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The Public Workshop on Safety and Control for Artificial Intelligence (SAF|ART|INT) is a jointly-sponsored event of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Carnegie Mellon University. The workshop, scheduled for June 28th, 2016, will include keynote talks and panel discussions that explore the potential future of AI and AI applications, the emerging technical means for constructing safe and secure systems, how safety might be assured, and how we can make progress on the challenges of safety and control for AI. In other words, how can we construct productive collaborations of the AI technical community, the application community, and the assurance community?

On the day prior to the public workshop, Carnegie Mellon is separately hosting a technical workshop event to prepare for the main event. Discussions will focus on needs and challenges for AI safety and control and on how the AI and assurance research communities might productively collaborate. The results of these technical workshops will be presented at the workshop the next day. In preparation for the technical workshop event, Carnegie Mellon will publish an open solicitation for white papers related to the workshop topics.

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