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2022 NRI-FRR PI Meeting Posters

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Listing are alphabetical by PI Last Name (except for a handful of late submissions).

Session 1: Tuesday, April 19, 11:45am - 12:30pm ET
Poster # Lead PI Award Title Award #
1 Adamczyk, Peter NRI: FND: Hybrid Active-Passive Actuation for Safety and Performance in Physical Human-Robot Collaboration and Rehabilitation CMMI-1830516
2 Ahumada-Newhart, Veronica Robot-Mediated Learning: Exploring School-Deployed Collaborative Robots 2136847
3 Akbari Hamed, Kaveh NRI: FND: COLLAB: Hierarchical, Safe, and Distributed Feedback Control of Multiagent Legged Robots ECCS #1924617/1924526
4 Amato, Chris Coordinating and Incorporating Trust in Teams of Humans and Robots with Multi-Robot Reinforcement Learning 2024790
5 Artemiadis, Panagiotis Anthropomorphic Robotic Ankle Prosthesis with Programmable Material 1830256
6 Asada, Harry Remotely Operated Reconfigurable Walker Robots for Eldercare  NRI: 2133072 / 2133075
7 Atanasov, Nikolay NRI: FND: COLLAB: Distributed Bayesian Learning and Safe Control for Autonomous Wildfire Detection 1830399
8 Atanasov, Nikolay FRR: CAREER: Active Bayesian Inference for Collaborative Robot Mapping 2045945
9 Aukes, Daniel Dynamic Modeling and Fabrication of Compliant Material Systems for On-Demand Specialist Robots 1944789
10 Bai, He NRI INT: Safe Wind-Aware Navigation for Collaborative Autonomous Aircraft in Low Altitude Airspace 1925147
11 Bakolas, Efstathios NRI:FND:Efficient algorithms for safety guiding mobile robots through spaces populated by humans and mobile intelligent machines 1924790
12 Short, Elaine Mutually Assistive Robotics 2132887
13 Barbalata, Corina NRI: FND: Collaborative Mobile Manufacturing in Uncertain Scenarios 2024795
14 Begum, Momotaz Robust Learning of Sequential Motion from Human Demonstrations to Enable Robot-guided Exercise Training 1830597
15 Bhattacharjee, Tapomayukh Robot-Assisted Feeding: From Bite Acquisition to Bite Transfer 2132846
16 Bhounsule, Pranav Asymmetric Gait Generation for Legged Locomotion in Complex Environments via Off-Line Model Reduction and Real-Time Optimal Cont 2128568
17 Biswas, Joydeep CAREER: Robust Perception and Customization for Long-Term Autonomous Mobile Service Robo 2046955
18 Björling, Elin Design and Development of a Social Robot to Gather Ecological Momentary Stress Data from Teens SES-1734100
19 Bobadilla, Leonardo NSF:NRI: FND: Extending Autonomy in Seemingly Sensory-Denied Environments Applied to Underwater Robots 2024733
20 Botta, Eleonora Modeling, Design and Operation of Robotic Tether-Net Systems for Reliable Capture of Targets 2128578
21 Boularias, Abdeslam Robust and Efficient Physics-based Learning and Reasoning in Degraded Environments 2132972
22 Braun, David CAREER: Mechanically Adaptive, Energetically Passive Robotics 2144551
23 Burden, Sam Design of Dynamic Multibehavioral Robots 1924303
24 Cappelleri, Dave NRI: Mobile Microrobots for Precision Medicine  
25 Carpin, Stefano Mobile Robotic Lab for In-Situ Sampling and Measurement 2021-67022-33452
26 Chai, Joyce NRI: INT: COLLAB: Collaborative Task Planning and Learning through Language Communication in a Human-Robot Team 1949634
27 Burleson, Winslow EAGER: Cyberlearning with Co-Robotic Teachable Agents 2030441
Session 2: Tuesday, April 19, 5:15pm - 6:00pm ET
Poster # Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Chaudhari, Pratik NRI: Robotics, Science and Forestry 2022-67021-36856
2 Vasconcelos, Nuno NRI: FND: Towards Scalable and Self-Aware Robotic Perception 1924937
3 Chowdhary, Girish Multipurpose Dextrous and Continuum Arms for Compact Agbots 1830343  USDA 2019-67021-28989
4 Corah, Micah DroneOpticStudio: Dense Reconstruction of Moving Actors in the Wild 2024173 & 2022894
5 Dollar, Aaron Rethinking Multi-Legged Robots: Passive Terrain Adaptability through Underactuated Mechanisms and Exactly-Constrained Kinematics IIS-1637647
