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2020 NRI PI Meeting Poster Sessions

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SESSION 1: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27: 11:45am - 1:15pm
# Presenter Poster Title Award #
3 Buse Aktas Achieving Variable Impedance in Flexible Robots Using Jamming 1637838
6 Jacopo Banfi Probabilistic Hypothesis Driven, Adapting, Human-Robot Teams 1830497
9 Cerwyn Chiew Design of nanorobotics based on FePd alloy nanohelices for a new diagnosis and treatment of cancer 1637535
12 Brittany Duncan Leveraging Environmental Monitoring UAS in Rainforests 1925368
15 Robert Gregg Optimal Design of Robust Compliant Actuators for Ubiquitous Co-Robots 1953908,
18 Sean Follmer Vine Robots: Achieving Locomotion and Construction by Growth 1637446
21 Guoquan Huang Consistent distributed visual-inertial estimation and perception for cooperative unmanned aerial vehicles 1924897
24 Lucas Janson Robust Grasping by Integrating Machine Learning with Physical Models 1924984
27 Peter Kazanzides Software Framework for Research in Semi-Autonomous Teleoperation 1637789,
1637759, 1637444
30 Hyunglae Lee User-Adaptive Variable Impedance Control of a Wearable Upper-Extremity Exoskeleton Robot with Safety Guarantees 1925110
33 Lydia Kavraki Robotic Collaboration through Scalable Reactive Synthesis 1830549
36 Yunsheng Li Bidirectional learning for semantic segmentation of domain adaptation 1924937
39 Bryan Minor Robotic Activity Support (RAS): A Cognitive Assistant for the Smart Home 1734558
42 Marcia O'Malley Guiding with touch: Haptic cueing of surgical techniques on virtual and robotic platforms 1638073
45 Michael Posa Contact-aware Control of Dynamic Manipulation 1929922
48 Ludovic Righetti Action-perception loops over 5G millimeter wave wireless for cooperative manipulation 1925079
51 Allison Sauppe Computational Tools for Human-Robot Interaction Design 1925043
55 James Schmiedeler Using Template Models to Identify Exoskeleton User Intent 1734532
58 Dezhen Song MEMS Co-Steered Optical and Acoustic Dual Modal Communication and Ranging Devices for Underwater Vehicles 1748161
62 Matthew Spenko The Urban Design and Policy Implications of Ubiquitous Robots and Navigation Safety 1830642
65 Aaron Steinfeld Mutually Aware Social Navigation 1734361
66 Aaron Steinfeld Re-Embodying Agents in Socially Complex Environments 1734456
69 Florence Sullivan Girls Immersed in Robotics Learning Simulations (GIRLS) 1830450, 1830179
72 Carl Vondrick Visual Hide and Seek 1925157
75 Stavros Vougioukas Tree Fruit Harvesting with Arrays of Vision-Guided Linear Robot Arms 1925385
78 Ryan Williams Balancing Collaboration and Autonomy for Multi-Robot Multi-Human Search and Rescue 1830414
82 Feifei Qian Co-Robotic Systems for GeoSciences Field Research 1734355
85 Jana Kosecka Self-Supervised Object Detection and Visual Navigation 1925231
88 Alan Wagner Interactive and collaborative robot-assisted emergency evacuations 1830390
91 Fabrizio Sergi Goal-Oriented, subject-Adaptive, robot-assisted Locomotor Learning (GOALL) 1638007
94 Matthew Walter Shared Autonomy for Unstructured Underwater Environments through Vision and Language 1830660
97 Holly Yanco Learning Adaptive Representations for Robust Mobile Robot Navigation from Multi-Modal Interactions 1944584
100 Naira Hovakimyan Synergetic Drone Delivery Network in Metropolis 1830639
103 Mose Sakashita Remote Design Collaboration Leveraging Body Motions and Robotic Proxy 1925100
106 Cynthia Breazeal Development, Deployment and Evaluation of Personalized Learning Companion Robots for Early Literacy and Language Learning 1734443
108 Guy Hoffman Collaborative Control for Wearable Robots 1734399
109 Katie Fitzsimons Task-Based Assistance for Software-Enabled Biomedical Devices 1637764
115 Carrick Detweiler Enabling UAS Fire Ignitions in Complex Firefighting Contexts 1638099
116 Carrick Detweiler Raining Drones: Mid-Air Release & Recover of Atmospheric Sensing Systems 1925052, 1924777
117 Carrick Detweiler At the Water’s Edge: Installation and Optimization of Robotic Sensing Systems 2017-67021-25924
120 Ken Goldberg Scalable Collaborative Human-Robot Learning 1734633
123 Prashant Doshi Toward Autonomos LfO using Inverse Reinforcement Learning 1830421
126 Peter Adamczyk Hybrid Active-Passive Actuation for Safety and Performance in Physical Human-Robot Collaboration and Rehabilitation 1830586
127 Simon Lucey A New Paradigm for Geometric Reasoning through Structure from Category 1925281
# Presenter Poster Title Award #
4 He Bai Safe Wind-Aware Navigation for Collaborative Autonomous Aircraft in Low Altitude Airspace 1925147
7 David Cappelleri Towards Dexterous Micromanipulation 1637961
