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LEAD PI TITLE (with link to poster & abstract) PRESENTER(S) AWARD ID
Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: Learning for Control of Synthetic and Cyborg Insects in Uncertain Dynamic Environments Teodor Mihai Moldovan 0931463
Tarek Abdelzaher (UIUC) CPS: Medium: The Ectokernel Approach: A Composition Paradigm for Building Evolvable Safety-critical Systems from Unsafe Components Tarek Abdelzaher 1035736
John (Yiannis) Aloimonos (U of MD College Park) CPS: Small: Methods and Tools: ROBOTS WITH VISION THAT FIND OBJECTS John Aloimonos 1035542
Anuradha Annaswamy (MIT) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Co-Design of Multimodal CPS Architectures and Adaptive Controllers Anuradha Annaswamy 1135815
Hari Balakrishnan (MIT) CPS: Medium: Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems Hamsa Balakrishnan, Edward Lee, Claire Tomlin 0931550
Gary Balas (U of Minnesota - Twin Cities) CPS: Medium: Embedded Fault Detection for Low-Cost, Safety-Critical Systems Gary Balas 0931931
Prabir Barooah (University of Florida) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: GOALI: Methods for Network-Enabled Embedded Monitoring and Control for High-Performance Buildings Prabir Barooah 0931885
Kostas Bekris (U of Nevada Reno) CPS: Small: Real-time, Simulation-based Planning and Asynchronous Coordination for Cyber-Physical Systems Kostas Bekris 0932423
Mario Berges (Carnegie Mellon University) GOALI/CPS: Medium: A Framework for Enabling Energy-Aware Smart Facilities Mario Berges 0930868
Dennis Bernstein (University of Michigan) >CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Robust Capacity-Constrained Scheduling and Data-Based Model Refinement for Enhanced Collision Avoidance in Low-Earth Orbit Dennis Bernstein 1035236
Francesco Borrelli (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: High Confidence Active Safety Control in Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems Francesco Borrelli 0931437
Timothy Bretl (UIUC) CPS: Small: Mathematical, Computational, and Perceptual Foundations for Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems Tim Bretl 0931871
Philip Brisk (UC Riverside) CPS: Small: System support for generally programmable digital microfluidic biochip devices Philip Brisk 1035603
Francesco Bullo (UC Santa Barbara) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Dynamic Routing and Robotic Coordination for Oceanographic Adaptive Sampling   1035917, 1035866
Mark Campbell (Cornell University) CPS: Medium: Tightly Integrated Perception and Planning in Intelligent Robotics Frank Havlak, Benjamin Johnson, Kevin Matzen 0931686
M. Cenk Cavusoglu (Case Western Reserve) CPS: Small: A Framework for Validation and Monitoring of Robotic Surgery Systems M. Cenk Cavusoglu 1035602
Krishnendu Cahkrabarty (Duke University) CPS: Medium: Hardware/Software Co-Design for the Life Sciences: Towards a Programmable and Reconfigurable Lab-on-Chip Krishnendu Chakrabarty 1135853
Roger Chamberlain (Washington University) CPS: Small: Low-Impact Monitoring of Streaming Systems   0931693
Shigang Chen (University of Florida) CPS: Small: Transforming a City's Transportation Infrastructure through an Embedded Pervasive Communication Network Shigang Chen 0931969
Qi Cheng (Oklahoma State University) CPS: Small: A Unified Distributed Spatiotemporal Signal Processing Framework for Structural Health Monitoring Qi Cheng 0932297
Nikhil Chopra (U of MD College Park) CPS: Small: Fundamental Advances in Control of Wireless Sensor and Robotic Networks Nikhil Chopra 0931661
Panagiotis Christofides (UC Los Angeles) CPS: Small: Design of Networked Control Systems for Chemical Processes Matt Ellis 0930746
Ovidiu Daescu (U of Texas Dallas) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Tumor and Organs at Risk Motion: An Opportunity for Better DMLC IMRT Delivery Systems Ovidiu Daescu 1035460, 1249434
Munther Dahleh (MIT) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Smart Power Systems of the Future: Foundations for Understanding Volatility and Improving Operational Reliability Munther Dahleh 1135843, 1135598
Ashish Deshpande & Marcia O'Malley (U of Texas Austin) NSF-CPS-Medium: Collaborative Research: Design and development of a cybernetic exoskeleton for hand-wrist rehabilitation through the integration of human passive properties Marcia O'Malley 1135916 & 1135949
Suhas Diggavi (UC Los Angeles) CPS: Medium: Foundations of Secure Cyber Physical Systems Suhas Diggavi 1136174
