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Pieter Abbeel
(UC Berkeley)
CPS: Medium: Learning for Control of Synthetic and Cyborg Insects in Uncertain Dynamic Environments Poster Abstract
Tarek Abdelzaher
CPS: Medium: The Ectokernel Approach: A Composition Paradigm for Building Evolvable Safety-critical Systems from Unsafe Components Poster Abstract
Anish Arora
(Ohio State)
Localization and System Services for SpatioTemporal Actions in Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Anil Aswamy
(UC Berkeley)
Action Webs Poster Abstract
Vassilis Athitsos
(UT Arlington)
Novel Human Centric CPS to Improve Motor/Cognitive Assessment and Enable Adaptive Rehabilitation Poster Abstract
Prabir Barooah
(University of Florida)
Methods for Network-Enabled Embedded Monitoring and Control for High-Performance Buildings Poster Abstract
Kostas Bekris
(U of Nevada Reno)
CPS: Small: Real-time, Simulation-based Planning and Asynchronous Coordination for Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Mario Berges
(Carnegie Mellon University)
GOALI/CPS: Medium: A Framework for Enabling Energy-Aware Smart Facilities Poster Abstract
Dennis Bernstein (University of Michigan) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Robust Capacity-Constrained Scheduling and Data-Based Model Refinement for Enhanced Collision Avoidance in Low-Earth Orbit Poster Abstract
Seta Bogosyan
(College of Engineering and Mines)
CYBER-ALASKA: Training Tomorrow's Engineers in Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Francesco Borrelli
(UC Berkeley)
CPS: Medium: High Confidence Active Safety Control in Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Timothy Bretl
CPS: Small: Mathematical, Computational, and Perceptual Foundations for Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Philip Brisk
(UC Riverside)
CPS: Small: System support for generally programmable digital microfluidic biochip devices Poster Abstract
Francesco Bullo
(UC Santa Barbara)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Dynamic Routing and Robotic Coordination for Oceanographic Adaptive Sampling Poster Abstract
Mark Campbell
(Cornell University)
CPS: Medium: Tightly Integrated Perception and Planning in Intelligent Robotics Poster Abstract
M. Cenk Cavusoglu
(Case Western Reserve)
CPS: Small: A Framework for Validation and Monitoring of Robotic Surgery Systems Poster Abstract
Andrea Censi
Boostrapping Robotic Sensorimotor Cascades Poster Abstract
Roger Chamberlain
(Washington University)
CPS: Small: Low-Impact Monitoring of Streaming Systems Poster Abstract
Shigang Chen
(University of Florida)
CPS: Small: Transforming a City's Transportation Infrastructure through an Embedded Pervasive Communication Network Poster Abstract
Qi Cheng
(Oklahoma State University)
CPS: Small: A Unified Distributed Spatiotemporal Signal Processing Framework for Structural Health Monitoring Poster Abstract
Nikhil Chopra
(U of MD College Park)
CPS: Small: Fundamental Advances in Control of Wireless Sensor and Robotic Networks Poster Abstract
Panagiotis Christofides
(UC Los Angeles)
CPS: Small: Design of Networked Control Systems for Chemical Processes Poster Abstract
David Culler
(UC Berkeley)
ActionWebs Poster Abstract
Ron Cytron
(Washington University)
Integration of Conjoined Cyber-Physical Systems Properties Poster Abstract
Ovidiu Daescu
(U of Texas Dallas)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Tumor and Organs at Risk Motion: An Opportunity for Better DMLC IMRT Delivery Systems Poster Abstract
Fernando De la Torre
Monitoring Human Performance with Wearable Accelerometers Poster Abstract
Yao Feng
Monitoring Techniques for Safety Critical Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Cornelia Fermuller
(U of MD College Park)
Robots With Vision that Find Objects Poster Abstract
Robert Fowler
(UNC Chapel Hill)
CPS: Small: Programming Environment and Architecture for Situational Awareness and Response Poster Abstract
Vinod Ganapathy
(Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Establishing Integrity in Dynamic Networks of Cyber Physical Devices Poster Abstract
Brent Gillespie
(Rutgers University)
Fundamental Limitations for Classes of Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems Poster Abstract
Eugene Goldfield
(Children's Hospital Corp)
CPS: Medium: Programmable Second Skin to Re-educate Injured Nervous Systems Poster Abstract and Abstract 2
