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Modelica® is at the bottom an equation based declarative language for modeling and simulation of cyber physical systems. However the Modelica® community maintains a large component-based library with components from a wide range of domains - the so called Modelica Standard Library (MSL). The target of this design studio is to supply a web-based, collaborative modeling environment for cyber physical systems where the building blocks are components from the MSL. It allows the user to instantiate, configure and wire up components from the MSL in a simplified GUI exposing only the necessary pieces for modeling and simulation of cyber physical systems.

Just like any Design Studio based on WebGME, every state of project is efficiently stored in centralized data-storage and it allows multiple users to edit the same models concurrently.

In the current deployment automatic simulation is disabled, instead it allows the user generate and download the Modelica® code on his or her own machine. The associated video explains how to install and simulate the models using OpenModelica.

This project is an ongoing effort and currently only a subset of the Modelica Standard Library is supported. To contribute to the code base or to host your own deployment check out the open source code at github.