Ian Dobson (Iowa State University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: The CyberPhysical Challenges of Transient Stability Ian Dobson 1219917, 1135819
Eric Feron (Georgia Tech Research Corp.) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Credible Autocoding and Verification of Embedded Software (CrAVES) Arnaud Venet 1135955
Robert Fowler (UNC Chapel Hill) CPS: Small: Programming Environment and Architecture for Situational Awareness and Response Jefferson Heard 0932011
James Freudenberg (University of Michigan) CPS: Small: Fundamental Limitations for Classes of Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems James Freudenberg 1035271
Yun Fu (SUNY Buffalo) CPS: Medium: Quantitative Visual Sensing of Dynamic Behaviors for Home-based Progressive Rehabilitation Yun Fu 1135660
Daniel Gajski (UC Irvine) CPS: Medium: Design Science for CPS Frank Vahid 1136146
Vinod Ganapathy (Rutgers University, New Brunswick) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Establishing Integrity in Dynamic Networks of Cyber Physical Devices Vinod Ganapathy 0931992
Christopher Gill (Washington University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: CyberMech, a Novel Run-Time Substrate for Cyber-Mechanical Systems Chris Gill & Arun Prakash 1136073, 1136075
Eugene Goldfield (Children's Hospital Corp) CPS: Medium: Programmable Second Skin to Re-educate Injured Nervous Systems Eugene Goldfield 0932015
William Griswold (UC San Diego) CPS: Medium: CitiSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring to Induce Change Kevin Patrick 0932403
Rajesh Gupta (UC San Diego) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Localization and System Services for SpatioTemporal Actions in Cyber-Physical Systems   0932360
Satyandra Gupta (U of MD College Park) CPS: Small: Image Guided Autonomous Optical Manipulation of Cell Groups Sagar Chowdhury 0931508
Gregory Hager (Johns Hopkins University) CPS: Medium: Hybrid Systems for Modeling and Teaching the Language of Surgery Sanjeev Khudanpur 0931805
Jiawei Han (UIUC) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Networks Jiawei Han 0931975
Blake Hannaford (U of Washington) CPS Small: Control of Surgical Robots: Network Layer to Tissue Contact Howard Jay Chizeck 0930930
Babak Hassibi (California Institute of Technology) CPS: Small: Random Matrix Recursions and Estimation and Control over Lossy Networks   0932428
John Hatcliff (Kansas State University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Infrastructure and Technology Innovations for Medical Device Coordination Eugene Vasserman / John Hatcliff 0932289
Jessica Hodgins (Carnegie Mellon University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Monitoring Human Performance with Wearable Accelerometers   0931999
M. Ani Hsieh (Drexel University) EAGER: Ensemble Design of Resource-Aware Control Strategies for Multi-Agent Robotic Systems   1143941
He Huang (U of Rhode Island) CPS: Medium: Towards Neural-controlled Artificial Legs using High-Performance Embedded Computers He (Helen) Huang 0931820
Phillip Jones (Iowa State University) EAGER: Collaborative Research: Seamless Integration of Conjoined Cyber-Physical System Properties Phillip Jones 1060337
Randy Katz (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: LoCal - A Network Architecture for Localized Electrical Energy Reduction, Generation and Sharing Randy Katz 0932209
Mehdi Kalantari Khandani (U of MD College Park) CPS: Small: Sensor Network Information Flow Dynamics Mehdi Kalantari Khandnai 0931957
Andreas Krause (California Inst of Tech) CPS: Small: Community-based Sense & Respond -- Theory and Applications K. Mani Chandy 0932392
Bruce Krogh (CMU) CPS: Medium: GOALI: An Architecture Approach to Heterogeneous Verfication of Cyber-Physical Systems Akshay Rajhans 1035800
Benjamin Kuipers (University of Michigan) CPS: Medium: Learning to Sense Robustly and Act Effectively Benjamin Kuipers 0931474
Panganamala Kumar (Texas Engineering Exp Sta) CPS: Small: Delays, Clocks, Timing and Reliability in Networked Control Systems: Theories, Protocols and Implementation I-Hong Hou 1232602
Stephane Lafortune (University of Michigan) CPS: Small: Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems under Partial Information and Limited Communication Domitilla Del Vecchio 0930081
Steven Lavalle (UIUC) CPS: Small: Sensor Lattices Jingjin Yu 1035345