6 Doshi, Prashant NRI: FND: Robust Inverse Learning for Human-Robot Interaction 1830421
7 Driggs-Campbell, Katherine Increasing the Level of Autonomy for Agricultural Robots: Effective Interaction and Programming Paradigms 2021-67021-33449
8 Duncan, Brittany NRI: COLLAB: Leveraging Environmental Monitoring UAS in Rainforests 1925368
9 Elbaum, Sebastian Raining Drones: Mid-Air Release & Recovery of Atmospheric Sensing Systems IIS 1925052 IIS 1924777
10 Fey, Nicholas NRI: INT: COLLAB: Muscle Ultrasound Sensing for Intuitive Control of Robotic Leg Prostheses 2054343 and 1925371
11 Filipov, Evgueni Origami for Dexterity in Miniature Manipulation and Testing 2054148
12 Fitter, Naomi NRI: FND: Assistive  Child-Robot Interventions for Infants with Motor Disabilities CMMI-2024950
13 Fox, Dieter SORNet: Spatial Object-Centric Representations for Sequential Manipulation 2024057
14 Gan, Dongming Discrete Variable Stiffness Actuators with Fast Stiffness Switch for Safe Human-Robot Interaction  2131711
15 Gheisari, Masoud NRI: FND: Investigating the Safety Challenges of Co-drones in Future Construction Workplaces 2024656
16 Gilbert, Hunter NRI/Collaborative Research: Robust Design and Reliable Autonomy for Transforming Modular Hybrid Rigid-Soft Robots 2133019
17 Girdhar, Yogesh  An Ecologically Curious Robot for Monitoring Coral Reef Biodiversity 2133029
18 Girdhar, Yogesh Co-Multi-Robotic Exploration of the Benthic Seafloor 1734400
19 Gregg, Robert NRI: FND: COLLAB: Optimal Design of Robust Compliant Actuators for Ubiquitous Co-Robots 1953908
20 Gu, Yu Collaborative Research: NRI: StickBug – an Effective Co-Robot for Precision Pollination  2022-67021-36124; 2022-67021-36125
21 Gupta, Satyandra NRI: FND: Human-Guided Robot Teams for Manipulating Large Flexible Sheets in Manufacturing Applications 1925084
22 Ha, Sehoon NRI: INT: Collaborative Research: Buoyancy-assisted Collaborative Robots That are Cheap, Safe, and Never Fall Down. 2024768
23 Hauser, Kris Customizing Semi-Autonomous Nursing Robots Using Human Expertise 2025782
24 Hayes, Bradley NRI: FND: Life-long Learning for Motion Planning in Human Populated Environments 1830686
25 Heckman, Christoffer INT: Autonomous Restoration and Revegetation of Degraded Ecosystems 2021-67021-33450
26 Held, David CAREER: Self-supervised Representation Learning for Deformable Object Manipulation 2046491
27 Shepherd, Robert Ubiquitous Soil Sampling Robots for Confluent Soil Monitoring 2021-67021-33843
Session 3: Wednesday, April 20, 11:45am - 12:30pm ET
Poster # Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Hermans, Tucker Learning Visual Shape Control of Novel 3D Deformable Objects from Partial-View Point Clouds 2024778
2 Hollinger, Geoffrey Adaptable and Robust Multi-Robot Decision Making through Generalized Sequential Stochastic Task Assignment 2103817
3 Hovakimyan, Naira SYNDROME: SYNergetic DROne Delivery Network in MEtropolis 1830639
4 Hsiao-Wecksler, Elizabeth NRI: INT: MiaPURE (Modular, Interactive and Adaptive Personalized Unique Rolling Experience) 2024905
5 Hu, Xiaolin Collaborative Autonomy and Safety for Teamed Human – Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Fast Evolving Wildfire Environment USDA 2019-67021-29011, 2019-67021-28993, 2019-67021-28992
6 Huang, Guoquan NRI: FND: Consistent Distributed Visual-Inertial Estimation and Perception for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 1924897
7 Janson, Lucas Robust Grasping by Integrating Machine Learning with Physical Models 1924984
8 Jeni, Laszlo A New Paradigm for Geometric Reasoning through Structure from Category 1925281
9 Jiang, Chao NRI: FND: The Robotic Rehab Gym: Specialized co-robot trainers working with multiple human trainees for optimal learning outcome 2024813
10 Karydis, Konstantinos CAREER: Morphological Computation for Resilient Dynamic Locomotion of Compliant Legged Robots with Application to Precision Ag 2046270
11 Karydis, Konstantinos NRI: Integrated Soft Wearable Robotics Technology to Assist Arm Movement of Infants with Physical Impairments 2133084