William Griswold
(UC San Diego)
CPS: Medium: CitiSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring to Induce Change Poster Abstract
Satyandra Gupta
(U of MD College Park)
CPS: Small: Image Guided Autonomous Optical Manipulation of Cell Groups Poster Abstract
Gregory Hager
(Johns Hopkins University)
CPS: Medium: Hybrid Systems for Modeling and Teaching the Language of Surgery Poster Abstract
Jiawei Han
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Networks Poster Abstract
Blake Hannaford
(U of Washington)
CPS Small: Control of Surgical Robots: Network Layer to Tissue Contact Poster Abstract
Babak Hassibi
New Vistas in Coding - The Interplay Between Coding and Control Poster Abstract
John Hatcliff
(Kansas State University)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Infrastructure and Technology Innovations for Medical Device Coordination Poster Abstract
He Huang
(U of Rhode Island)
CPS: Medium: Towards Neural-controlled Artificial Legs using High-Performance Embedded Computers Poster Abstract
Randy Katz
(UC Berkeley)
LoCal - A Network Architecture for Localized Electrical Energy Reduction, Generation, and Sharing Poster Abstract
Mehdi Kalantari Khandani
(U of MD College Park)
CPS: Small: Sensor Network Information Flow Dynamics Poster Abstract
Israel Koren
Abstraction of Cyber-Physical Interplays and Its Application to CPS Design Poster Abstract
Xenofon Koutsoukos
(Vanderbilt University)
Toward a Science of Cyber-Physical System Integration Poster Abstract
Andreas Krause
(California Inst of Tech)
CPS: Small: Community-based Sense & Respond -- Theory and Applications Poster Abstract
Bruce Krogh
An Architecture Approach to Heterogenous Verification of CPS Poster Abstract
Panganamala Kumar
Delays, Clocks, Timing and Reliability in Networked Control Systems: Theories, Protocols, and Implementation Poster Abstract
Stephane Lafortune
(University of Michigan)
CPS: Small: Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems under Partial Information and Limited Communication Poster Abstract
Stephen LaValle
Sensor Lattices Poster Abstract
Edward A. Lee
(UC Berkeley)
CPS: Medium: Timing-Centric Software Poster Abstract
Insup Lee
(U of Pennsylvania)
CPS: Large: Assuring the Safety, Security and Reliability of Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Michael Lemmon
(University of Notre Dame)
Dynamically Managing the Real-time Fabric of a Wireless Sensor-Actuator Network Poster Abstract
Guangyong Li
(University of Pittsburgh)
Automated and Robust Nano-Assembly with Atomic Force Microscopes Poster Abstract
Xiang-Yang Li
(Illinois Inst of Tech)
CPS: Medium: Managing Loosely Coupled Networked Control Systems with External Disturbances Poster Abstract
Chenyang Lu
(Washington University)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Wireless Monitoring and Control for Civil Infrastructure Poster Abstract
Sam Madden
Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Nuno Miguel Martins (
U of MD College Park)
Ant-like Microbots: Fast, Small, and Under Control Poster Abstract
Nuno Miguel Martins
(U of MD College Park)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Remote Imaging of Community Ecology via Animal-borne Wireless Networks Poster Abstract
Nicholas Maxemchuk
(Columbia University)
CPS: Small: The Roles of Communications in Lane Merging Systems Poster Abstract
James McLurkin
(Rice University)
Geometric Distributed Algorithms for Multi-Robot Coordination and Control Poster Abstract
Matthew Might
(University of Utah)
CPS: Medium: Safety-Oriented Hybrid Verification for Medical Robotics Poster Abstract
Diba Mirza
(UC San Diego)
Networked Sensor Swarm of Underwater Drifters Poster Abstract
Rohit Negi
CPS: Medium: A Computing Framework for Distributed Decision Making to Ensure Robustness of Complex Man-Made Network Systems: The Case of the Electric Power Networks Poster Abstract
Umit Ozguner
(Ohio State U)
CPS: Medium: Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments Poster Abstract
George Pappas
(University of Pennsylvania)
Quantitative Analysis and Design of Control Networks Poster Abstract
Stephen Patek
(University of Virginia)
CPS: Small: Control Subject to Human Behavioral Disturbances Poster Abstract
Krishna Pattipati
(Univ of Connecticut)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis in a Network of Embedded Systems in Automotive Vehicles Poster Abstract
