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OnRamp II Mission Research Symposium

The OnRamp II Mission Research Symposium is a mission-focused research event centered on fostering the educational partnerships between the National Security Agency (NSA) and academic institutions to promote the technical health and diversity of students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Symposium will be held virtually on October 13-14th, 2021.

Attendance for the Symposium is by invitation only. Register by Monday, October 11 with the code provided in the invitation.

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For questions please contact the organizers at


Talks for the Symposium will be held on Microsoft Teams. Email invitations with a link to the MS Teams meeting will be provided shortly before the event.


Times listed are EDT
  0900 - 0915 Welcome
Brad Martin (DARPA / NSA, Research)
Opening Session
Moderator: Brad Martin (DARPA/NSA Research)
  0915 - 1000 Bootstrapping Presentation: Project R.E.A.C.H. - Diversifying the Cybersecurity Workforce
Kevin Nolten (
  1000 - 1045 Keynote Presentation
Jedidah Isler (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy)
  1045 - 1100 Break
TAMU – CAMPS Mission Focused Research
Brad Martin (DARPA/NSA Research)
  1100 - 1130 Advancing Streaming Analytics for Cybersecurity
Dilma Da Silva (TAMU)
  1130 - 1145 Tackling Cyber Security Using Graph Mining
Khanh Nguyen (TAMU)
  1145 - 1215 Data-driven Network Analysis and Discovery of System Vulnerabilities in Real Scenarios
Shumon Alam and Justin Foreman (PVAMU)
  1215 - 1330 Lunch Break
UTSA Mission Focused Research
Moderator: Brad Martin (DARPA/NSA Research)
  1330 - 1400 Detection of Ransomware Using Immutable Anomalous Performance Data
Raj Boppana
  1400 - 1430 Using Virtual Reality to Increase Situational Awareness When Detecting Cyber Threats
Nicole Beebe and Brita Munsinger
  1430 - 1445 Design of Sensors for a Comprehensive Whole-Community Cyberattack Alert System
Greg White
  1445 - 1515 Deep Reasoning Engine to Identify Complex Cyber Threat Through Human-AI Teaming
Paul Rad
  0900 - 0915 Welcome
Bev Burdick (NSA OnRamp II Program Manager)
  0915 - 0945 Introduction to NSA Academic Engagement
Pamela Jock (NSA, Director, NSA Academic Engagement)
UMBC Mission Focused Research
Moderator: Ahmad Ridley (NSA Research)
  0945 - 1030 Extracting Malware Information from Cybersecurity Test
Michael Maiden, Casey Hanks, and Leyton Lineburg
  1030 - 1115 Understanding Malware Behavior with Reinforcement Learning
Michael Anoruo, Ezekiel Ajayi, Nomso Ashiogwu, and Aritran Piplai
  1115 - 1200 Dynamic Pipeline for Cybersecurity Information Extraction and Understanding
Priyanka Ranade and Aritran Piplai
  1200 - 1300 Lunch Break
NC A&T Mission Focused Research
Moderator: Ahmad Ridley (NSA Research)
  1300 - 1330 Traditional Machine Learning Models for Intrusion Detection In LoRaWAN Networks
Steve Chesney 
  1330 - 1400 Deepfake Video Detection Using CNN
David Johnson
  1400 - 1430 Touch Data Analysis Using Machine Learning
Russell Mcilwain
Bootstrapping Activity
Moderator: Brad Martin (DARPA/NSA Research)
  1430 - 1515 Bootstrapping Presentation: Making Advanced Computing Concepts
Accessible for High School Students

Brian Broll and Gordon Stein (Vanderbilt University)
  1515 Closing Remarks