12 Kavraki, Lydia NRI: FND: Robotic Collaboration through Scalable Reactive Synthesis 1830549
13 Kennedy, Monroe DenseTact: Optical Tactile Sensor for Dense Shape Reconstruction 2142773
14 Khalid Jawed, Mohammad Robotic Manipulation for Automated Stability Testing of Elastic Rods 1925360
15 Killpack, Marc Foundations for Physical Co-Manipulation with Mixed Teams of Humans and Soft Robots 2024792
16 Kim, Minjun Collaborative Research: Magnetically-Controlled Modular Cubes with Reconfigurable Self-Assembly and Disassembly 2130775 and 2130793
17 Kim, Myunghee Collab: NRI: INT: Customizable Lower-Limb Wearable Robot using Soft-Wearable Sensor to Assist Occupational Workers 2024863 , 2024742 
18 Kosecka, Jana  NRI: Self-Supervised Object Detection and Visual Navigation 1925231
19 Krieger, Axel CAREER: Advancing Autonomy for Soft Tissue Robotic Surgery and Interventions 2144348
20 Kroemer, Oliver Agile and Dynamic Interactions for Mobile Manipulation CMMI-1925130
21 Kumar, Mrinal COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: NRI: Integration of Autonomous UAS in Wildland Fire Management 2132798
22 Wood, Robert NRI: FND: COLLAB: A Foundational Approach to Muscle Actuators that Lowers Barriers to Muscle-Powered Robotics Research     1830291
23 Kuntz, Alan NRI: Liquid-Solid Metal for Embodied Intelligence in Semi-Soft, Human-Collaborative Robots 2133027
24 Lee, Hyunglae  User-Adaptive Variable Impedance Control of a Wearable Upper-Extremity Exoskeleton Robot with Safety Guarantees 1925110
25 Leigh, Nancey Green Barriers and Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturer's Collaborative Robot Adoption 2024706
26 Lenzi, Tommaso CAREER: Bio-inspired Multi-joint Design and Control of Wearable Robots 2046287
27 Belta, Calin NRI: FND: A Formal Methods Approach to Safe, Composable, and Distributed Reinforcement Learning for co-Robots     2024606
28 Hawkes, Elliot NRI: Physical Principals and Applications of Plant-Inspired Tip Growth for Robotics 1944816
Session 4: Wednesday, April 20, 5:15pm - 6:00pm ET
Poster # Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Leonessa, Alexander ForceBot: A Robotic Platform for Body-Scale Human Physical Interaction in Embodied Virtual Reality 2024772
2 Li, Beiwen NRI/Collaborative Research: Robotic Disassembly of High-Precision Electronic Devices 2132773
3 Li, Zhaojian  NRI: INT: Soft Multi-Arm Robot (SMART) for Synergistic Collaborations with Humans 2024649
4 Li, Zhi Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Transparent and Intuitive Teleoperation Interfaces for the Future Nursing Robots and Workers 2024689
5 Liu, Lantao Beyond Uncertainty Minimization: Variability and Outlier Informed Active Sensing 2047169
6 Mahmoudian, Nina NRI: Co-Robots to Enhance Motivation and Self-efficacy in Formal STEM Education  2133028-IIS
7 Majewicz Fey, Ann NRI: FND: Customizable, Haptic Co-Robots for Training Emergency Surgical Procedures 2102250
8 Majidi, Carmel  NRI:INT:COLLAB: Soft Active Contact Pads with Tunable Stiffness and Adhesion for Customizable Robotic Grasping CMMI 1830362
9 Mataric, Maja Communicate, Share, Adapt: A Mixed Reality Framework for Facilitating Robot Integration and Customization IIS – 1925083
10 Matuszek, Cynthia NRI: FND: Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Domain Adaptation in Robotic Language Acquisition 2024878
11 Mazumdar, Anirban Rapid Operator Awareness via Mobile Robotics (ROAMR) 1830498
12 Mazzoleni, Andre MAARCO—Multi-terrain Amphibious ARCtic explOrer 2116216
13 Mooney, Raymond Improving Robot Learning from  Feedback and Demonstration using Natural Language  IIS-1925082
14 Moses, Melanie VolCAN: Volcano Co-Robot Adaptive Natural Algorithms  20-0508
15 Mutlu, Bilge Program Verification and Synthesis for Collaborative Robots 1925043
16 Nikolaidis, Stefanos Towards Transferring Human Preferences from Canonical to Actual Assembly Tasks 2024936