Neal Patwari
(University of Utah)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Enabling and Advancing Human and Probabilistic Context Awareness for Smart Facilities and Elder Care Poster Abstract
Eric Perreault
(Rehab Inst of Chicago)
CPS: Large: Cybernetic Interfaces for the restoration of human movement through functional electrical stimulation Poster Abstract
Andre Platzer
CPS: Small: Compositionality and Reconfiguration for Distributed Hybrid Systems Poster Abstract
Chunming Qiao
(SUNY Buffalo)
Driver-in-the-Loop Cyber-Transportation Systems Poster Abstract
Ragunathan Rajkumar
CPS: Large: Center for Autonomous Transportation Systems Poster Abstract
Venkatesh Saligrama
(Boston University)
Foundations of Implicit and Explicit Communications Poster Abstract
Sriram Sankaranarayan
(U of Colorado Boulder)
CPS: Small: Formal Dependability Analysis for Real-Time Medical Devices Poster Abstract
Veronia Santos
(Arizona State University)
CPS: Small: Cyber-physical system challenges in man-machine interfaces: context-dependent control of smart artificial hands through enhanced touch perception and mechatronic reflexes Poster Abstract
Mina Sartipi
(U of Tennessee Chattanooga)
CPS: Small: RUI: CPS Foundations in Computation and Communication Poster Abstract
Silvio Savarese
(University of Michigan)
Learning to Sense Robustly and Act Effectively Poster Abstract
Peter Seiler
(University of Minnesota)
Embedded Fault Detection for Low Cost, Safety-Critical Systems Poster Abstract
Marjorie Skubic
(U of Missouri Columbia)
CPS: Medium: Active Heterogeneous Sensing for Fall Detection and Fall Risk Assessment Poster Abstract
Jonathan Sprinkle
(U of Arizona)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Physical Modeling and Software Synthesis for Self-Reconfigurable Sensors in River Environments Poster Abstract
Jack Stankovic
(University of Virginia)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Body Area Sensor Networks: A Holistic Approach from Silicon to Users Poster Abstract
Mark-Oliver Stehr
(SRI International)
CPS: Medium: A Logical Framework for Self-Optimizing Networked Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Gookwon Suh
(Cornell University)
CPS: Small: Non-Volatile Computing for Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Yu Sun
(U of South Florida)
CPS: Small: Virtually Transparent Epidermal Imagery Poster Abstract
Paulo Tabuada
(UC Los Angeles)
CPS: Small: Towards robust cyber-physical systems Poster Abstract
Herbert Tanner
(University of Delaware)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Efficient Control Synthesis and Learning in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Nikolaos Tsekos
(U of Houston)
Image Guided Robot -Assisted Medical Interventions Poster Abstract
Kagan Tumer
(Oregon State University)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Distributed Coordination of Agents For Air Traffic Flow Management Poster Abstract
Jun Ueda
(Georgia Tech Research Corp)
CPS: Small: Generation of natural movement for a multiple degrees-of-freedom robot driven by stochastic cellular actuators Poster Abstract
Nalini Venkatasubramanian
(UC Irvine)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Dependability Techniques for Instrumented Cyber-Physical Spaces Poster Abstract
Tyrone Vincent
(Colorado School of Mines)
CPS: Medium: Cyber-Enabled Efficient Energy Management of Structures (CEEMS) Poster Abstract
Peter Volgyesi
CPS: Medium: Self-Sustaining CPS for Structural Monitoring Poster Abstract
Yan Wan
(University of North Texas)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Dynamical-Network Evaluation and Design Tools for Strategic-to-Tactical Air Traffic Flow Management Poster Abstract
Junshan Zhang
(Arizona State University)
CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Architecture and Distributed Management for Reliable Mega-scale Smart Grids Poster Abstract
Fumin Zhang
(Georgia Tech Research Corp)
CPS: Small: MPSoC based Control and Scheduling Co-design for Battery Powered Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Wei Zhao
(Temple University)
A Study of Security Countermeasures for Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract
Hao Zheng
(U of South Florida)
CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Methods and Tools for the Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems Poster Abstract