Posters & Abstracts

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Lead PI Co-PI(s) Project
Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley)   Learning for Control of Synthetic and Cyborg Insects in Uncertain Dynamic Environments
Monica Anderson (UA)   CPS Grantees Workshop
Anish Arora (Ohio State University) Rajesh Gupta Collaborative Research:Localization and System Services for SpatioTemporal Actions in Cyber-Physical Systems
Gary Balas (UMN)   Embedded Fault Detection for Low-Cost, Safety-Critical Systems
Dana Ballard (UT Austin)   A Real-Time Cognitive Operating System
Alexandre Bayen (UC Berkeley) Jonathan Sprinkle, Sonia Martinez Collaborative Research: Physical Modeling and Software Synthesis for Self-Reconfigurable Sensors in River Environments
Kostas Bekris (UNR)   Real-time, Simulation-based Planning and Asynchronous Coordination for Cyber-Physical Systems
Timothy Bretl (UIUC)   Mathematical, Computational, and Perceptual Foundations for Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems
Mark Campbell (Cornell)   Tightly Integrated Perception and Planning in Intelligent Robotics
Roger Chamberlain (WashU)   Low-Impact Monitoring of Streaming Systems
Shigang Chen (UF)   Transforming a City's Transportation Infrastructure through an Embedded Pervasive Communication Network
Qi Cheng (Oklahoma State)   A Unified Distributed Spatiotemporal Signal Processing Framework for Structural Health Monitoring
Nikhil Chopra (UMd)   Fundamental Advances in Control of Wireless Sensor and Robotic Networks
Panagiotis Christofides (UCLA)   Design of Networked Control Systems for Chemical Processes
Robert Fowler (UNC Chapel Hill)   Programming Environment and Architecture for Situational Awareness and Response
Vinod Ganapathy (Rutgers University) Trent Jaeger, Ulrich Kremer Collaborative Research: Establishing Integrity in Dynamic Networks of Cyber Physical Devices
Stephen Goddard (UNL)   CSR-CPS: Ph.D. Student Forum on Cyber-Pysical Systems
Eugene Goldfield (Children's Hospital Corp.)   Programmable Second Skin to Re-educate Injured Nervous Systems
William Griswold (UC San Diego)   CitiSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring to Induce Change
Satyandra Gupta (UMd)   Image Guided Autonomous Optical Manipulation of Cell Groups
Babak Hassibi (CalTech)   Random Matrix Recursions and Estimation and Control over Lossy Networks
Jessica Hodgins (CMU) Mark Redfern, Fernando De la Torre Collaborative Research: Monitoring Human Performance with Wearable Accelerometers
He Huang (URI)   Towards Neural-controlled Artificial Legs using High-Performance Embedded Computers
Mehdi Khandani (UMd)   Sensor Network Information Flow Dynamics
Andreas Krause (CalTech)   Community-based Sense & Respond -- Theory and Applications
C. Mani Krishna (UMass Amherst) Kang Shin, Israel Koren Collaborative Research: Abstraction of Cyber-Physical Interplays and Its Application to CPS Design
Benjamin Kuipers (UMich)   Learning to Sense Robustly and Act Effectively
Stéphane Lafortune (UMich)   Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems under Partial Information and Limited Communication
Michael Lemmon (Notre Dame)   Dynamically Managing the Real-time Fabric of a Wireless Sensor-Actuator Network
Nuno Miguel Martins (UMd)   Ant-Like Microrobots - Fast, Small, and Under Control
Chris Myers (Utah) Hao Zheng Collaborative Research: Methods and Tools for the Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Mitchell Neilsen (KSU)   Infusing System Design and Sensor Technology in Education (INSIGHT)
Umit Ozguner (Ohio State)   Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments
Stephen Patek (UVA)   Control Subject to Human Behavioral Disturbances
Krishna Pattipati (UConn) Swapna Gokhale, Mark Howell, Yilu Zhang Collaborative Research: Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis in a Network of Embedded Systems in Automotive Vehicles
André Platzer (CMU)   Compositionality and Reconfiguration for Distributed Hybrid Systems
Anant Sahai (UC Berkeley) Venkatesh Saligrama Collaborative Research: The Foundations of Implicit and Explicit Communication in Cyber-Physical Systems
Veronica Santos (ASU)   Cyber-physical system challenges in man-machine interfaces: context-dependent control of smart artificial hands through enhanced touch perception and mechatronic reflexes
Mina Sartipi (UTC)   RUI: CPS Foundations in Computation and Communication
Marjorie Skubic (Missouri)   Active Heterogeneous Sensing for Fall Detection and Fall Risk Assessment
Lucio Soibelman (CMU)   A Framework for Enabling Energy-Aware Smart Facilities
Mark-Oliver Stehr (SRI International)   A Logical Framework for Self-Optimizing Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
Gookwon Suh (Cornell)   Non-Volatile Computing for Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems
Nikolaos Tsekos (UH)   Image Guided Robot-Assisted Medical Interventions
Kagan Tumer (Oregon State University) Adrian Agogino Collaborative Research: Distributed Coordination of Agents for Air Traffic Flow Management
Jun Ueda (GA Tech)   Generation of natural movement for a multiple degrees-of-freedom robot driven by stochastic cellular actuators
Tyrone Vincent (CSM)   Cyber-Enabled Efficient Energy Management of Structures (CEEMS)
Fumin Zhang (GA Tech)   MPSoC based Control and Scheduling Co-design for Battery Powered Cyber-Physical Systems