Insup Lee (U of Pennsylvania) CPS: Large: Assuring the Safety, Security and Reliability of Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems Insup Lee and Oleg Sokolsky 1035715
Edward Lee (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: Timing-Centric Software   1035672
Michael Lemmon (University of Notre Dame) CPS: Small: Dynamically Managing the Real-time Fabric of a Wireless Sensor-Actuator Network   0931195
Baoxin Li (Arizona State University) CPS: Medium: GoingEasy with Crowdsourcing - Building Cyber-Physical Systems for People with Visual Impairment   1135616
Xiang-Yang Li (Illinois Inst of Tech) CPS: Medium: Managing Loosely Coupled Networked Control Systems with External Disturbances   1035894
Chenyang Lu (Washington University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Wireless Monitoring and Control for Civil Infrastructure   1035773
Nancy Lynch (MIT) Geometric Distributed Algorithms for Multi-Robot Coordination and Control Alex Cornejo 1035199
Fillia Makedon (U of Texas Arlington) CPS: Medium: A Novel Human Centric CPS to Improve Motor/Cognitive Assessment and Enable Adaptive Rehabilitation   1035913
Nuno Miguel Martins (U of MD College Park) CPS: Medium: Ant-Like Microrobots - Fast, Small, and Under Control   0931878
Nuno Miguel Martins (U of MD College Park) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Remote Imaging of Community Ecology via Animal-borne Wireless Networks   1135726
Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Efficient Mapping and Management of Applications onto Cyber-Physical Systems Margaret Martonosi 1135953, 1135874
Nicholas Maxemchuk (Columbia University) CPS: Small: The Roles of Communications in Lane Merging Systems   1035178
Matthew Might (University of Utah) CPS: Medium: Safety-Oriented Hybrid Verification for Medical Robotics   1035658
Richard Murray (California Inst of Technology) CPS: Small: Control Design for CyberPhysical Systems Using Slow Computing   0931746
Rohit Negi (CMU) CPS: Medium: A Computing Framework for Distributed Decision Making to Ensure Robustness of Complex Man-Made Network Systems: The Case of the Electric Power Networks   0931978
Umit Ozguner (Ohio State U) CPS: Medium: Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments   0931669
Anil Pahwa (Kansas State University) Components, Run-time Substrates, and Systems: Medium: Holonic Multi-Agent Control of Intelligent Power Distribution Systems   1136040
George Pappas (U of Pennsylvania) CPS: Medium: Quantitative Analysis and Design of Control Networks   0931239
Stephen Patek (University of Virginia) CPS: Small: Control Subject to Human Behavioral Disturbances   0931633
Krishna Pattipati (Univ of Connecticut) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis in a Network of Embedded Systems in Automotive Vehicles   0931956
Neal Patwari (University of Utah) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Enabling and Advancing Human and Probabilistic Context Awareness for Smart Facilities and Elder Care   1035565, 1035152
Eric Perreault (Rehab Inst of Chicago) CPS: Large: Cybernetic interfaces for the restoration of human movement through functional electrical stimulation   0932263
Andre Platzer (CMU) CPS: Small: Compositionality and Reconfiguration for Distributed Hybrid Systems   0931985
Xiaoping Qian (Illinois Inst. of Tech) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Automated and Robust Nano-Assembly with Atomic Force Microscopes   1035844
Chunming Qiao (SUNY Buffalo) CPS: Medium: Addressing Design and Human Factors Challenges in Cyber Transportation Systems   1035733
Ragunathan Rajkumar (CMU) CPS: Large: Center for Autonomous Transportation Systems   1035813
Anant Sahai (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: The Foundations of Implicit and Explicit Communication in Cyberphysical Systems   0932410
Sriram Sankaranarayan (U of Colorado Boulder) CPS: Small: Formal Analysis of Man-Machine Interfaces to Cyber-Physical Systems   1035845
Veronica Santos (Arizona State University) CPS: Small: Cyber-physical system challenges in man-machine interfaces: context-dependent control of smart artificial hands through enhanced touch perception and mechatronic reflexes Veronica J. Santos 0932389
Mina Sartipi (U of Tennessee Chattanooga) CPS: Small: RUI: CPS Foundations in Computation and Communication   0932113
Gunar Schirner (Northeastern University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Holistic Design Methodology for Automated Implementation of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems   1136027