10 Sri Sukanta Chowdhury Light-Powered Microrobots for Future Microfactories 1734383
13 Philip Dames Distributed, Semantically-Aware Tracking and Planning for Fleets of Robots 1830419
16 Anirban Mazumdar Rapid Operator Awareness via Mobile Robotics (ROAMR), Customizable Human Safety using Mobile and Wearable Co-Robots 1830498
19 Neville Hogan Superposition of Mechanical Impedance 1637824
22 Xiaolin Hu Collaborative Autonomy and Safety for Teamed Human-Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Fast Evolving Wildfire Environment 2019-67021-29011,
25 Daeho Kim Scene Understanding and Predictive Monitoring for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured and Dynamic Construction Environments 1734266
28 Marin Kobilarov Unifying standard physics-based control with learning-based perception and action to enable safe and agile object manipulation 1925189
31 Tommaso Lenzi Muscle Ultrasound Sensing for Intuitive Control of Robotic Leg Prostheses 1925371, 1925343
34 Jessica Leu Safe and Efficient Robot Collaboration System for Next Generation Intelligent Industrial Co-Robots 1734109
37 Carmel Majidi Soft Active Contact Pads with Tunable Stiffness and Adhesion for Customizable Robotic Grasping 1830362
40 Robin Murphy Best Viewpoints for External Robots or Sensors Assisting Other Robots 1945105
43 Marcia O'Malley Intuitive, Wearable Haptic Devices for Communication with Ubiquitous Robots 1830163, 1830146
46 Edwin Olson Connected and Continuous Multi-Policy Decision Making 1830615
49 Sarah Ostadabbas Teaching Aerial Robots to Perch Like a Bat via AI-Guided Design and Control 1944964
52 Laurel Riek TAILORED: Training for Independent Living through Observant Robots and Design 1915734
53 Laurel Riek Coordinating Human-Robot Teams in Uncertain Environments 1734482
56 Richard Savery Group Trust between Humans and Robots through a Novel Music-Driven Robotic Emotional Prosody Generator 1925178
59 Dezhen Song Optoacoustic Material and Structure Pretouch Sensing (OMASS) at Robot Fingertip 1925037
61 Ram mohan Sri ramdas Rumen Understanding through Millipede-Engineered Navigation and Sensing (RUMENS) 2019-67021-28991
64 Siddharth Srivastava Hierarchical Contrastive Explanations for Robot-Human Communication 1844325
67 Dagmar Sternad Dynamic Primitives in Human Manipulation of Dynamically Complex Objects 1637854
70 John Swensen Directional Stiffness Control of Soft Robotics Materials 1734117
73 Roberto Tron Robust, scalable, distributed semantic mapping for co-robots 1734454
76 Yunjun Xu Distributed co-Robots for Strawberry Harvesting 1924622
79 Elliot Hawkes Mesh Of Robots on a Pneumatic Highway (MORPH): An Untethered, Human-Safe, Shape-Morphing Robotic Platform 1925373
80 Elliot Hawkes Vine Robots: Achieving Mobility and Construction Through Growth 1441358
83 Aaron Young Robotic Human Enhancement Enabled through Wearable Hip Exoskeletons Capable of Community Ambulation 1830215
86 Yu Zhang Reconciling Model Discrepancies in Human-Robot Teams 1844524
89 Hao Su Soft Wearable Robots for Injury Prevention and Performance Augmentation 1830613
92 Gustavo Almeida Cyberlearning with Co-Robotic Teachable Agents 1941053
95 Nikolay Atanasov Distributed Bayesian Learning and Safe Control for Autonomous Wildfire Detection 1830399
98 Bradley Hayes Life-long Learning for Motion Planning by Robots in Human Populated Environments 1830686
101 Dan Flippo Multi-Robot Farming on Marginal, Highly Sloped Lands 1734510
104 Jesse Hoagg Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Robots for Livestock Health Monitoring 1734517, 2018-67021-27416
107 Ajay Sharda An autonomous insect Sense, Identify, and Manage PLatform (SIMPL) to advance crop protection strategies 1830574
110 Vaibhav Srivastava A Framework for Human-Team-Supervised Autonomy with Application to Underwater Search and Rescue 1734272
112 John Rieffel Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics 1939930
113 Sina Masnadi Sketching Geometry and Physics Informed Inference for Mobile Robot Manipulation in Cluttered Scenes 1638060
118 Chris Amato Coordinating Human-Robot Teams in Uncertain Environments 1734497
121 Stefanie Tellex Studying the Effect of Drones on STEM Education 1940970
122 Kris Hauser Customizing Semi-Autonomous Nursing Robots using Human Expertise 1830366
124 John Whitney Controllable Compliance: A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation 1830425
128 Girish Chowdhury Multipurpose Dexterous Soft and Continuum Arms for Compact Ag-bots 1830343
129 SK Gupta A Proactive Approach to Managing Contingencies during Human Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing 1634431