17 Okamura, Allison Computational and Interactive Design of Soft Growing Robot Manipulators 2024247
18 Okamura, Allison Intuitive, Wearable Haptic Devices for Communication with Ubiquitous Robots 1830163, 1830146
19 Ouyang, Bing NRI: INT: Hybrid Aerial/Underwater RobotiC System (HAUCS) for Scalable, Adaptable Maintenance of Aquaculture Fish Farms: Year 3  2019-67022-29204
20 Gu, Yan CAREER: A Hybrid Filtering and Robust Control Framework for Legged Robot Locomotion on Dynamic Rigid Surfaces     CMMI-2046562    
21 Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos NRI: INT: COLLAB: Cooperative Robotic Systems for Precision Agriculture and Plant Health Management 2020-67021-30755
22 Pathak, Deepak Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Scalable, Customizable, Robot Learning with Humans 2024594
23 Peek, Nadya Multi-Manipulator Extensible Robotic Platforms 2024435
24 Petersen, Kirstin CAREER: Environmentally-Mediated Coordination in Natural and Robot Swarms 2042411
25 Platt, Robert NRI: FND: Better robotic manipulation using state and action abstraction 80NSSC19K1474
26 Poling, Bryan NRI: FND: COLLAB: Multi-Vehicle Systems for Collecting Shadow-Free Imagery in Precision Agriculture 2020-67021-30758
27 Ming Leu
Zhaozheng Yin
Manufacturing USA: Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration for Smart Factory 194548, 1830479, 1830383, 1830295
28 Gleicher, Michael Communicating Physical Interactions ¸
Session 5: Thursday, April 21, 11:45am - 12:30pm ET
Poster # Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Pons, Jose L. Co3-Robot controllers for human-like physical interaction and enhanced motor learning 2024488
2 Posa, Michael Contact-aware Control of Dynamic Manipulation 1830218
3 Priya, Shashank COLLAB: Rumen Understanding through Millipede-Engineered Navigation and Sensing (RUMENS) 1018631
4 Quattrini Li, Alberto Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Cooperative Underwater Structure Inspection and Mapping 2024541
5 Ramos, Joao  NRI: FND: Immersive whole-body teleoperation of wheeled humanoid robots for dynamic mobil manipulation 2024775
6 Riek, Laurel TAILORED: Training for Independent Living through Observant Robots and Design 1915734
7 Rombokas, Eric Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: An Open-Source Framework for Continuous Torque Control of Intuitive Robotic Prosthetic Legs  2024446, 2024237
8 Rouse, Elliott NRI: FND: COLLAB: An Open-Source Robotic Leg Platform that Lowers the Barrier for Advanced Prosthetics Research 1760247
9 Rubenstein, Michael NRI: FND: Flying Swarm for Safe Human Interaction in Unstructured Environments 2024615, 2024692
10 Sattar, Junaed NRI: Collaborative Research: Autonomous Quadrotors  for 3D Modeling and Inspection of Outdoor Infrastructure 1637875
11 Schimmels, Joe NRI: FDN: Dexterous Manipulation using Multi-Serial Manipulator Systems with Real-time  Compliance Modulation CMMI-2024554
12 Schmiedeler, James Using Template Models to Identify  Exoskeleton User Intent IIS-1734532
13 Shepherd, David DUPLO: A two-armed robot programming language for end-users 2024561
14 Shipley, Thomas NRI: INT: COLLAB: Co-Robotic Systems for GeoSciences Field Research  1734355
Banerjee,  Natasha
16 Shree, Vikram Human-robot Collaboration and Planning in Uncertain Environments 1830497
17 Siviy, Christopher Wearable Robots for the Community: Personalized Assistance using Human-in-the-loop Optimization 1925085
18 Song, Dezhen Optoacoustic Material and Structure Pretouch Sensing (OMASS) at Robot Fingertip 1925037
19 Song, Shuran NRI: Hierarchical Representation Learning for Robot Assistants 2132519
20 Song, Zhuoyuan NRI: FND: Collaborative Navigation, Learning, and Collaboration in Fluids with Application to Ubiquitous Marine Co-Robots 2024928
21 Spenko, Matthew NRI: FND: The Urban Design and Policy Implications of Ubiquitous Robots and Navigation Safety 1830642
22 Steinfeld, Aaron FND: Mutually Aware Social Navigation IIS 1734361