Curt Schurgers (UC San Diego) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Networked Sensor Swarm of Underwater Drifters Curt Schurgers 1035828
Raja Sengupta (UC Berkeley) CPS: Medium: Making Cloud Computing Sense, Act, and Move (SAM) Eloi Pereira 1136141
Kang Shin (University of Michigan) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Abstraction of Cyber-Physical Interplays and Its Application to CPS Design   0930813
Aravinda Sistla (U of Illinois) CPS: Small: Monitoring Techniques for Safety Critical Cyber-Physical Systems A. Prasad Sistla 1035914
Metin Sitti (CMU) CPS: Medium: Dense Networks of Bacteria Propelled Micro-Robotic Swarms   1135850
Marjorie Skubic (U of Missouri Columbia) CPS: Medium: Active Heterogeneous Sensing for Fall Detection and Fall Risk Assessment   0931607
Jonathan Sprinkle (U of Arizona) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Physical Modeling and Software Synthesis for Self-Reconfigurable Sensors in River Environments   0930919
John Stankovic (University of Virginia) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Body Area Sensor Networks: A Holistic Approach from Silicon to Users   1035771
Mark-Oliver Stehr (SRI International) CPS: Medium: A Logical Framework for Self-Optimizing Networked Cyber-Physical Systems   0932397
Michael Stilman (Georgia Tech Research Corp) EAGER: Linguistic Task Transfer for Humans and Cyber Systems   1146352
Gookwon Suh (Cornell University) CPS: Small: Non-Volatile Computing for Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems Edwin Kan 0932069
Yu Sun (U of South Florida) CPS: Small: Virtually Transparent Epidermal Imagery Yu Sun 1035594
Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt) CPS: Large: Science of Integration for Cyber-Physical Systems Xenofon Koutsoukos 1035655
Paulo Tabuada (UC Los Angeles) CPS: Small: Towards robust cyber-physical systems   1035916
Walid Taha (William Marsh Rice Univ) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: A CPS Approach to Robot Design   1136099
Herbert Tanner (University of Delaware) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Efficient Control Synthesis and Learning in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems Jeffrey Heinz 1035577
Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley) CPS: Large: ActionWebs   0931843
Lang Tong (Cornell University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Information and Computation Hierarchy for Smart Grids   1135844
Nikolaos Tsekos (U of Houston) CPS: Medium: Image Guided Robot-Assisted Medical Interventions   0932272
Kagan Tumer and Adrian Agogino (Oregon State University) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Distributed Coordination of Agents For Air Traffic Flow Management Adrian Agogino 0931591, 0930168
Jun Ueda (Georgia Tech Research Corp) CPS: Small: Generation of natural movement for a multiple degrees-of-freedom robot driven by stochastic cellular actuators Jun Ueda 932208
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (UC Irvine) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Dependability Techniques for Instrumented Cyber-Physical Spaces   1063596
Tyrone Vincent (Colorado School of Mines) CPS: Medium: Cyber-Enabled Efficient Energy Management of Structures (CEEMS)   0931748
Jan Vitek (Purdue University) CPS: Medium: Robust Distributed Wind Power Engineering   1136045
Peter Volgyesi (Vanderbilt) CPS: Medium: Self-Sustaining CPS for Structural Monitoring   1035627
Yan Wan (University of North Texas) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Dynamical-Network Evaluation and Design Tools for Strategic-to-Tactical Air Traffic Flow Management   1035386
Hongwei Zhang (Wayne State University) CPS: Medium: A Cross-Layer Approach to Taming Cyber-Physical Uncertainties in Vehicular Wireless Networking and Platoon Control   1136007
Junshan Zhang (Arizona State University) CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Architecture and Distributed Management for Reliable Mega-scale Smart Grids   1035906
Fumin Zhang (Georgia Tech Research Corp) CPS: Small: MPSoC based Control and Scheduling Co-design for Battery Powered Cyber-Physical Systems   0931576
Wei Zhao (Temple University) A Study of Security Countermeasures for Cyber-Physical Systems   1059127
Hao Zheng (U of South Florida) CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Methods and Tools for the Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems   0930510