130 SK Gupta Human-Guided Robot Teams for Manipulating Large Flexible Sheets in Manufacturing Applications 1925084
# Presenter Poster Title Award #
1 Kaveh Akbari Hamed Hierarchical Safe, and Distributed Feedback Control of Multiagent Legged Robots 1924617, 1924526
2 Kaveh Akbari Hamed Decentralized Feedback Control Design for Cooperative Robotic Walking with Application to Powered Prosthetic Legs 1854898
5 Efstathios Bakolas Efficient algorithms for safety guiding mobile robots through spaces populated by humans & mobile intelligent machines 1924790
8 Sung Kwon Cho 3-D Maneuverable Feedback Controlled Micro Swimming Drone for Biomedical Applications 1637815
11 Mary (Missy) Cummings A Low-Cost Acoustic Alerting System for Rogue Drones in Public Spaces 1734206
14 Mike Gleicher Communicating Physical Interactions 1830242
17 Thomas Howard Learning Adaptive Representations for Robust Mobile Robot Navigation from Multi-Modal Interactions 1637813
20 Kinsey Herrin Assessing gait quality for the development of a human-in-the-loop tuning algorithm for robotic ankle prostheses 1734416
23 Mark Iskarous Biomimetic Sensory Solutions for Dexterous Robotic Hands 1849417
26 Aaron Johnson Design of dynamic multibehavioral robots 1924723, 1924303
29 Mohammad Khalid Jawed Physics-based training of robots for manipulation of ropes and clothes 1925360
32 Oliver Kroemer Agile and Dynamic Interactions for Mobile Manipulation 1925130
35 Nancy Pollard Design and Fabrication of Robot Hands for Dexterous Tasks 1637853
38 Maja Matric Communicate Share, Adapt: A Mixed Reality Framework for Facilitation Robot Integration and Customization 1925083
41 Raymond Mooney Improving Robot Learning from Feedback and Demonstration using Natural Language 1925082
44 Bing Ouyang Initial Development of the Hybrid Aerial Underwater Robotic System (HAUCS) 2019-67022-29204
47 Mo Rastgaar Anthropomorphic Robotic Ankle Prosthesis with Programmable Material 1921046
50 Matthew Rueben Socially Aware, Expressive, and Personalized Mobile Remote Presence: Co-Robots as Gateways to Access to K-12 In-School Education 1528121
54 Nabil Simaan In-Situ Collaborative Robotics in Confined Spaces 1734461
57 Christopher Siviy Wearable Robots for the Community: Personalized Assistance using Human-in-the-loop Optimization 1925085
60 Seungmoon Song Towards optimal gait assistance 1734449
63 Matthew Spenko Receding Horizon Integrity-A New Navigation Safety Methodology for Co-Robotic Passenger Vehicles 1637899
68 Marynel Vázquez Spatial Patterns of Behavior in HRI Under Environmental Spatial Constraints 1924802
71 Vishesh Vikas M3SoRo - Mobility and Morphing using Modular Soft Robots 1830432
74 Juan Wachs Fingers See Things Differently (FIST-D): A Robotic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) based on Augmented Tactile Imaging 1925194
77 Ian Walker 3D Concrete Printing with Macro-Micro Robots 1924721
81 Zhaozheng Yin Manufacturing USA: Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration for Smart Factory 1830479
84 Jingjin Yu Collaborative Multi-Robot Systems with Provable Availability, Safety, and Optimality Guarantees 1734419
87 Wenlong Zhang Scalable and Customizable Intent Inference and Motion Planning for Socially-Adept Autonomous Vehicles 1925403
90 Ye Zhao Robust and Scalable Planning for Agile and Collaborative Robot Teammates in Complex Environments 1924978
93 Shiqi Zhang Learning and Reasoning for Robot Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty 1925044
96 Yogesh Girdhar Co-Multi-Robotic Exploration of the Benthic Seafloor - New Methods for Distributed Scene Understanding and Exploration in the Presence of Communication Constraints 1734400
99 Elin Björling Design and Development of a Social Robot for Gathering Ecological Momentary Stress Data from Teens 1734100
102 Joyce Chai Collaborative Task Planning and Learning through Language Communication in a Human-Robot Team 1949634, 1830282
105 Momotaz Begum Robust Learning of Sequential Motion from Human Demonstrations to Enable Robot-guided Exercise Training 1830597
108 Hadas Kress-Gazit Ad-hoc collaborative human-robot swarms 1830471
111 Michael Yip A Foundational Approach to Muscle Actuators that Lowers Barriers to Muscle Powered Robotics Research 1930403
114 Abdeslam Boularias Integrated Modeling and Learning for Robust Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation with Adaptive Hands 1734492, 1734190
119 Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos Cooperative Robotic Systems for Precision Agriculture and Plant Health Management 1924800, 1925036
125 Cythnia Matuszek Learning Language in Simulation for Real Robot Interaction 1940931

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