23 Su, Hao Soft Wearable Robots for Injury Prevention and Performance Augmentation  1830613
24 Sullivan, Florence Girls Immersed in Robotics Learning Simulations 1830450
25 Sup, Frank NRI: FND: Natural Power Transmission through Unconstrained Fluids for Robotic Manipulation 2024409
26 Swensen, John NRI: FND: Smart Material Composites and Design of Internal Structural Geometry for Tunably-Compliant Soft Robots 1734117
27 Wagner, Alan NRI: INT: COLLAB: Interactive and collaborative robot-assisted emergency evacuations 1830390
28 Camilli, Richard Shared Autonomy for Unstructured Underwater Environments through Vision and Language


Session 6: Thursday, April 21, 4:30pm - 5:15pm ET
Poster # Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Temel, Zeynep Dexterous Compliant Manipulation using Delta Arrays 2024794
2 Tsiotras, Panagiotis AstroSLAM - A Robust and Reliable Visual Localization and Pose Estimation Architecture for Space Robots in Orbit FRR 2101250
3 Vázquez, Marynel NRI: FND: Spatial Patterns of Behavior in HRI Under Environmental Spatial Constraints 1924802
4 Vondrick, Carl NRI: FND: Learning Visual Dynamics from Interaction 1925157
5 Vougioukas, Stavros NRI: INT: COLLAB: Tree Fruit Harvesting with Arrays of Vision-Guided Linear Robot Arms 1925385 - NIFA
6 Mac Schwager Distributed, Semantically-Aware Tracking and Planning for Fleets of Robots IIS-1830419
7 Walker, Erin Designing Effective Behaviors in a Social Robot that Supports Collaborative Learning in Middle School Mathematics 2024645
8 Walker, Ian NRI:FND: 3D Concrete Printing with Macro-Micro Robots 1924721
9 Wang, Long Collaborative Research: NRI: Ocean Powered Robots for Autonomous Offshore Aquaculture USDA-NIFA 2021-67021-35975
10 Wang, Peng Intelligent Co-robots for Complex Welding Manufacturing through Learning and Generalization of Welders Capabilities  CMMI – 2024614
11 Webster-Wood, Victoria CAREER: Adaptive Actuation and Control in Embodied Biohybrid Robots 2044785
12 Webster-Wood, Victoria Collaborative Research: FRR: Adaptive mechanics, learning and intelligent control improve soft robotic grasping 2138923
13 Wei, Ermin Robotic Shepherding for Flow Control in Uncertain Dynamic Environments 2024774
14 Weinberg, Gil Creating Trust Between Groups of Humans and Robots Using a Novel Music Driven Robotic Emotion Generator 1925178
15 Whitney, John NRI: FND: Controllable Compliance: A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation 1830425
16 Williams, Ryan CAREER: Robots that Plan Interactions, Come and Go, and Build Trust 2046770
17 Williams, Ryan NRI: INT: Balancing Collaboration and Autonomy for Multi-Robot Multi-Human Search and Rescue 1830414
18 Wu, Wenzhuo Fingers See Things Differently (FIST-D): A Robotic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) based on Augmented Tactile Imaging 1925194
19 Xu, Xu A Novel Intervention Method to Promote Workers' Safety Awareness and Mental Health During Human-robot Collaboration 2024688
20 Young, Aaron Robotic Human Enhancement Enabled through Wearable Hip Exoskeletons Capable of Community Ambulation 1830215
21 Yuan, Wenzhen DeepSoRo: High-dimensional Proprioceptive and Tactile Sensing and Modeling for Soft Grippers 2024882
22 Zhang, Shiqi NRI: FND: Knowledge-based Robot Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty 1925044
23 Zhang, Wenlong NRI: FND: Scalable and Customizable Intent Inference and Motion Planning for Socially-Adept Autonomous Vehicles 1925403
24 Zhang, Yu ("Tony") CAREER: When Reality Fails Expectations: Containing Reflective Domain Models for Human-Aware Planning and Learning 2047186
25 Zhao, Ye NRI: FND: Robust and Scalable Planning for Agile and Collaborative Robot Teammates in Complex Environments 1924978
26 Zheng, Minghui CAREER: Facilitating Autonomy of Robots Through Learning-Based Control  2046481
27 Simaan, Nabil In-Situ Collaborative Robotics in Confined Spaces


28 Follmer, Sean Mesh Of Robots on a Pneumatic Highway (MORPH): An Untethered, Human-Safe, Shape-Morphing Robotic Platform 1925030