 1115 Keynote Presentation: Access Control Verification for Everyone
Andrew Gacek, Amazon Web Services
1115 - 1130 BREAK
PAPER SESSION 1: CPS and Industrial Control
(20 minutes per paper with 10 minutes of flex in the block)
1130 - 1300 CDT Simulation Testbed for Railway Infrastructure Security and Resilience Evaluation
*Himanshu Neema, *Xenofon Koutsoukos, **Bradley Potteiger, CheeYee Tang, and Keith Stouffer
*Vanderbilt University, **Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  @PAD: Adversarial Training of Power Systems Against Denial of Service Attacks
Ali I Ozdagli, Carlos Barreto, and Xenofon Koutsoukos
Vanderbilt University
  The More the Merrier: Adding Hidden Measurements for Anomaly Detection and Mitigation in Industrial Control Systems
*Jairo Giraldo, **David Urbina, CheeYee Tang, and ††Alvaro Cardenas
*University of Utah, **University of Texas at Dallas, National Institute of Standards and Technology, ††The University of California, Santa Cruz
  RUCKUS: A Cybersecurity Engine for Performing Autonomous Cyber-Physical System Vulnerability Discovery at Scale
Bradley Potteiger, Jacob Mills, Daniel Cohen, and Paul Velez
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
 1300 - 1400 BREAK
1400 - 1530 CDT *Sohaib Kiani, *Fengjun Li, **Chao Lan, and *Bo Luo
*University of Kansas, **University of Wyoming
  Jacob Fustos, Michael Bechtel, Heechul Yun
University of Kansas
1530 - 1545 BREAK
1545 - 1715 POSTER SESSION
1000 - 1100 CDT Keynote Presentation: Is Hardware Root of Trust hard to do, and Trustworthy?
Lyle Paczkowski, Sprint
1100 - 1115 BREAK
(20 minutes per paper with 10 minutes of flex in the block)
1115 - 1245 CDT Exploring Hackers Assets: Topics of Interest as Indicators of Compromise
Mohammad Al-Ramahi, Izzat Alsmadi, and Joshua Davenport
Texas A&M, San Antonio
  Cyber Threat Modeling and Validation: Port Scanning and Detection
Eric Vugrin, Jerry Cruz, Christian Reedy, Thomas Tarman, and Ali Pinar
Sandia National Laboratories
  Can We Use Software Bug Reports to Identify Vulnerability Discovery Strategies?
Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, Raunak Shakya, and Akond Rahman
Tennessee Technological University
  Automated Influence and the Challenge of Cognitive Security
Sarah Rajtmajer and Daniel Susser
The Pennsylvania State University
1245 - 1345 BREAK
1345 - 1515 CDT *Hao Xue, *Qiaozhi Wang, *Bo Luo, **Chao Lan, *Fengjun Li
*University of Kansas, **University of Wyoming
  Ryan Karl, Jonathan Takeshita, and Taeho Jung
University of Notre Dame
1515 - 1530 BREAK
1530 - 1630 Keynote Presentation: Trust Engineering via Cryptographic Protocols
Joshua Guttman, Worcester Polytechnic Institute/MITRE
1000 - 1100 CDT Keynote Presentation: Evaluating Fuzz Testing (and other technologies)
Michael Hicks, University of Maryland and Correct Computation Inc.
1100 - 1115 BREAK
PAPER SESSION 3: Systems  
1115 - 1245 CDT Neutralizing Manipulation of Critical Data by Enforcing Data-Instruction Dependency
Chandra Sharma, Nathan Miller, and George Amariucai
Kansas State University
  Ghostbusting: Mitigating Spectre with Intraprocess Memory Isolation
Ira Ray Jenkins, Prashant Anantharaman, Rebecca Shapiro, J. Peter Brady, Sergey Bratus, and Sean W. Smith
Dartmouth College
  WOLF: Automated Machine Learning Workflow Management for various Applications
*Sohaib Kiani, *Sana Awan, *Fengjun Li, *Bo Luo, and **Jun Huan
*University of Kansas, **StylingAI, Inc.
  A Formal Security Analysis of ZigBee (1.0 and 3.0)
*Li Li, **Proyash Podder, and *Endadul Hoque
*Syracuse University, **Florida International University
1245 - 1345 BREAK
1345 - 1515 CDT Tsion Yimer, Md Tanvir Arafin, and Kevin Kornegay
Morgan State University
  Sana Awan, Fengjun Li, Bo Luo
University of Kansas
1515 - 1530 BREAK
1530 - 1545 Announcement of Winning Poster
Adam Tagert, National Security Agency

Closing Remarks
Perry Alexander
Baek-Young Choi
Drew Davidson
Adam Tagert